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Caucus Brief: Asia's New Triple Alliance

February 25, 2015

Asia’s New Triple Alliance. “Democracy has not featured as a theme of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. He took office promising to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, not to remake those countries in America’s image. The Arab Spring turned into a nightmare, leading Obama to back stron...

Caucus Brief: Fretting About the Yuan

February 24, 2015

Fretting About the Yuan. “American protectionists have long insisted that a fundamentally undervalued yuan is to blame for the large U.S. bilateral trade deficit with China. They call on the U.S. Treasury to declare Beijing a “currency manipulator” and impose punitive tariffs. The Obama Administrati...

Caucus Brief: China Protests Modi's Visit to Disputed Border Region

February 23, 2015

China Protests Modi’s Visit to Disputed Border Region. “China said on Friday it had lodged an official protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to a border region claimed by both countries. China disputes the entire territory of Arunachal Pradesh, calling it south Tibet. Its historic tow...

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