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Immigration FAQs

How do I obtain immigration forms?
Go to USCIS - Forms, scroll down and click on the appropriate form and then click on the "PDF Format" at the top of the page. 

How do I check status of a case?
Go to USCIS - My Case Status.

How do I find the cost of Immigration Form Fees?
Go to USCIS - Check Filing Fees.

Where do I file specific immigration forms if I reside in the United States?
Go to USCIS - Forms, scroll down and click on the appropriate form and read the specific instructions under "Where to File."

This link, http://www.uscis.gov/resources, provides resources that answer questions regarding immigration benefits.

How do I obtain a List of Non- Immigrant categories?
Go to Types of Visas for Temporary Visitors for detailed information.

How do I obtain General Passport Information?

Go to Passports for detailed information.

How do I get my U.S. Birth Certificate?
Go to Where to Write for Vital Records for detailed information.

How do I file for records of birth abroad?

Go to Birth of U.S. Citizens Abroad for detailed information.

How do I get a passport for a child I adopted abroad?

Go to Passports: Obtaining for a Child Adopted Abroad for detailed information.

How can I personally file to immigrate, and how long will it take? To immigrate means to gain Permanent Residency status the the United States.
Go to the Visa Bulletin Archive, then go to Current Month and year. Categories are listed of Family Sponsorship categories. Parents of a U.S. Citizen; wives/husbands of Americans and minor, unmarried children of wives/husbands can immigrate without numerical limitations so they are not on the list, but they are able to have a petition for immigration file on their behalf.

How do I hire a temporary foreign worker?
Go to USCIS - Employer Information.

I am an American and have adopted a child abroad. What document proves the child’s citizenship?
A passport and/or a Certificate of Citizenship. File for the Certificate of Citizenship and retain a copy. It is a back up to the passport as proof of U.S. citizenship. Should the passport be lost, you will need the certificate to get a new one. 

In general, what constitutes proof of U.S. Citizenship?
1. A certified copy of a U.S. Birth Certificate issued by the state agency in your state of birth 2. Original Naturalization Document 3. Record of birth abroad and 4. Certificate of Citizenship. Please note: A U.S. Passport may not always be accepted since it is a secondary document based on a primary document.

I need to leave the country to attend a funeral, and I have filed an Adjustment of Status application and it is not yet approved - can I leave the country without documentation of approval?
Go to USCIS - Adjustment of Status for detailed information.

Which categories of non-immigrants need and are eligible to get an Employment Authorization Document? There are several types of work authorization documents, so make sure you complete the proper form.
Go to USCIS - Employment Authorization Document for detailed information.

How can my friend or family member who is a citizen of a foreign country visit the United States?
Go to Visitor Visas - Business and Pleasure for detailed information.

How can I track cases at the National Visa Center?
Go to National Visa Center for detailed information.

How do I track cases once they leave the National Visa Center and reach the U.S. Embassy overseas?
There is no internet means of checking this. Individuals can call the National Visa Office’ Public Information Line at 202-663-1225 to obtain the case status.

My case is at the National Benefits Center. How can I get information about my case?
Go to UCSIS - Processing Time Information for detailed information.

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