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Forbes Continues Push Against Amnesty in Immigration Debate
Washington, D.C., July 2, 2007

Congressman Forbes continues to support the improvement of control along the nation’s borders and the protection of the legal rights of citizens of the United States.

“America’s elected leaders have a responsibility to protect the rights of the citizens they represent,” Forbes said. “Allowing amnesty will only continue the flood of illegal immigrants across our borders. My constituents want to see tough enforcement of our laws and legislation that strengthens our borders.”

The following links will provide you with updated information on Congressman Forbes' actions to address the illegal immigration issue.

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Letter to President Bush urging him to continue to enforce laws that ensure employers do not hire illegal immigrants.

Letter to Speaker Pelosi asking that she not bring amnesty legislation to the House Floor.

photos of Congressman Forbes at a press conference introducing new immigration measures that offer a strong ‘Security First-No Amnesty’ alternative to the Senate Amnesty bill.

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