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The Machinery of America
August 25, 2015  - An elderly farmer owned a tractor that, as the tractor aged, looked about as old as the farmer. Each year, the farmer nurtured that old tractor through yet another season. One year he replaced a fuel pump. The next year, the tires and transmission. One cold winter he even overhauled the engine. At t...More

Forbes Announces Fall Congressional Internship Program in Chesapeake and Chesterfield
August 19, 2015  - Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04) announced today that internships will be available to qualified college students or recent college graduates in his Chesterfield and Chesapeake District Offices for the fall semester. These internships are designed to give students interested in government an insi...More

5 Things to Know About Caring for an Aging Parent
August 17, 2015  - Many of us will come to a time when we find ourselves, in some capacity, providing care to an aging parent. The United States Census estimates that the number of Americans 65 years and older will double by 2050. Many of these Americans will require some form of care – anything from simple and regula...More

The Empty Chair
August 7, 2015  - Today is not Veterans Day. It’s not Memorial Day, or the Fourth of July. On those days, America pauses. We take a moment to recognize our servicemembers, honor the fallen, and reflect on the sacrifices of those who have worn this country’s uniform both past and present. We hold parades and memorial ...More

What America Today Can Learn from the Preamble
August 3, 2015  - The Preamble of the Constitution of the United States is a succinct introduction that establishes our framers’ goals for our government. The Preamble was actually written after our Founders had nearly finalized the text of the Constitution. In many ways, it served as a capstone – a finishing and pro...More

Forbes to Host Job Fairs in Chesapeake and Chesterfield
July 31, 2015  - Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04) announced today that he is hosting two job fairs in the Fourth District this August. The job fairs, held in Chesterfield on August 7th at Lloyd C. Bird High School and in Chesapeake on August 11th at Greenbrier Middle School, are free and open to all constituents ...More

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