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After the Storm

This weekend in the wake of the November Nor’easter when the winds have settled and the sun has begun to peek through the gray clouds, Virginians will step out of their front doors into debris-filled yards to inspect the impact of the heavy wind and rain on their property. Many will be faced with the reality of a flood damaged business or a home basement saturated in water.

The reality is, no matter how many cans and boxes of food you have stockpiled in your pantry, no matter how many flashlights and batteries you have in your kitchen drawer, and no matter how much flood insurance you have to get you through the storm, nothing can quite fully prepare you for the realization of the true impact that comes after the storm. But there are resources available to help you sort through the damage. I’ve compiled a list of seven websites to help you face the aftermath of a storm.

After the Storm: What You Should Know About…

….Power Outages
This site from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights healthy steps you should take to ensure food, water, and home safety after an extended power outage. Tips on the site address everything from guidelines on what to do with food in your freezer or refrigerator, to water purification procedures, to carbon monoxide poisoning protection.

…Septic Systems
Once floodwaters have receded, there are several things homeowners should consider regarding their septic systems. This site from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers frequently asked questions and answers on servicing septic systems after floods. The site also includes links to contact information if assistance is needed from local health departments.

…Flooding and Mold
This site from the Environmental Protection Agency is dedicated to providing information on cleaning up your home or office after a flood, including addressing standing water and wet materials. The site offers basic information on addressing viruses, bacteria, and mold that can occur in the wake of a flood.

…Removing Fallen Branches and Trees
The CDC provides tips to help safeguard against injury as a result of removing fallen or partially fallen trees and tree branches, including information on properly using chainsaws in hazardous conditions.

…Filing a Flood Insurance Claim
The National Flood Insurance Program provides a step-by-step checklist for filing your claim in the aftermath of a flood, including links that will direct you to a flood insurance agent.

…Saving Family Treasures
These guidelines from The National Archives will walk you through preserving some of your family’s most treasured items that may have been damaged by flood waters. The guidelines range in topics from what do to with wet records, to salvaging family papers, to properly air-drying books, to caring for water damaged heirlooms. 

…Rebuilding Safer and Stronger
After the storm waters have passed and the rebuilding process has begun, use this guide from FEMA to learn how to incorporate techniques to prevent future disaster damages, including information on protecting your home or business from flood and wind damage.

As you head out into your communities this weekend, remember basic safety precautions as you encounter fallen debris and water-filled roads. Stay current on information related to the November Nor’easter on a special website developed by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, including hourly traffic and bridge updates, wind advisories, and flooding information by locality.

For more information on disaster response in Virginia and for tools on developing a readiness plan for your family, visit

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