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American Business Leaders Speak Out: Federal Regulations
Posted by Randy | April 10, 2012
“Having built a small business into a big one, I can tell you that today the impediments that the government imposes are impossible to deal with. Home depot would never have succeeded if we'd tried to start it today." – Bernie Marcus, Co-founder and former CEO of Home Depot

“The complexity of all of the different rules and regulations that the government imposes...creates a climate of incomprehensible confusion and uncertainty for business owners.” – Adam Steck, Owner, Southwest Metal Systems

These words from business leaders give us a glimpse into the harsh reality of federal regulations in America. Excessive regulations inhibit job growth by increasing consumer costs and creating an environment in which businesses are reluctant to invest or grow. Overreach of the federal government into the realm of American business stifles innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our nation was founded on the tradition that an individual could have the freedom to own and grow their own business. While there is some place for the federal government to ensure safety and protect consumers, there is much evidence that the government has gone far beyond that role through the imposition of excessive regulations. I have made it a priority to rein in burdensome regulations and stand up to big government. Read about my recent work to address regulations here.

Also, weigh in with your thoughts on regulations in my instaPoll that asks “Have federal regulations inhibited economic recovery and job creation?Take the poll here.
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  • thomas g commented on 4/12/2012
    Here you go again congressman Forbes. I have repeatedly, repeatedly sir asked you to share the findings of the independent congressional budget office regarding their research on regulations. How many times do the constituents have to ask you questions before you will answer. I've asked you repeatedly, repeatedly to explain to me and to the district why you refuse to support increases in tax rates for millionaires and billionaires and you will not respond. I have asked you repeatedly to comment on the finding of McClatchy, a source you have cited in the past on other issues, that find that business is not all that concerned about regulations, they are concerned about the lack of customers, who have been abused by bank policy, the lack of regulation to protect their interest, and the historic obstructionism coming from the republican party making it impossible to get things done. I have asked you repeatedly, repeatedly sir to explain why you refuse to call for an end to billions in oil and gas industry subsidies the industry themselves testified before a House committee they did not need. Did you not get the committee memo? I feel that you are not serving the interests of our district when you continuously refuse to address very honest questions posted day after day on this blog by the voters. Please sir, explain to us why you refuse to rescind your commitment to the Grover Norquist blackmail pledge with the fiscal situation requires common sense balanced approach. Your colleage in Virginia Beach has. Why is Chesapeake constantly out of touch when it comes to policy to move the nation forward. I do not believe the voters think that voting to shove our nation into default as you did moves us forward. I do not believe the voters think that pushing the nation into a government shutdown 3 times in one year was helpful either. When it comes to regulation, your latest assault on that was support for the recent Jobs Act, policy that in the eyes of several of this nation's most respected financial publications WARNS the lack of regulatory safeguards WILL lead to yet another round of industry abuses. You are asking this constituency to give you a blank check to gut regulatory safeguards and time after time after time...the CONSTITUENTS keep telling you to be careful here. You serve all of us sir, not just a handful of business leaders who actually want customers. Please sir....I respectfully ask you to answer the core questions I have been asking for well over a year now. We need answers here....in your first 8 years in the congress you helped create 7.5 TRILLION in new debt. Now you appear to want the 99% to continue to subsidize the 1%. All of us sir, deserve your response the the 30 year record regarding the income gap. Do you honestly wish to hide this essential truth from the voters?
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