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For America to depend on foreign nations – that may not share our values – for our fuel and oil is worse than just lacking in commonsense, it is potentially dangerous. It’s time we seize on technological innovations, invest in our nation’s offshore energy exploration, and make achieving energy independence not just a priority, but a reality, for the United States.

Achieve 100% energy independence in 20 years. I introduced a nationally-acclaimed plan for America to achieve energy independence by seizing on technological innovations and awarding competitive prizes to the first individual or group who can accomplish one of the seven energy goals established by the Project. Under this plan, the U.S. could achieve 50% energy independence in ten years, 100% energy independence in 20 years.

Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone Pipeline would create jobs and reduce American dependence on foreign oil. It’s time to build (Read H.R. 3).

Increase offshore exploration and lower energy prices. We need to increase domestic drilling and cut back on unnecessarily burdensome regulations by the EPA (Read H.R. 2042).

Global energy security for the U.S. and its allies. We need to lift the ban on crude oil exports to provide stability and security to the global energy market for the United States and its allies (Read H.R. 702).


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