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Discovery's last flight
Posted by Randy | April 17, 2012

Today, NASA’s oldest surviving Space Shuttle, Discovery, flew its final flight, albeit this time bolted atop a 747, from Kennedy Space Center to Dulles International Airport in Fairfax County, Virginia, where it will be retired at an annex facility of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum.    After 39 missions, over 27 years of service and nearly 143 million miles of flight time, Discovery took three victory laps around the Nation’s Capital. Read about its last flight here.


Despite this optimistic Newsweek headline from the Reagan era in 1981, the current administration cancelled the Space Shuttle’s successor program, Constellation, in its 2011 budget, after nearly $10 billion had already been invested, leaving the United States government without a human spaceflight program for the first time since 1961.

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