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Help With a Federal Agency

To serve our country, this Commonwealth, our men and women in uniform, and all those I have represented has been a high privilege. As you may know, the 114th Congress will be my last term and I will no longer represent the 4th Congressional District of Virginia.

My staff and I will continue to assist constituents as we can; however, we are limited as we move towards closing our offices.  Accordingly, we are not initiating any new inquiries with federal agencies as we would not be able to see them through to completion. For assistance, please contact one of your United States Senators for Virginia. You can contact Senator Mark Warner at www.warner.senate.gov or in his Richmond district office at 804-775-2314 or his Norfolk District Office at 757-441-3079.  Or you can contact Senator Tim Kaine at  www.kaine.senate.gov or in his Richmond district office at 804-771-2221 or his Virginia Beach District Office at 757-518-1674.

Please note that because I hold a federal office, I do not have the direct jurisdiction to assist you in matters involving state or local government. To receive assistance in these matters, please contact your appropriate elected official at the state or local level. For more information on how I can help you, click here.

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