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Federal Regulations in Real Life
Posted by Randy | March 13, 2012

I want to share this video with you from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform today. Veteran truck driver Doug Grove, safety director at San Bernardino, CA based Western HiWays, explains how burdensome federal government regulations don’t align with the realities of the road.

Watch the video here or click the image below.

Government was not designed to be the center of the marketplace, nor was it meant to be a barrier to economic growth.  With each new overreach of the federal government into the realm of small business, the more it continues to stifle innovation and entrepreneurship in America.

Read about my recent work to address regulations here.

Also, weigh in with your thoughts on regulations in my instaPoll that asks “Have federal regulations inhibited economic recovery and job creation?Take the poll here.

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  • Thomas G commented on 3/15/2012
    Congressman...what's going on in your office? You continue to promote on this blog calls to stop insider trading in congress. That legislation was passed over a month ago. In the 12 years you were in congress you did absolutely nothing on this issue until Obama pressed the congress on it earlier this year. So its really a disservice to the constituents sir, painting a picture that you are somehow championing action on this issue when the legislation passed the House with only 2 votes against it, and it got 96 votes in the Senate. So please sir, 'Take Down That Wall'.
  • Thomas G commented on 3/19/2012
    I'm very concerned regarding your continued march toward reducing regulations. There is no credibility. Isn't it alarming enough that our own state of Virginia gets an F ..for FAILING to address issues of corruption? What is going on here congressman...this is extremely disturbing.
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