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A job is more than a means to a pay check. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or trying to support a family, a job is hope -- for greater opportunities for your children and for a tomorrow that is better and brighter than today. That’s why working to empower job creators is one of my priorities as I serve the 4th District of Virginia.

Strengthen shipbuilding and defense industrial base. Virginia’s shipbuilding and ship repair industries employ thousands of Fourth District engineers and tradesmen, and are critical to our national security.

Support the Port of Virginia. In fiscal year 2013, the Port brought in more than $60 billion in revenue to the Commonwealth, while nearly 10 percent of the Commonwealth’s total resident workforce is linked to Virginia’s port terminals. That’s why it’s crucial we ensure that the Port is prepared for a new era of commerce, and that government acts as an enabler – not a barrier – to growth.

Grow Fourth District manufacturing. We need to get the government off the backs of our manufacturers so they can do what they do best: build, grow, and innovate. That’s why I’ve worked to:


  • Repeal regulations that cost nearly $2 trillion and stifle the manufacturing industry.
  • Support programs that help smaller manufacturers invest in cutting edge technologies.
  • Halt job-killing EPA rules (Read H.R. 1030).
  • Because of this work, I received The National Association of Manufacturers’ Award for Legislative Excellence

Strengthen the agricultural industry.
As Virginia’s largest industry, agriculture supports thousands of Fourth District families and is integral to our economy. We need to reduce unnecessary and expensive regulations that hurt our family farms’ sustainability and growth. Read about my work.

Bring a dedicated embassy security training facility to Virginia. Along with the Virginia delegation, I’ve worked to bring the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC) to Fort Pickett, VA. The construction of this dedicated training facility at Fort Pickett is not only important to Nottoway, Virginia, but also critical to the men and women serving our country abroad.

Working to make the Fourth District attractive to new economic opportunities. I worked with State and local officials to secure funding for the Meadowville interchange, a major draw in Amazon’s decision to located 1,350 jobs in Chesterfield and Dinwiddie. I am also cosponsoring legislation to remove bureaucratic hurdles and expedite permit approval for major economic development sites such as the Mid-Atlantic Advanced Manufacturing Center in Emporia which have the potential to bring thousands of jobs to the Fourth District but can be delayed by onerous regulatory obstacles and dissuade companies from investing in the area.

Empower small businesses. Over 19,000 of the approximately 22,500 businesses in Virginia’s 4th District have less than 20 employees. We need to reduce the regulatory and tax burdens on these businesses and get Washington out of the way so they can grow, compete, and create jobs. Read about my work.

Matching local job seekers with Commonwealth employers. Every year, I host Job Fairs in Chesapeake and Chesterfield, to serve as a catalyst for employers and potential employees to form constructive working relationships. Learn more.

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