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instaPoll: Which of the following tax reforms do you support?

“Am I taking advantage of the right deductions?” 

“Am I paying too much in taxes?”

“Do secretaries really pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than millionaires?”

“What are loopholes and how are corporations able to get away with them?”

“Will new policy changes in Washington make my business taxes go up?”

These are just a few questions that ring through the ears of Americans when they think of our federal tax system. Few of us hear the word “taxes” without automatically thinking of complexity, confusion and frustration. Our federal tax code is a vast system of numbers, equations, deductions, credits, loopholes, forms, and publications. Beyond the federal tax code itself, there are complicated policy issues regarding taxes that need to be addressed.  I have put together this background and issue primer on taxes in America to help break down our current federal tax code and shed light on some current issues surrounding our tax system. This document does not touch on every complexity of our tax system; however, it is my hope that this primer will provide helpful information and begin a discussion about taxes in America. You can view the primer by downloading the pdf here or by clicking the image below.

After reading this information, I’d like to hear what you think – is our tax system fair? Should it be changed? What sort of changes would you support?


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