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Budget & Government Spending

If we’re ever going to break Washington’s spending addiction, we must stop governing by crisis, and start governing by principle. This means balancing the budget. It means not spending more than we make. It means cutting back on waste. And it means addressing the debt that is crippling our children’s future.

Washington must be held personally responsible for overspending. Lawmakers’ salaries should be tied to government spending, so that the more they spend the less they make. I introduced a bill to do just that (Read H.R. 110).

Balance the budget.Congress should be constitutionally required to balance the federal budget each year (Read H.J.Res.1).

Audit the Fed. Audit the Department of Defense.
Accountability should not be optional (Read H.R. 24).

Paying our debt must be a priority.
We cannot allow our debt to cripple our children and grandchildren’s futures (Read H.R.807).

No bailouts. Period.
I am one of only 17 out of 435 Members of Congress to vote against every bailout and stimulus under both Presidents Bush and Obama. It’s about principles, not politics.

Freeze pay for Members of Congress.
No pay raises for Members of Congress and block any automatic pay increases from taking effect (Read H.R. 109).

Withhold funding from the U.N. until they account for U.S. taxpayer dollars.
The United Nations needs to demonstrate accountability and transparency for American taxpayer dollars (Read H.R. 1034).

I’m honored to have been named “Hero of the Taxpayer” by Americans for Tax Reform in the past.


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