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Dempsey Releases National Military Strategy

July 2, 2015

The Caucus Brief will return on Monday, July 6th. Happy Fourth of July! Dempsey Releases National Military Strategy. "The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff cannot predict exactly where the next threat to the United States and its interests may come from, but he knows it will happen faster than i...

Weapons of the Next War

July 1, 2015

Weapons of the Next War. “For the last two decades, the Asia-Pacific has represented a positive story in geopolitics, at least compared to the chronic instability in the Middle East. There was an integration of economies on both a regional and global level, a rise in prosperity unprecedented in huma...

Pacific Pivot Makes Modest Gains In Early Years

June 30, 2015

Pacific Pivot Makes Modest Gains In Early Years. “The military facet of the Obama administration’s rebalance to the Pacific has provided at least $9 billion more to U.S. Pacific Command over the last four years, although experts have difficulty gauging the initiative’s actual success. With more than...

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