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InstaPoll: With a rising China & a strained force, can we afford to cut defense?

Recent reports indicate that China has two new aircraft carriers under construction as part of a strategic military modernization program. According to government officials, China's military budget has grown 12.7% this year, returning the nation to its previous trajectory of double digit defense spending hikes. Meanwhile, conservative estimates suggest that the United States could be cutting nearly $1 trillion from its baseline defense budget over the next decade in an effort to find cost-savings. These cuts come at a time when our force is at "the ragged edge" after ten years of war, poor maintenance, and a lost generation of modernization.  According to our nation's top military commander, such cuts would be "extraordinarily difficult and very high risk." Moreover, the top brass have stated on the record that they cannot meet all the current needs of the Combatant Commanders, the commanders in the field. As such, current shortfalls and increased security risks imposed by transformational defense budget cuts prevented me from supporting the recent debt deal.

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