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Forbes: Readiness Subcommittee Passes Mark
Washington, D.C., April 27, 2012
Contact: Wes Battle (202) 225-6365

Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04), Chairman of the House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee, announced today the bipartisan passage of the Readiness Subcommittee’s mark of the National Defense Authorization Act.

Chairman Forbes and Ranking Member Madeleine Z. Bordallo (Guam) led the Readiness Subcommittee in approving a mark that designates critical funding and sets strategic priorities to ensure our country’s Armed Forces are ready to meet any challenges the world may bring.

“Ranking Member Bordallo and I are proud to pass this bipartisan mark that will ensure that we will equip and train our armed forces to succeed in any mission they undertake,” said Chairman Forbes. “I am confident this mark enhances our Armed Forces’ readiness posture.”

Highlights of the Readiness Subcommittee Mark include: 

  • Rejection of the Administration's Base Closure Proposal.  Speaking in his opening statement, Forbes said, "Fundamentally, I believe that the premise for another round of BRAC is flawed.  To assume that our decreasing force structure requires another round of BRAC presumes that the administration’s proposal for a reduced force structure is correct.  I categorically refuse to accept a diminished Department of Defense and believe that additional force structure is necessary to support our Combatant Commanders.  I will not accept a reduction in our infrastructure when I believe that our nation’s readiness will suffer." 
  • Rejected the Administration's Plan to Scrap Three Cruisers in Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13). The Subcommittee rejected the Administration's budget-driven decision to retire three Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruisers well before the end of their expected service life of 35 years.  Legislation passed today will retain the U.S.S. Cowpens (CG 63), U.S.S. Anzio (CG 68), and the U.S.S. Vicksburg (CG 69) in Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13).  The subcommittee is restoring more than $380 million of a total committee bill of more than $1 billion to operate, maintain, and these national assets.  The Readiness mark also prohibits the expenditure of FY13 funds to make preparations to retire or inactivate any Cruisers or Dock Landing Ships (LSDs). 
  • Directs the Secretary of Defense to Better Prepare our Military to Operate in Future Security Environments. The subcommittee directs the Secretary of Defense to examine the readiness of the joint force to conduct operations in environments where access to electronic communications are denied and calls for a joint exercise plan to better prepare the joint force for this challenge.  

Highlights of the Readiness Subcommittee Mark for Virginia:

  • $497.2 million TOTAL for Virginia military construction projects as requested by the services in the President's Budget.
  • $81 million for an Individual Training Barracks Complex at Fort Lee.
  • $11.1 million for a Special Operations Force Combat Service Support Facility at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek- Fort Story.

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