Travel Abroad Information

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As you plan a trip abroad, my staff would be happy to help you by answering questions regarding your passport application, or by providing information on travel warnings provided by the State Department.

My office is pleased to assist constituents with their passport needs. However, please note that our office does not process applications, but can only help to expedite them. For those who require a passport for the first time or need to replace or renew their passport please visit the U.S. Department of State Passport Services web site, which contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding passports, as well as updated fee information.

Travel Warnings

Before you travel abroad, please check to see if the State Department has issued Travel Warnings for the country you intend to visit and review the Country Specific Information published on your travel destination. The State Department also provides contacts for U.S. embassies and consulates throughout the world at its website.

Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control Travel Site offers advice on vaccine requirements, disease outbreaks, food and water precautions, and health recommendations in certain geographic areas.

Other sources that offer important information about traveling abroad include the Central Intelligence Agency Fact Book and U.S. State Department General Travel Information publications, which provide Americans with information such as travel tips, foreign entry admissions, and information about what to do in case of emergency.