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Government Reform

It’s no surprise that trust of government is at a low when the size of government is at a high.  We need to return to “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” which relies on a simple idea: less power to bureaucrats in Washington, more power to the people. Because limited government is effective government.

Cut duplicative and costly government programs. The government wastes billions in duplicative programs every year. When Congress proposes a new program, lawmakers should be required to justify to the American people why it’s necessary and how it adds value – before it is implemented (Read H. Res 45).

Audit the Fed. Audit the Department of Defense. Accountability should not be optional (Read H.R. 24).

Stop overreach by the Executive Branch. If the President of the United States and other administration officials fail to follow the Constitution and laws of the United States, the House of Representatives should have the authority to sue (Read H.Res.676).

Washington must be held directly accountable for waste and overspending. Lawmakers’ salaries should be tied to government spending, so that the more they spend the less they make. I introduced a bill to do just that (Read H.R. 110).

Illegal immigrants should never have access to:


More common sense, not more regulations. All federal agencies should be required to provide details on how much proposed regulations will cost and what impact they will have on American businesses – before the new regulation goes into effect (Read H.R. 1759).

ACU approved. Recognized by the American Conservative Union for a strong voting record and efforts to create a more efficient, effective government.


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