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January 27, 2012 Twitter Facebook YouTube Digg RSS
A Conversation with Congressman Forbes on the State of the Union Address

This week, Congressman Forbes sat down to discuss his thoughts on the State of the Union address. Click the video or click here to watch.

In addition, Congressman Forbes released the following official statement immediately following the address:

"There is a group of Americans – hardworking taxpayers – and if you’re among this group you know who you are.  These Americans feel stuck.  They are stuck in homes that have lost almost as much value as their retirement savings.  Stuck in health care plans engineered by government bureaucrats and in businesses supervised by government directives.

"This is the America that rises early and goes to sleep late.  They are not afraid of hard work and they don’t suffer from a lack of confidence.  But they are angry.  They are angry that their future is stuck in the hands of an incompetent and dysfunctional government.  A government that can regulate light bulbs but that can’t pass a budget.  A government that talks about “restoring American values” but bans prayer in public places.  A government that talks about jobs but instead manufactures regulation and red tape.

"These Americans resent a government that engineers our future, that picks who succeeds and who fails, and that replaces their individual rights with government rights.  They know that America can be and will be rebuilt.  But they believe it should be rebuilt not on their backs but by their hands.  They don’t want government to give them a push; they want government to get out of their way."

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1000 Days Without a Budget
The national debt is equal to $48,700 for every American or $128,300 for every U.S. household. It is now equivalent to the size of our entire economy. The simple truth is our national debt is skyrocketing and it is unsustainable.

Despite this fact, Tuesday marked the 1,000th day since the Senate has passed a budget for our federal government.  In fact, when the Senate last passed a budget on April 29, 2009, the total national debt (including inter-governmental debt) was $11.15 trillion.  Today, the total national debt is $15.2 trillion.

We cannot afford to continue putting off until later what needs to be done today. Real accountability lies in the now, not when problems are swept under the rug and left to be addressed at a later time.  It is time Washington stopped skirting its most basic duties. Passing a federal budget should be the minimum obligation of elected leaders, especially in times of such economic uncertainty.

Over the past year, I have joined with my colleagues in passing several key solutions focused on removing government barriers to economic growth. You can read about those bills here. Additionally, you can read about a resolution I have cosponsored (H.Res. 516) noting the national importance of passing a federal budget.

Forbes Statement on the DoD's Plan to Slash $500 Billion
"The President’s defense strategy embraces weakness by a thousand cuts...This Administration is not building a military that is lean, agile, and flexible.  It is dismantling our nation’s greatest strategic asset and accepting grave risk in the process." Read the rest of Congressman Forbes' statement on the DOD's plan to slash $500 billion. 
Follow this link to read. 
Stop Insider Trading in Congress
Congressman Forbes has cosponsored a bill that would prohibit Members of Congress and federal employees from profiting from nonpublic information they obtain via their official positions.
Follow this link to read more. 
Tips to Avoid Employment Scam
The Federal Trade Commission has released these tips to help you avoid employment scams.
Follow this link to read more. 
Other News
Jan 26, 2012
Forbes Announces Office Hours in Powhatan 
Jan 26, 2012
Forbes Announces Office Hours in Amelia  
Jan 23, 2011
Forbes Presses DoD on Release of National Security Strategy  
  Congressman Forbes helps stuff USO Care Packages for our troops.
  Congressman Forbes meets with his constituents from the Virginia National Guard while in Afghanistan.
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