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66 Members of Congress Call Attention to Alarming Pattern of Attacks on Faith in the Air Force
Posted by The Congressional Prayer Caucus | June 21, 2012

Congressman Randy Forbes, Founder and Co-Chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, along with Congressman Diane Black and Congressman Todd Akin, sent a letter signed by 66 Members of Congress urging Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to investigate a pattern of hostility towards faith in the United States Air Force.  The letter calls on Secretary Panetta to issue clear Department of Defense policy guidance, consistent with our Constitution, to preserve the place of religious expression in the military at large.

From removing Latin references to God, to barring commanders from notifying airmen of Chaplain Corps programs, members of Congress are concerned about the pattern that is emerging from the Air Force. Congressman Forbes stated: "The Air Force has repeatedly capitulated to demands from groups that seek to remove all traces of faith from the military and the public square.  When viewed individually, any of these actions is concerning.  But taken together, they highlight an alarming pattern in the Air Force that we do not see in the other branches of the military.  Those who sacrifice so much for our nation must be assured that they need not leave their faith at home when they volunteer to serve.”

Congressman Black emphasized her concern, providing an example of a particularly troubling incident: “I am outraged that the religious liberties of those serving our nation are being encroached upon. The current policy changes within the Air Force are unprecedented and without merit. For instance, suspending the elective ethics briefing due to the mere reference of Bible verses is unacceptable. I hope that Secretary Panetta agrees and will issue clear policy guidance that protects religious expression in the military.”

The Air Force has over the last year taken extraordinary steps in removing religious symbols and references from the service. Congressman Akin stated: “When our sons and daughters join the military, they are not signing away their First Amendment right to religious liberty. Unfortunately, it seems that some parts of the military are intent on prohibiting religious expression rather than protecting it. I hope that the Secretary of Defense will respond to this strong letter from over sixty Members of Congress by issuing clear protections for the religious liberty of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.”  

It is vital that a consistent policy in regards to religious liberties is issued by the Department of Defense. Religious liberties should be guarded and protected in all of our Armed Forces.

A copy of the letter is available here.

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  • Linda Templet commented on 6/22/2012
    Ok people lets get on FIRED for the LORD. Please go to FFRF's WEB__SITE and just LISTEN to Annie Lauries SPEECH--and listen to Dan Barkers song "JUST SAY NO TO RELIGION". (Not religion in government--RELIGION PERIOD) Do it now before they take it off. This 501 c 3 TAX EXEMPT educational organization need to be stripped of their TAX EXEMPTclothing. This is a religious HATE organization. Just listen to their speech--listen to how they are ATTACKING RELIGION IN EVERY WAY. They are NOT concerned about government--they are concerned about TURNING PEOPLE COMPLETELY AWAY FROM RELIGION. Come on PEOPLE who are called by God Name--you GODLY PEOPLE!!!! Get on FIRE FOR THE LORD! Let us put an END to this TAX EXEMPT 501 c 3 charitable and educational organization. Send a letter of complaint to IRS--they should pay back every single dime that they would have owed our government for falsifying their tax statue. Listen to their REASON RALLY--it is not educating at all. It is BLASPHEMING THE NAME OF ALMIGHTY GOD! God told No---AH it was going to reign forty days and forty nights--Well GODS REIGN IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE!!!! Help bring GODS REIGN into this country--this LAND has been dry long enough. It only takes a SPARK to get a FIRE GOING. Let this VIDEO of Annie Laurie and Dan Barker become the SPARK that starts the FIRE IN YOUR LIFE BURNING. Let it be a FIRE that you can not put out!! I can't put MY FIRE OUT because I am ON FIRE FOR THE LORD----WHY AREN'T YOU???? Let us show these people this 4th of JULY 2012 that our Declaration of IN---DEPENDENCE is we DEPEND on ALMIGHTY GOD and 2012 IS THE YEAR OF THE BIBLE!! "And the DEAD IN CHRIST WILL RISE'!!!! Amen--Amen Come out of YOUR GRAVES people and RISE UP and walk!! Like Lazurus----You're NOT DEAD--you're just SLEEPING!!!!! Wake up and lets us get GODS REIGN BEGIN!
  • Linda Templet commented on 6/23/2012
    Ok people the THIRD WOE is here and it sure came quickly--just like the Bible said. Is it TIME to say WOE yet? FFRF just put up their LEAVE THE CHURCH SIGN. Now look at this--Is this a peaceable assembly? Did they put up this sign in a peaceable fashion? Is this sign reflecting love and peace or hate and war? These are a bunch of ATTORNEYS who know that that they are SUPPOSE TO BRING THEIR FIGHT TO THE COURT HOUSE. What they are doing is NOT ETHICAL. They all need to be dis--barred because of UNETHICAL CONDUCT. They all need their licenses taken away from them IMMEDIATELY. The Courts are there to pass JUDGMENT on any illegal acts--THIS IS AN ILLEGAL ACT. They are suppose to bring their CRITICAL MINDS or FIGHT to the courthouse like the CATHOLIC CHURCH is doing. The Catholic Church is not putting up very large billboards on a HIGHLY TRAVELED HIGHWAY blasphming their name. The Catholic Church and all the other religious organizations are doing it the RIGHT WAY. They are not bringing their fight to the public streets--they are bringing their CASE to the COURTS. We are building a case here people. We are going to have an 18 COUNT INDICTMENT just like the Bible says. What are they GUILTY of? Can we get 6 COUNTS OF UNETHICAL CONDUCT? Can we get 6 COUNTS AGGRESIVE BEHAVIOR? Can we get 6 COUNTS of BLASPHEMY. We could probably COUNT THE NUMBER of offences that this ONE organization has done to amount to a total of Six hundred sixty and six. Their WORDS have offended me that many times. They have BLASPHEMED MY GODS NAME long enough--and NOW they are Blaspheming a Churches NAME. Give them an inch--they will take a mile. Their SIGN says it all--The Freedom From Religion Foundation has placed a 14x48-foot billboard (things are bigger in Texas) in patriotic colors off busy Interstate 30 east of Highway 360 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It will be up for a month. (Things are bigger in Texas FFRF--you have just made the biggest case ever) They say----The message, AIMED AT Roman Catholics, urges them to “Put women’s rights over Bishops’ wrongs” and “Quit the Church.” FFRF is a Madison, Wis.-based state/church watchdog with 18,500 nonreligious members nationwide, including about 860 in Texas. (Now look closely at their next statement as to how they wanted to STIR THE ANGER OF THE CATHOLIC PEOPLE OF FAITH) "FFRF chose the location BECAUSE the Diocese of Dallas and the Diocese of Fort Worth are among the dozens of Catholic institutions suing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services over its contraceptive mandate. The mandate, to take effect in August, will ensure American women have uniform prescription contraceptive benefits. Their UNETHICAL CONDUCT should not be overlooked. They are suppose to be PROFESSIONALS--They are suppose to have MORAL STANDARDS as professional LAYWERS. They are suppose to present their objections to the COURTS; and they are suppose to PATIENTLY WAIT for the COURTS DECISION IN THIS CASE. This sign which says, "QUIT THE CHURCH" is the THIRD WOE that the Bible says will come quickly. It is NOW TIME to say WOE FFRF YOU HAVE JUST CROSSED THE BOUNDARY LINES. DISRESPECTING other people is a WAR ON LAND and is a CRIME AGAINST PEACE. Let GODS REIGN BEGIN!
  • Linda Templet commented on 6/26/2012
    Today I am focusing on the ADVERSE POSSESSION laws of San Diego. Who owns the LAND at Mt. SOLEDAD? Ownership of the LAND must be determined first before any Judgment can be passed. Is it governments land or is it whomever's been taking care of it? Title of OWNERSHIP must come into play here. That TITLE OF OWNERSHIP belongs to who has been taking care of that Land for all these years. Most people are not familiar with adverse possession--but I AM--and believe it or not--I WON AND SO CAN YOU. If the government owned the land then they would have been taking care of this land for 99 years. Is this the case? Did the government groom the land or did the people take care of it like it was their responsibility? When the cross fell did the government put it back up OR did the people? Who has been taking care of it all these years even during the exchange of property? The Veterans. If the government owned this land from the time of the Atheist filed this BELLIGERENT lawsuit why didn't the State take over the care of the property? The Veterans still continued to take care of the land. Were they removed from the LAND? Were trespassing signs put up to keep the Veterans out for the government to show ownership of the land? Has there been any States monies used in maintaining this property. No--because the State does not own this LAND--the Veterans DO. Now you Veterans that have taken care of this land and have put your blood, sweat and tears into it-- go put in your CLAIM OF OWNERSHIP. The LAND is YOURS by ADVERSE POSSESSION according to the ADVERSE POSSESSION LAWS of San Diego! I am telling you where the GOLD IS--Now all you got to do is go stake your claim! Claim your rights to the property that you have been taking care of for over 20 years. You WILL get the OWNERSHIP TITLE TO THAT LAND!!! This land will then be PRIVATE OWNED LAND.
  • linda Templet commented on 6/27/2012
    I must admit--I'm wrong. The Federal government took over possession of this land because of this WAR ON LAND. This Godless establishment clause intrepretation has done one thing--its causing WAR ON LAND. Will these Supreme Court Justices be saying next that we MUST take down the religious paintings and sceneries out of our White House too? Well of course they will. That is NEXT--its comming. The Bible speaks of the WORMWOOD. They are doing it congress. These GREAT SUPREME COURT JUSTICES DECISIONS are more powerful than you all.
  • Linda Templet commented on 6/29/2012
    This might help us understand our 1st Amendment. Aren't all religious organization Corporations? Well this is why Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion and this is why OBAMA shall make no law concerning our NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE. Maybe we ought to read some ancient documents--That is where one finds WISDOM. Of course I got this MEAT from HUNTING in the Fields of the Avalon Project. We are being FORCED to buy or be TAXED. When Jesus was born----wasn't people BEING TAXED!! WOW-- the Bible tells us everything about the WAYS of LIFE doesn't it! Hamiltons opinion to the Constitutionality of a NATIONAL BANK.To return: It is conceded that implied powers are to be considered as delegated equally with express ones. Then it follows, that as a power of erecting a corporation may as well be implied as any other thing, it may as well be employed as an instrument or mean of carrying into execution any of the specified powers, as any other instrument or mean whatever. The only question must be in this, as in every other case, whether the mean to be employed or in this instance, the corporation to be erected, has a natural relation to any of the acknowledged objects or lawful ends of the government. Thus a corporation may not be erected by Congress for superintending the police of the city of Philadelphia, because they are not authorized to regulate the police OF THAT CITY. But ONE MAY BE ERECTED in relation to the COLLECTION OF TAXES, or to the trade with foreign countries, or to the trade between the States, or with the Indian tribes; because it is the province of the federal government to REGULATE those objects, and because it is incident to a general sovereign or legislative power to regulate a thing, to employ all the means which relate to its regulation to the best and greatest advantage. Well Congress I guess someone deceided to REGULATE respecting an establishment of religion. Have the POWER OF government taken over the RULE OF RELIGION --Obama is sure trying to take over the RULE of HEALTH CARE! If they could not make a National Bank--they can not make a National Church OR a National Health Care . They ALL have their seperate STATIONS and their own seperate DUTIES. Will this open the WINDOW of heaven so that GOD REIGN can begin? God did tell No--AH to put ONE WINDOW in the ark and ONE DOOR.
  • Linda Templet commented on 6/29/2012
    Hey Congress I think I found some more MEAT for your MARRIAGE SUPPER spoken about in the Book of Revelations. Sometimes knowledge turn out to be MEAT. Doesn't it say we are going to eat THE FLESH OF KINGS etc. You all got to look the verse up for yourselves. I don't have time. I found the FLESH now you all have to go KILL IT. Pay close attention to what Hamilton says in this----To this objection an answer has been already given. It is this, that the doctrine is stated with this express qualification, that the right to erect corporations does only extend to cases and objects within the sphere of the SPECIFIED POWERS of the government. A general legislative authority implies a POWER to erect corporations in all cases. A particular legislative power implies authority to erect corporations in relation to cases arising under that power only. Hence the affirming that, as incident to SOVEREIGN POWER, Congress MAY erect a corporation in relation TO the collection of their taxes, is no more to affirm that they may DO WHATEVER ELSE THEY PLEASE, than the saying that they have a power to REGULATE trade, would be to affirm that they have A POWER TO REGULATE RELIGION; or than the maintaining that they have sovereign power as to TAXATION, would be to maintain that they have SOVERIGN POWER AS TO EVERYTHING ELSE. Wow--IS this MEAT or what? OBAMA used his SOVERIGN POWER to get his HEALTH PLAN okayed through our SUPREME COURT SYSTEM due to the soverign POWER OF TAXATION! Now if Congress can not REGULATE RELIGION how can our SUPREME COURT SYSTEM regulate it by taking it out of schools, out of our court houses, etc. How can they make us take a cross down. They can not regulate religion either. Now fo get the meat that is HIDDEN withing this ancient document and let us get GOD REIGN to begin! There is only 5 months till ELECTION! Look that up people!! Its in the BOOK OF REVELATIONS!!!! Let Gods Reign Begin--then we can Get on FIRE for the LORD!
  • Linda Templet commented on 6/29/2012
    Still looking for some MEAT for this Marriage Supper that is going to take place soon that the Book of Revelations is talking about. Of course we need some WINE to drink at any marriage supper. Well we don't have time to wait for the NEW WINE to ferment. Boy, the Supreme Court has really given us something NEW to WHINE ABOUT haven't they? Let's stay FOCUSED on the OLD WINE--the Bible says (Mark 2:22-23) that you can not put NEW WINE into OLD Bottles or it will break the bottles and all the new wine will spill out. Now let me ask you, will this NEW WHINE-- NEW HEALTH PLAN bust the bottle that contains the OLD WINE? Massachuetts General Laws Chapters 263 through 280) This bottle of wine has aged for a very long time. Lets see what is in the WINE. Section 21B. No privately controlled hospital or other health facility shall be required to admit any patient for the purpose of performing an ABORTION, performing any STERILIZATION procedure, or receiving CONTRACEPTIVE devices or information. No privately controlled hospital or other privately controlled health facility shall be required to PERMIT any patient to have an abortion, or any sterilization procedure performed in said hospital or other health facility, or to furnish contraceptive devices or information to such patient, nor shall such a hospital or other health facility be required to furnish any FAMILY PLANNING SERVICES within or through said hospital or other health facility or to make referrals to any other hospital or health facility for such services when said services or referrals ARE CONTRARY TO RELIGIOUS OR MORAL PRINCIPALS OF SAID HOSIPTAL OR SAID HEALTH FACILITY as expressed in its charter, by-laws or code of ethics, or vote of its governing body. Any such hospital or other health facility exercising the rights granted in this section shall not on account of the exercise thereof, be disciplined or discriminated against in any manner or suffer any ADVERSE DETERMINATION by any person, firm, corporation, or other entity, including but in no way limited to any political subdivision, board, commission, department, authority, or agency of the commonwealth. Now THIS is some POTENT WINE--I'm getting drunk already--aren't you? Now take this little book and eat it up!
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