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Forbes Reads Proclamation of a Day of Public Thanksgiving
Posted by The Congressional Prayer Caucus | October 06, 2011
Today, Congressman Forbes, on behalf of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, gave a speech on the House floor to note the importance of prayer in our nation’s founding and subsequent history. He read portions of a proclamation issued by John Hancock as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Hancock issued the proclamation in 1791, declaring a day of public thanksgiving throughout Massachusetts. 

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  • Dave Mattozzi commented on 10/9/2011
    Let us all pray for the USA.
  • Linda Templet commented on 10/12/2011
    Let us pray this morning for the salvation of our friends at The Freedom From Religion Foundation. They are fulfilling their plans to "attack schools on account of religion". I am sure that they will say that they are not attacking religion; they are a 501 c 3 Tax Exempt educational/charity organization. At the moment, they are just teaching. Are their teaching materials tax exempt? I wonder if IRS will allowed a tax exemption for the cost of the paper--the envelopes-- and the stamps to mail these threatening 396 letters to the superintendents of schools. IRS gives religion a tax exempt status for the ADVANCEMENT of religion. Did IRS give this organization a tax exempt status to help them ATTACK religion? Is this organization trying to HELP our country or are they trying to START TROUBLES in our country? Are they a type of legalized terroists. Well they did one hing for sure. They sent FEAR letters to 396 school superintendents. They are not spreading PEACE and LOVE--they are spreading HATE and DISRUPTION in our country. They are now trying to cause problems between the different religious SECTS. They are trying to start a religious WAR as to whose religion should be doing the praying. Haven't we got enough problems in our country without having a SPIRITUAL problem. I beg to God that Congress will step up and act on this spiritual problem and remove these PITBULLS from attacking the religious nature of our country. Are we just going to ignore this problem? Watch out Congress; I am sure that you all are probably on their HIT LIST also. In my eyes--these are religious terroists. They are only out to do one thing--bully people to get what they want. Go read their PRIDEFUL WEB--site this morning. Get educated people--look at the signs in the form of a letter. They are planning an attack--can we stop this by looking at the SIGNS? Each attack cost us taxpayers money--court costs are not free. Can our schools afford a legal battle? These people are not looking for peace; they are looking for WAR. God help them. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent educational memos to all the public school superintendents (396) in Mississippi, Louisiana and Kentucky reminding them that official prayer at school-sponsored events is illegal and urging districts to monitor for violations. There has been immediate cessation of school–initiated prayer in at least one school district in Mississippi. Who gave these people the POWER and AUTHORITY to BULLY the leaders of our schools? They are going state to state looking for FAME and FORTUNE. They want to become the LARGEST atheist organization known to America; they are so proud of saying that they now have over 17,000 members. Their army is growing Congress and you ALL know about it. Will we ignore the signs that God is showing us; or will you all get this problem out of our countries way so we can focus on our other problems? What--are these people afraid that these schools might get in some kind of trouble? Has this organization turned into "ANGELS" at the moment? Are they forewarning us that the nature of the DEVIL is comming to take away our peace? Let US stop this kind of DEVILISH NATURE in our country. May God BLESS America by taking this CURSE away.
  • Linda Templet commented on 10/14/2011
    Let me SOUND the ALARM!!! The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason and The Freedom From Religion Foundation have announced the formation of a NEW GROUP. This morning the ARMY of the 501 c 3 tax exempt organizations is growing for the same cause and the same reason; To attack on account of religion. They have now joined together to become one body. with one mind, and one fighting Spirit. Their purpose is to help CLERGY (who have seen the light) to MOVE beyond FAITH. Oh, my goodness--will this group which is called "THE CLERGY PROJECT: Moving Beyond Faith" form another 501 c 3 TAX EXEMPT Incorporation in a different name?? WOW--will they then be able to be qualified as a "religious" organization--because they are trying to help the CLERGY of course--and get the SAME tax breaks as Ministers of Churches get. They did mention that they were fighting to get the SAME tax breaks asPastors get in one of their FFRF IN THE NEWS Columns which I kept a copy of. Will these two NON PROFIT 501 c 3 CHARATIBLE ORGANIZATION be helping the clergy who "have seen the light" move away from belief in God and turn to reason instead? Are they trying to take the "FACE" of God out of our country? You say what face--I don't see no face of God. Well believe me, you will NEVER see the face of God, so instead of seeking for His face, let us focus on GODS FACE VALUE. Can you see how valuable it is to our country to keep HIS FACE in our country? I see that this is their next "Comming out of the closet" campaign. Their article says, "We KNOW there MUST BE THOUSANDS of clergy out there who SECRETLY ABANDONED their faith but have no where to go". What a way to build an army of non believers which can help them gain strength and ability to plan more ATTACKS on account of religion. The minority groups are taking advantage of our great intrepreters interpretation of our First Amendment. Can't anyone see what this intrepretation has done? These people want us to GO into our closets to pray; so they can come OUT of THEIR CLOSETS. I stand amazed!! Lord, help us all. Please read their article and get educated. All I can say is We better WAKE UP PEOPLE and smell the roses!!Go to the clergy project WEB-site. See who is endorsing this new gruop forming. Are they ALL 501 c 3 TAX EXEMPT EDUCATIONAL organizations? I don't mind giving my tx monies to any school or university; but I do mind if my tax monies are helping these organizations take Gods FACE Values out of my country.
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