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White House Has No China Strategy; Here’s Mine
July 27, 2015
Forbes: White House Has No China Strategy; Here’s Mine. “What’s the strategy for coping with what everyone on Capitol Hill and inside the Obama administration agrees is an increasingly assertive China? The White House can’t answer, Rep. Randy Forbes says, “because they don’t have it.” So, it’s fair to ask: what is Forbes’s strategy, then? The House seapower chairman’s outline for a “winning strategy” boils down to five principles, he told me in an interview: (1) have a clear objective: a peacefu... More
Why the Next Decade of Medical Research Matters
July 27, 2015
In the midst of all the politically charged, negative news around us, I find myself seeking out small glimmers of hope. I often find them in stories of medical achievement and discovery: A baby born as early as 21 weeks miraculously surviving. A child’s own bone marrow being used to generate a windpipe. An acquaintance successfully undergoing triple bypass heart surgery. These stories remind us of the incredible advancements our nation has made in science and medicine, and allow us an opportunit... More
China Caucus Blog
Achieving Strategic Rebalance in the Asia Pacific
July 24, 2015
Achieving Strategic Rebalance in the Asia Pacific: Dr. Patrick M. Cronin’s Congressional Testimony. “Chairman McKeon, Ranking Member Smith, and other distinguished members of the Committee, I sincerely appreciate this opportunity to testify on the trenchant matter of rebalancing to the Asia-Pacific region. I say trenchant because I believe it is in the vital interest of the United States to use the past few years as a springboard for widening and deepening our strategic engagement in the most im... More
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The New Silk Road: Xi Jinping’s Grand Strategy for Eurasia
July 23, 2015
The New Silk Road: Xi Jinping’s Grand Strategy for Eurasia. “Xi Jinping’s ambitious vision is to improve connectivity from China to Europe, which is now considered part of China’s Greater Neighborhood Policy (GNP). China plans to spearhead investment in transport corridors including new air, rail and road infrastructure projects. Xi announced his Silk Road initiative in Astana, Kazakhstan on September 7, 2013 while on tour of Central Asia. He characterized it as an ‘‘economic belt’’ emphasizing ... More
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China Winning 'Rhetorical Battle' With US
July 22, 2015
Forbes: China Winning 'Rhetorical Battle' With US. “The US has failed to articulate clearly a national strategy for dealing with China, something that has let the communist nation take an edge in the “rhetorical battle,” Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., warned an audience Tuesday. Forbes, who chairs the House Armed Services Committee's seapower and projection forces subcommittee, told an audience gathered at the Center for International and Strategic Studies that the government has spent too much time ... More
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Forbes Announces Job Fairs in Chesapeake & Chesterfield
July 22, 2015
Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04) announced today that he is hosting two job fairs in the Fourth District this August. The job fairs, held in Chesterfield at Lloyd C. Bird High School and in Chesapeake at Greenbrier Middle School, are free and open to all constituents who are interested in learning about available jobs with area businesses. “A job is not only a means to a pay check,” said Forbes. “Whether you are a recent college graduate, considering changing careers, or trying to support you... More
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