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Congressional Prayer Caucus: 112th Congress in Review
Posted by The Congressional Prayer Caucus | December 05, 2012

During the 112th Congress, Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus were at the forefront on initiatives to protect religious freedom in America and preserve our nation’s rich spiritual heritage.  Members introduced legislation, wrote letters, and delivered remarks before many audiences supporting these fundamental principles.  They called on executive agencies and officials in the military to preserve the freedom of people of faith to operate in a manner consistent with their religious beliefs.  In addition, they continued meeting each week in the U.S. Capitol building to pray for our nation.

In the 112th Congress in Review, you will find specific actions taken by Members to:






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  • Linda Templet commented on 12/10/2012
    Congress defends attempts to remove Religious Symbols from the Public Square--is the Jesus statue a religious symbol OR is it COMMEMORATIVE MEMORIAL honoring and preserving the memory of the GOOD WORKS that this PUBLIC TEACHER OR FIGURE did and still does for society? Jesus's WORKS and DEEDS that was DONE ON EARTH are all RECORDED in the LOG BOOK called the Bible. Martin Luther Kings works and good deeds are recorded in a log book also--wasn't HE A PREACHER?? Now the ATHEIST groups wants this COMMEMORATIVE MEMORIAL--the statue of JESUS-- removed and out of their sight and MINDS because it is on public land. How BIG is their plan or their scheme? It is HUGE people--you just can't see the WHOLE picture yet. I want to make one thing clear--These ATHEISTS are numbering ME among their percentage of the so called NONES--people who don't go to church. Now what percentage of the NONES are people who believe that there IS NO GOD and are TRULY ATHEISTS?? Let us rightly DIVIDE THE NONES! Now let us look at their WHOLE PICTURE. They say they want to keep religion or the MENTION OF GODS NAME in the privacy of peoples homes or in churches. Oh wait--aren't Churches ALSO PUBLIC BUILDINGS? Well once the get their foot in the door can they walk in there sooner or later and DEMAND them--the churches-- to remove ALL religious Items from THIS PUBLIC BUILDING!! Lets go DEEPER into THE WATERS OF THEIR SCHEMEING MINDS.These people have BIG PLANS as to how they are going to COMPLETELY RID RELIGION-- OR THE NAME OF GOD OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. Their whole PURPOSE is to PUT UP A WALL around every house and FENCE RELIGION IN THE PRIVACY OF EACH HOME ONLY. If they can get these COMMEMORATIVE MEMORIALS that have been standing on PUBLIC land for over 50 to 100 YEARS removed off of public or government land they will then have SOLID GROUNDS to stand on to keep ANYTHING RESPECTING--REGARDING, CONCERNING, or ABOUT an establishment of religion or the NAME OF GOD off public or government land. What they are doing THROUGH OUR COURT SYSTEMS right now is getting RID OF the FREE EXERCISE OF AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION. They are sewing together a WEDDING GARMENT for their MARRIAGE SUPPER OF---- THE LAMB!! Now lets bring THE BRIDE into this picture--Don't forget the Book of Revelations is about a MARRIAGE. ( a UNITEING) Revelations mentions the BRIDE--- but have you all noticed that there is NO MENTION of the GROOM? So how can we have a MARRIAGE without being able to SEE the groom that will be UNITEING TO THE BRIDE. If you pay close attention I will CLEARLY SHINE ENOUGH LIGHT through these CLOUDS OF DARKNESS TO SHOW YOU THE GROOM. Now you MUST STAY SPIRITUALLY FOCUSED!! So let me do what GOD did. And GOD SAID--Let there be LIGHT and there was LIGHT!! The Light of EDUCATION or COMPREHENSION is being able to SEE CLEARLY AND UNDERSTAND. Now remember that this BRIDE is NOT a BODY FIGURE--IT is a THREAD OR LOOP THAT JOINS A PATTERN OR PLAN TOGETHER. Now let me POINT OUT TO YOU THE THREAD THAT IS GOING TO LOOP OR JOIN THIS PIECE OF MATERIAL TOGETHER. These people have a PATTERN or a PLAN to make, mold, or design a RELIGIOUS FREE AMERICA. They just have to get their NEEDLE and their THREAD through the first layer of MATERIAL but their THREAD isn't quit strong enough yet--it keeps breaking. Now GROOM means to PREPARE, as FOR A SPECIFIC POSISTION OR PURPOSE. These people are preparing themselves to be in the posistion to REMOVE RELIGION COMPLETELY OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. It is a very well thought out PLAN-- SCHEME or CONSPIRECY and this MARRIAGE or JOINING TOGETHER IN OUR COUNTRY MUST BE STOPPED!! Now let us look at HOW they are going to SEW their WEDDING GARMENT together. Did you know a GOWN is the faculty of a STUDENT BODY OF A UNIVERSITY? Look it up in your dictionarys--the meaning is there! Atheist organizations are multiplying in our Universities. These SECULAR organizations are holding regular meetings in our PUBLIC SCHOOLS. These people are building STRENGTH through the STUDENT BODIES In OUR UNIVERSITIES. Their PURPOSE is to REMOVE ANY SORT OR KIND OF ESTABLISHMENTS OF RELIGION OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND OUR CHILDRENS MINDS and the BOOK OF REVELATIONS FORETELLS US HOW they are going to do it. READ THE BOOK!!!! Especially Revelations Chapter 18---the HIGHLY INTELLIGENT MESSAGE is ENCODED in this chapter. I am going to break the ENCODED MESSAGE for you all. These Atheist organizations say that religion is private and should be kept private. Now if they achieve their GOALS of getting these religious symbols or IMAGES and prayer taken out of the PUBLIC SQUARE this is OUR FUTURE STATE OF REWARDS FOR NOT JOINING TOGETHER AND STANDING UP FOR THE NAME OF ALMIGHTY GOD!!!. The main invisible THREAD that they are using is the THREAD to remove ALL IMAGES that will make man AFTER THE LIKENESS OF GOD OR JESUS. They must get the IMAGE of there is a GOD out of these CHILDRENS MINDS.These people are using REVERSE Physchology on these CHILDREN of VOTING AGE. They are building a SPIRITUAL ARMY who are old enough to back them up and to help them go state to state to remove all Religious MATERIALS from Public Squares. If they can secure a FIRM FOUNDATION OF TAKING ALL RELIGIOUS RELATED ITEMS THROUGH OUR COURT SYSTEM off of all public or government you can then KISS RELIGION GOODBYE! This will get RID OF RELIGIOUS RIGHTS. Revelations means a DRASTIC DISCLOSURE--well look at their DRASTIC PLAN because this will be their next plan to rid an establishment of religion from our country This COURT DECISION to REMOVE OUR STATUES will be looped and threaded into THIS--- if anyone is on ANY public or government BUILDING OR LAND they can not have ANY RELIGIOUS IMAGES OR ANY RELIGIOUS MATERIAL ON THEIR PERSON. Take off your religious JEWELRY people. Those CROSSES around your necks can NOT be IN any public BUILDING or government LAND--you will be offending the ATHEISTS. The COURT SYSTEM WILL WORK THE SAME WAY. Look at the LIGHT people!! They are going to demand you to remove your RELIGIOUS JEWERLY out of the PUBLIC SQUARE!!! Leave your RELIGIOUS ITEMS AT HOME. Religion is PRIVATE and MUST BE KEPT PRIVATE!! Now just look at All the STORES selling ANY RELIGIOUS ITEMS WHATSOEVER WILL HAVE TO REMOVE ANY RELIGIOUS ITEMS because stores are open to THE PUBLIC. ATHEISTS do not want to walk in any STORE that SELLS RELIGIOUS MERCHANDISE!! Read the Book of REVELATIONS PEOPLE. It IS FORETELLING YOUR FUTURE AND THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY IF you ALLOW these people to remove the religious statues off of public or government land and you allow these people to keep PRAYER SILENT. Nobody will be able to buy RELIGIOUS merchandise OR GOODS any longer!! THIS is a FACT! This THREAD of removing religious statues off of public or government land will JOIN AND LOOP anything together that CONCERNS an ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION. Let us SWIM a little DEEPER in these WATERS OF THEIR MINDS. Factories making religious items OR religious BOOKS will be closing because they will have NOBODY TO SELL TO. Bibles can't be printed any longer. People will be out of work!! Follow Revelations people--these ATHEIST along with the WRONG INTREPRETATION of our FIRST AMENDMENT and OUR COURT SYSTEM have turned everything around with their Thomas Jeffersons statement of separation of church and state!! The Book of Revelations speaks of the GREAT WHORE!! The ENCODED message was to FOREWARN us about SEXUAL THINGS or UNGODLYNESS taking over and ruining the MINDS of all GOOD people. The MESSAGE was to WARN US TO GET RID OF UNGODLYNESS--these people are going to get RID OF GODLINESS!! SEE THE LIGHT?? Now here is another thing you won't be able to do. You can not drive you CAR down public state or federals roads or hiways with any religious decorations on them. License plates with IN GOD WE TRUST will have to be removed because it references an ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION. Why you can't even WALK TO GO TO CHURCH with your BIBLE IN YOUR HANDS because you will be on PUBLIC or GOVERNMENT PROPERTY with your ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION--the BIBLE!! This is the MAIN THREAD that they are using to sew their WEDDING ATTIRE TOGETHER. And GOD SAID--LET THERE BE LIGHT and there WAS LIGHT. You all better COME TO THE LIGHT!! Now we better go back to the Book of GENESIS and read what we got to do next in order to keep religion in our country. And GOD said, Let there be a FIRMAMENT, and divide the WATERS which were UNDER THE FIRMAMENT from the WATERS which were ABOVE the FIRMAMENT: and it was so. And GOD called the FIRMAMENT--HEAVEN. And the evening and the morning was the second day. Firmament means TO STRENGTHEN--It comes from the word FIRM--strong and sure. We need to take a FIRM STAND NOW PEOPLE because this is the PLAN--SCHEME or CONSPIRACY of the Atheists Organizations. This will be our FUTURE STATE OF REWARDS if we DON'T STOP THESE PEOPLE NOW!!
  • Lynne Conrad commented on 12/10/2012
    Thank you for taking a stand to preserve our religious freedoms and what our country was built on. If those that do not want to embrace a faith in God, then that is their choice and freedom under the constitution. I want to preserve my freedom to worship and express my faith in God, especially at Christmas.
  • Linda Templet commented on 12/13/2012
    Bible Lesson on and GOD SAID--The Book of Genesis is about creation. Now God SAID---let the WATERS bring forth abundantly the moving CREATURE that hath life, and the FOWL that may fly above the earth in the OPEN firmament of heaven. The Book of Genesis speaks of making everything AFTER ITS KIND. Now these HUMAN GODS--the ATHEIST-- have created a SIGN for our Christmas SEASON. As a matter of fact, they have created more than ONE SIGN. Now these STARS or BRIGHT IDEAS came from the WATERS OF THEIR MINDS. The American Atheist SIGN FOR A SEASON--is a sign that has a picture of Santa Clause and the words Keep the Merry and then it has a picture of JESUS wearing a Crown of Thorne's. Under the picture the WORDS read--DUMP THE MYTH. Now what is this FOUL SIGN suppose to do? It is suppose to BRING FORTH the moving creature that hath LIFE. Now this FOUL SIGN that is hanging ABOVE THE EARTH IN THE OPEN FIRMAMENT is there to make more people AFTER THEIR LIKENESS. The Bible does say, "Let US MAKE MAN in our IMAGE AFTER OUR LIKENESS". This MIND GAME that they are playing is DANGEROUS. The SIGN is FOUL---it is Morally and spiritually OFFENSIVE. It is OFFENSIVE to MY SENSES and revolting. It is there to STIR ANGER and to UPSET the EMOTIONS of the people who believe there IS a GOD. Their SIGN is not affecting just one area--it is getting NEWS COVERAGE or FREE ADVERTISING all across our NATION. It is in news papers and on the radios. They are being FRUITFUL and they ARE MULTIPLYING. So where are the creatures that HAVE LIFE? I found SEE the BIRDS and I also SEE the BEASTS of the earth. A BEAST is a person with animal NATURE as opposed to intellect. It is a BRUTAL, CONTEMPTABLE person. Where are the KAWS against BLASPHEMING the NAME OF GOD OR JESUS???
  • Linda Templet commented on 12/14/2012
    And GOD SAID---Let there be LIGHT and there was LIGHT!! Just want to inform all of you that a NEW BIBLE is now on sale. Looks like King James has finally got a wife. Its called THE QUEEN James Bible. It is a GAY 'homosexually friendly' bible. What is this THREAD going to be sewing together CONGRESS??? This has just been released--We better get the PALE HORSE that's talked about in the Book of Revelations going. Pale is an area that is FENCED or a BOUNDARY. I think they have gone OVER their BOUNDARY LINES! This is going way too far. When are we going to get the DEAD in CHRIST to RISE?? Will it be THIS YEAR?
  • Linda Templet commented on 12/16/2012
    As one can see, I never stop. The Bible says, "SEEK and ye shall find". I am now studying LAW. Do we have DIVINE POSITIVE LAWS Coded somewhere within our United States Statues At Large? Aren't Permanent laws are CODIFIED? I bet our First Amendment is a Divine Positive Law which can not be ALTERED by man. This came off of Wikipedia under POSITIVE LAW. Thomas Aquinas himself conflated man-made law (lex humana) and positive law (lex posita or ius positiva).[3][4][5] However, there is a subtle distinction between them. Whereas man-made law regards law from the position of its origins (i.e. who it was that posited it), positive law regards law from the position of its legitimacy. Positive law is law by the will of whomever made it, and thus there can equally be divine positive law as there is man-made positive law. (More literally translated, lex posita is posited rather than positive law.)[3] In the Summa contra Gentiles Thomas himself writes of divine positive law where he says "si autem lex sit divinitus posita, auctoritate divina dispenatio fieri potest" (SCG, lb. 3 cap. 125).[3] Latin-English translation: "If, however, the law has been divinely placed, it can be done by divine authority."[6] Martin Luther also acknowledged the idea of divine positive law, as did Juan de Torquemada.[7] Thomas Mackenzie divided the law into four parts, with two types of positive law: divine positive law, natural law, the positive law of independent states, and the law of nations.[8] The first, divine positive law, "concerns the duties of religion" and is derived from revelation. He contrasted it with divine natural law, which is "recognized by reason alone, without the aid of revelation".[8] The third, the positive law of independent states, is the law posited by "the supreme power in the state". It is, in other words, man-made positive law.[9] Thomas Aquinas has little difficulty with the idea of both divine positive law and human positive law, since he places no requirements upon the person who posits law that exclude either humans or the divine.[5] However, for other philosophers the idea of both divine and human positive law has proven to be a stumbling block. Thomas Hobbes and John Austin both espoused the notion of an ultimate sovereign. Where Thomism (and indeed Mackenzie) divided sovereignty into the spiritual (God) and the temporal (Mackenzie's "supreme power in the state"), both Hobbes and Austin sought a single, undivided, sovereign as the ultimate source of the law. The problem that this causes is that a temporal sovereign cannot exist if humans are subject to a divine positive law, but if divine positive law does not apply to all humans then God cannot be sovereign either. Hobbes and Austin's answer to this is to deny the existence of divine positive law, and to invest sovereignty in humans, that are — however — subject to divine natural law. The temporal authority is sovereign, and responsible for translating divine natural law into human positive law.[10] Government professor James Bernard Murphy of Dartmouth College explains: "although our philosophers often seek to use the term positive to demarcate specifically human law, the term and concept are not well suited to do so. All of divine law is positive in source, and much of it is positive in content […]." Now the atheists want to do away with all DIVINE POSITIVE LAW. Since our Declaration of Independence doesn't want to do away with any of the divine " FORMS" in order to create, form or make a DIVINE PROVIDENCE I think this proves that our forefathers used Divine POSITIVE laws in forming our UNITED States of Americas Constitution. Our First Amendment is pretty POSITIVE in their ORDERS to Congress concerning an establishment of religion-- Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING the FREE exercise thereof. Now THIS IS DIVINE POSITIVE LAW and it can not be ALTERED! So now all we got to do is make our SUPREME COURT JUSTICES understand that they too have to be held under DIVINE POSITIVE LAW. So lets make an amendment to our Constitution that ORDERS our Supreme Court Justice that they too have to are under DIVINE POSITIVE LAWS. Supreme Court Justices shall MAKE NO LAW whatsoever concerning an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; OR abridging the Freedom of speech, or of the press; OR the RIGHT of the people to peaceably assembly; and to PETITION THE GOVERNMENT for a REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Now Congress can make no laws and neither can our Supreme Court Justices cause we are under Divine Positive Law for our divine Providence. Now bring your GIFTS to the GOLDEN ALTER Congress.
  • Linda Templet commented on 12/17/2012
    I found this in the Avalon Project--International Law Lecture II--States, or bodies politic, are to be considered as moral persons, having a public will, capable and free to do right and wrong, inasmuch as they are collections of individuals, each of whom carries with him into the service of the community the same binding law of morality and religion which ought to control his conduct in private life. The Law of Nations is a complex system, composed of various ingredients. It consists of general principles of right and justice, equally suitable to the government of individuals in a state of natural equality, and to the relations and conduct of nations; of a collection of usages, customs, and opinions, the growth of civilization and commerce; and of a code of positive law. In the absence of these latter regulations, the intercourse and conduct of nations are to be governed her principles fairly to deduced from the rights and duties of nations, and the nature of moral obligation; and we have the authority of the lawyers of antiquity, and of some of the first masters in the modern school of public law, for placing the moral obligation of nations and of individuals on similar grounds, and for considering individual and national morality as parts of one and the SAME SCIENCE. The Law of Nations, so far as it is founded on the principles of Natural Law, is equally binding in every age and upon all mankind. But the Christian nations of Europe, and their descendants on this side of the Atlantic, by the vast superiority of their attainments in arts, and science, and commerce, as well as in policy and government; and. above all, by the brighter light, the more certain truths, and the more definite sanction which Christianity has communicated to the ethical jurisprudence of the ancients, have established a Law of Nations peculiar to themselves. They form together a community of nations UNITED BY religion, manners, morals, humanity, and science, and united also by the mutual advantages of commercial intercourse, by the habit of forming alliances and treaties with each other, of interchanging ambassadors, and of studying and recognising the same writers and systems of public law. This Jus Gentium of the Imperial jurisconsults is identical with the Law of Nature, or Natural Law, of many modern ethical and juridical writers; AND BOTH ARE, in fact, the law of GOD, made known somewhat dimly to the whole human race at all times, and set forth with unmistakable certainty and transcendent power in His revealed will. This is, in truth, the HIGHEST LAW by which moral beings can be governed; HIGHEST in its Lawgiver, who is omnipotent over EACH individual man, AS WELL AS, over societies and states; HIGHEST in the absolute perfection of the rules which it contains; HIGHEST in the absolute cogency of the commands which it utters; HIGHEST in the absolute obligation of the duties which it enforces; HIGHEST in the absolute certainty and irresistible coercive power of the sanctions which it wields, and which operate upon the deepest spiritual nature of every human being. So can these official papers help bring God Reign's in our country?
  • Linda Templet commented on 12/23/2012
    Today I am looking for that "Tree" of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil that the Book of Genesis is referring to. Now I found this 'TREE" that we are not suppose to "eat" because the LORD God SAID, for in the day that thou eatest thereof, thou will SURELY DIE. One thing for SURE, We better listen to the Commandment that the LORD God commanded the man. He commanded the MAN "of every TREE OF the GARDEN thou mayest FREELY eat, BUT OF THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, thou shalt NOT EAT of it. Does KNOWLEDGE COME FROM TREES? How can I turn knowledge into the 'FORM' of a tree to find out what this SENTENCE is teaching me? I have to look at the outward appearance of a tree and study the DESIGN of the tree. Now let me VISION this in my head and use a little IMAGINATION so I can SOLVE the MYSTERY of the Tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil. We do know for a FACT that MONEY doesn't grow on TREES. Now I can say for a FACT that KNOWLEDGE doesn't grow on trees either! Knowledge comes from education, information and experience. Knowledge is like a tree that has many branches. So the "TREE OF KNOWLEDGE" has many BRANCHES; and each Branch of Knowledge produces its own different sorts or kinds of EDUCATION or manners of fruit for us to "eat" or digest MENTALLY. It is FOOD for the MIND or for INTELLIGENCE to grow on. It is our INTELLECTUAL DESIGN. Knowledge is understanding gained through STUDY or experience. Now I am studying this Book called, 'The Bible" so I can learn and get WISDOM from the things that people of the PAST have already EXPERIENCED and have been proved to be harmful to me or good if I follow after their WAYS OR MANNERS OF LIFE. Does ALL Education come from BOOKS? No, the MAIN TRUNK of the "Tree of KNOWLEDGE" comes from human EXPERIENCES. One has to experience something before they can write about it. There were no BOOKS to learn from thousands of years ago; there was only LIFE lived by trial and error. But in todays world we have many "Trees of the knowledge of GOOD and EVIL" that we don't have to depend on EXPERIENCE to teach us HOW to live a good and right life--instead, we can let a BOOK teach us the MANNERS in which US "Trees of LIFE" SHOULD LIVE. The GREATEST TREE of all is this TREE OF LIFE called The King James Version Of "The Bible". This "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" has lived 401 years and is going to continue to grow in our GARDEN or land because it was perpetually protected when the WORKS of this Book became PUBLIC DOMAIN. The Bible is NOT SUBJECT to private ownership; therefore it is PUBLIC. Wherever the PUBLIC can go, the Book can go. Each State is called a BODY POLITIC and this BOOK which has been protected by PUBLIC DOMAIN is a BODY SPIRITUAL. Land and Waters are under the jurisdiction OF GOVERNMENT. What, do we not know that PUBLIC DOMAIN is able to BE DISCUSSED and EXAMINED FREELY BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC? This BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE was given a specific 'TERRITORY" or DOMAIN to have RULE and CONTROL over; That IS ALL MANS NATURE. Atheists are trying to bring back the "Feudal System" in order to get RID of this "TREE which produces twelve different sorts, kinds or MANNERS OF FRUIT" which are GOOD for us to LIVE BY, but it AIN"T GOING TO HAPPEN. Those twelve MANNERS of FRUIT are not the TEN COMMANDMENTS; they are the TWELVE COMMANDMENTS! You see, there were Ten Commandments given to Moses and there are two more commandments that we received from the very beginning of this Book. 1. And the LORD God COMMANDED the MAN, saying, Of every tree OF THE GARDEN thou mayest FREELY eat: but OF THE TREE of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil, thou shalt NOT EAT OF IT; for in that day that thou eatest thereof Thou SHALT SURELY DIE. 2. God commanded the man and the woman to be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLE, AND REPLENISH the earth. AND SUBDUE IT, and HAVE DOMINION Over the FISH of the sea, and the FOWL of the air, and over every living THING that moveth upon the earth. I believe the time has come for us to start cutting down the "Trees" in our GARDEN that do not bring forth GOOD FRUIT-- I don't have any MONEY to contribute to any organization to help further the CAUSE of understanding what our First Amendment means: Congress shall make NO LAW RESPECTING and establishment of religion, OR prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; OR abridging the freedom of speech or the PRESS; OR the right to peaceably assembly AND TO PETITION the government for a REDRESS of grievances. It is SO CLEAR to me that THIS FIRST AMENDMENT is concerning The PUBLIC DOMAIN of The BIBLE. If every BILL OF RIGHT does NOT PRODUCE GOOD FRUIT then we need to CUT THE TREE DOWN and take it OUT OF OUR LAND! So get rid of this QUEEN JAMES BIBLE--this FRUIT is NO GOOD for our children to digest! God Bless America--Gods REIGN is coming people-- Get ready for the REIGN BOW! Now isn't this KNOWLEDGE more precious than GOLD? Now we need to GET THIS BOOK IN SCHOOLS--see how much I have LEARNED BY STUDYING IT? Just think--you all thought I WAS CRAZY--Am I?
  • JILL WOHEAD commented on 12/27/2012
    Everlasting Father, I adore you and glorify you. You know Lord, you turn all things for good. Many deny your existence and fight against you. But, we thank you for the opportunity it brings because we CAN TALK ABOUT YOU. What a blessing it is! You, My Lord are a Genius! What a wonderful God you are! And every time we get to talk about You, we get to proclaim your gospel. I think I kinda like this, bring it on! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord for his mercy endures forever. Glory, Honor and Worthy are you to be praised, In the Holy Name of Jesus/Yeshua the Anointed Messiah, AMEN
  • Linda Templet commented on 12/28/2012
    Our very first BILL that we must all PAY to our country is respecting religion. Like Thomas Jefferson said in the Virginia BILL of rights, it is The DUTY which WE OWE to our Creator; Almighty God. Religion, according to the Gelnhausen Charter; April 13, 1180 AD, was not referred to as religion; instead, religion was called THE CHURCHES OF GOD. Should we show respect to the churches of GOD? I got this knowledge of the good and evil from the Avalon Project's TREE OF LEARNING. The churches of God aren't just being SCORNED in todays world; according to this TREE of the knowledge of good and evil, people SCORNED religion; the churches OF God, back in 1180 AD; but did they get away with it without being punished? History is written down because like the document says, " memory is short and does not suffice for a crowd of things, the authority of those who preceded our age, the divine emperors and kings, has decreed that those things were to be written down which the PROGRESS of FLEETING TIMES generally REMOVES from the KNOWLEDGE of MEN. So Congress, TIME has removed KNOWLEDGE so lets go BACK IN TIME and look at this TREE of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil--The Gelnhausen Charter of 1180 AD so we can get some KNOWLEDGE in how to handle these people who PUBLICALLY SCORN religion OR the Churches of GOD OR the children of God. There is NOTHING done under the sun that has not been done before. You just have to FIND the right TREE of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil.
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