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Forbes Secures $960,000 in Federal Funds for Water and Law Enforcement Projects in Isle of Wight County
Washington, D.C., August 1, 2007
Contact: Christy Grubbs/Stephanie Nigro (202) 225-6365

Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04) announced today that almost one million dollars in federal funding has been included in House appropriations bills for water and law enforcement projects in the Isle of Wight community. Funding was included in the Energy and Water Appropriations bill and the Commerce, Justice, and State Appropriations bill for designation to the Isle of Wight and includes $870,000 for Tyler’s Beach improvements and $90,000 for law enforcement technology.

“Funding of the improvements to the Tyler’s Beach harbor and channel will ensure local fisherman will not lose their livelihood, something that is critical to the economic stability of the Isle of Wight. Additionally, by funding a program to allow the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Department to purchase mobile technology we will enable them to do their jobs more easily while reducing the burden on the local emergency response center,” Forbes said.

The Tyler’s Beach project will fund improvements to the Tyler’s Beach boat harbor and navigation channel, which will positively impact local area residents. The improvements, which include dredging and an upland disposal site, will ensure the economic vitality and stability of the local fisherman who use the navigation channel. Without the improvements, the local fisherman would be in jeopardy of losing access to the James River’s commercial fishing industry.

The second project will allocate funding to the County of Isle of Wight to purchase mobile data terminals for the Sheriff’s Department. These mobile data terminals will aid the officers’ ability to independently run license plates, connect to state police records, and use mobile computers while in the field, thereby reducing the load on the 911 dispatch center, which is currently fielding such calls. Additionally, the funding will allow the Sheriff’s Department to purchase lighting for DUI Checkpoints, a step that will increase the safety of the officers and motorists who are stopped at the checkpoints at night.

Forbes requested funding from the House Appropriations Committee for the two projects. House passage of both pieces of legislation is the first step in the process to secure federal funding. The Senate will now consider its version of the two bills and then the two legislative bodies will meet in conference to reconcile differences in the two bills. Finally, the legislation will be sent to the President to be signed into law.

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