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Fighting for Strategic Solutions to End Obamacare

Randy Forbes, Mar 21 2010, minutes after voting against Obamacare:

"As much as party leaders in Washington have tried to make this decision about being Democrat or being Republican, this is not about partisan politics. It's about simple truths. And the simple truth is that you cannot take $500 billion out of a Medicare program that will be bankrupt by 2017 and not hurt our seniors. You can't ask the government to pay for a program that costs nearly one trillion dollars and not expect higher taxes, bigger deficits, and greater debt. You can't give Washington bureaucrats more power over our citizens’ health and expect higher quality service. And you can't place mandates on our employers and citizens and not expect jobs and family budgets to hurt as a result."

The Facts on Obamacare:

Thirteen states including Virginia will see health premiums increase an average of 24% because of Obamacare - Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

71% of small businesses say Obamacare will make it harder to hire - US Chamber of Commerce

Obamacare expands IRS power to administer 47 new tax provisions - Department of the Treasury

54% expect health care costs to rise under Obamacare - Rasmussen Reports

Obamacare could force as much as 15 percent of hospitals out of business. - CMS Report

Americans will spend 190 million hours per year on Obamacare compliance - Energy and Commerce Committee

The bottom line:

The Obamacare bill was 2,801 pages with $1 trillion in new taxes that is now resulting in health insurance cost increases and hiring reductions.  Citizens and their physicians should have authority over health care decisions, not bureaucrats.  It is time to shut Obamacare down.

Randy’s Plan:  
  • Championing legislation to fully defund Obamacare.  H.R. 2682
  • Voted 41 times to repeal or defund Obamacare.
  • Introduced bill to stop IRS from implementing Obamacare and using it as their next political bludgeon.  H.R. 1993
  • Demanding halt to $12 million in taxpayer dollars spent on Obamacare advertising. Read letter.
  • Championed bill to repeal Obamacare board of bureaucrats that could lead to health care rationing. H.R. 351
  • Relieved small businesses from burdensome tax reporting requirement. H.R. 4
  • Supported repeal of individual and employer mandates. H.R. 582
  • Opposed tax on the sale of medical devices. H.R.523
  • Protected the right of employers not to be forced to provide coverage for abortion services due to religious objections.  H.R.940 and letter
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