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Forbes’ New Manhattan Project for Energy Independence to Be Considered on House Floor Today
Washington, D.C., June 26, 2009
Contact: Jessica Mancari (202) 225-6365

Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04) yesterday introduced an amendment that would replace the entirety of the Energy Tax Bill with his New Manhattan Project, which relies on innovation, rather than taxation to pursue alternative energy and achieve a cleaner environment. The amendment will be considered by the full House of Representatives on the House Floor today.

“If one thing is certain, it is that America needs some wins today. The New Manhattan Project would put our nation on a direct path towards energy independence, while helping create lasting economic security for our nation and its families, and securing our global competitiveness for years to come. It’s a project that relies not on taxation, but on the ingenuity, innovation, and resourceful spirit of the American people that has made this nation great. The New Manhattan Project couldn’t come at a better time – we need a bold, comprehensive solution that will change the trajectory of our nation. I hope that the Members of this Congress will give this proposal the attention it deserves as it comes before the House Floor today,” said Forbes.

Congressman Forbes’ New Manhattan Project for Energy Independence has been hailed by sources such as CNN and the Wall Street Journal as one of the most innovative energy solutions before Congress. The project calls on the United States to reach 50% energy independence in 10 years and 100% in 20 years, and will award competitive prizes to the first individual or group who can reach any of seven established energy goals:

- Doubling car fuel efficiency to 70 MPG while keeping vehicles affordable
- Cut home and business energy usage in half
- Make solar power work at the same cost as coal
- Make the production of biofuels cost-competitive with gasoline
- Safely and cheaply store carbon emissions from coal-powered plants
- Safely store or neutralize nuclear waste
- Produce usable electricity from a nuclear fusion reaction 

Congressman Forbes’ amendment was the only amendment made in order by the House Rules Committee. 

To read more about why the New Manhattan Project for Energy Independence is a better alternative to the energy tax bill, click here.

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