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China Says Wants Closer Military Ties With Iran

October 23, 2014

China Says Wants Closer Military Ties With Iran. China wants to have closer military ties with Iran, the Chinese defense minister told the visiting head of the Iranian navy on Thursday, state media reported, reaffirming diplomatic links despite controversy over Iran's nuclear plans. Chinese Defense ...

China Ties to North Korean Ally Decline

October 22, 2014

China Ties to North Korean Ally Decline. Report says Beijing views U.S. as main regional threat. Once described as “closer than lips and teeth,” Chinese relations with fraternal communist ally North Korea declined to the lowest level in decades this year, according to a draft congressional report. “...

US, China pledge to “manage” differences

October 20, 2014

US, China pledge to “manage” differences. Ahead of President Obama’s visit to China next month, the U.S. and China pledged to “manage” their differences and cooperate on critical issues facing the world. Secretary of State John Kerry said the two countries are “working hard” together on Ebola, terro...

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