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From the Beaches of Normandy to the Mountains of Afghanistan

This Monday, May 30th, our nation celebrates Memorial Day.  This is an opportunity for each of us to pause and pay tribute to the American heroes that have fallen while defending our nation for the cause of liberty.  Below you will find Memorial Day resources that may help you and your family learn more about the solemn importance of this day.

History of Memorial Day (Department of Veterans Affairs)
Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while serving in the military.  In observance of the holiday, many people visit cemeteries and memorials, and volunteers often place American flags on each grave site at national cemeteries. Click here to learn more about: the origins of Memorial Day, the Memorial Day Order, military funeral honors, National Cemetery Administration, National and State Veterans Cemeteries, Arlington National Cemetery, how to display the flag at half-staff, general flag display guidelines, folding the flag, the significance of the poppy flower, and the history of Taps.

Photo Resources (U.S. Army)
Click here to view photo galleries of Arlington National Cemetery and Battle Monuments around the country.

Video Resources (History Channel)
The History Channel offers a variety of Memorial Day video resources, including the History of Memorial Day, A Memorial Day Tribute, America and the Civil War, and Blacks in the Military. You can view the videos by clicking here. One of my top priorities as your representative in Congress is creating an atmosphere that is open to the exchange of ideas so constituents of the Fourth District can make well-informed decisions.
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A Strategy to Reinvigorate American Manufacturing
The manufacturing industry supports an estimated 18.6 million jobs in the United States – about one in six private sector jobs.

With the unemployment rate at 9 percent, it is vital that we reinvigorate this important but fading industry in order to promote growth and competitiveness, create well-paying jobs, and enable innovation and investment.  That is why I am cosponsoring the National Manufacturing Strategy Act, which requires the President to submit a National Manufacturing Strategy to Congress during every presidential term.

Under this bill, the President’s Manufacturing Strategy Board would conduct a comprehensive analysis of the American manufacturing industry and take into consideration relevant reports and recommendations issued by Federal agencies, Federal advisory boards, academics and the private sector.  Based on the analysis, certain strategies and policies would be recommended to strengthen and improve the manufacturing industry.

The analysis would address:
  • The value and role of the manufacturing industry in the American economy, security and global leadership;
  • The current domestic and international environment of the industry;
  • Federal, State, local and Territorial policies, programs and conditions that affect manufacturing;
  • A comparison of other nations’ manufacturing policies and programs;
  • The identification of emerging markets, technologies and products that America’s manufacturing industry could compete in;
  • Expected national and international trends that are likely to affect the industry, both short- and long-term, and;
  • The manner in which Federal agencies communicate and share information affecting the competitiveness, growth, stability and sustainability of the manufacturing sector.

What do you think about the measures Congress is taking to analyze, develop and promote the manufacturing industry and create more American jobs?  Join the discussion on my blog here.

Congressman Forbes' Visit to Afghanistan

Congressman Forbes traveled to Afghanistan during the month of May to receive updates from commanders on the ground. While there, he met with his constituents from the Virginia National Guard and General Petraeus and received updates on the operations in Afghanistan.

Click here to view photos from his visit.
Bringing Jobs Back to America
According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S. has lost 5.5 million manufacturing jobs since 1998. By 2015, it is estimated that U.S. employers could move 3.4 million service sector jobs and $136 billion in wages overseas. I am cosponsoring the Bring Jobs Back to America Act, which offers a commonsense strategy for rebuilding America’s manufacturing industry and bringing outsourced jobs back to the United States.
Follow this link to read about the bill.
American Flag Flying Guidelines
Across the United States each Memorial Day, American families and businesses proudly fly our flag. Read more about the rules and guidelines for handling and displaying the U.S. flag.
Follow this link to read the guidelines.
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Can We Sue Our Way to Prosperity? Litigation's Effect on America's Global Competitiveness
Congressman Forbes celebrated National Military Month by stuffing USO Care Packages for our troops.

Congressman Forbes met with his constituents from the Virginia National Guard while in Afghanistan.

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