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Defending Defense
Posted by Randy | February 22, 2012

Over the past several months, I have discussed how the Administration’s defense strategy is not a strategy for a superpower. It’s a menu for mediocrity. Rather than building a military that is lean, agile, and flexible, the Administration has proposed slashing nearly $500 billion in defense spending that risks weakening the pillars of America: trade, jobs, diplomacy, global trust, innovation, and the American way of life.

Last week, I had the opportunity to discuss these issues at a "Defending Defense" Conference on Capitol Hill. Defending Defense is a coalition between the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), the American Enterprise Institute (AIE), and the Heritage Foundation to promote a sound understanding of the U.S. defense budget and the resource requirements necessary to sustain America’s preeminent military position in a dangerous world.

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  • Thomas G commented on 2/22/2012
    This nation can afford these cuts congressman. The objective is to become more efficient and transformational. It is clear that national priorities have to evolve away from perpetual war. The fight is different now, besides, you refuse to increase taxes on millionaires and billionaires and refuse to propose changes in the tax code to end all the subsidies and loopholes. We've already done it your way, having sent you to congress with a balanced budget and you ended up saddling us with 7.5 TRILLION in new debt, in only the first 8 years you've been there. Whatever happens...with all the cuts now proposed, given the failure of the congress to work it out in super committee...our military will stil outspend every nation on earth...and it won't even be close. So stop generating fear among the public and end these wars.
  • John Concannon commented on 2/22/2012
    I concur with Thomas G. We are outspending all others on defense. And to use the saw that National Defense is imperative is just silly. If defense were imperative then you would support the DoD's structuring of the Navy towards the West Coast. Instead you crow about keeping a carrier fleet in Norfolk when it should be either on the West Coast, or closer to the Panama Canal by being in Florida. The gist of your "building a military" comes at the expense of infrastructure, infrastructure of education, roads, social services and, as a slap to the military, veterans benefits. I hear your words, but sense you're playing to your base.
  • Alexander Plasencia commented on 2/27/2012
    Honorable James Randy Forbes House of Representatives Dear Mr. Forbes, I am contacting you to express my opinion on the recently unveiled DOD budget recommendation. I strongly believe the pay and benefits provisions included in the DOD budget recommendation would dismantle the all-volunteer military force. I oppose the following points of DOD budget recommendations: • Provide 1.7 percent military pay raises for 2013 and 2014, followed by a scant 0.5 percent increase in 2015, and 1 percent in 2016 • Almost quadruple Tricare Prime enrollment fees for some working age military retirees • Impose Tricare for Life enrollment fees on those older than 65 • Introduce enrollment fees and increased deductibles on Tricare Standard and Extra users • Increase pharmaceutical copayments for retirees as well as military dependents • Reduce the size of the active force by more than 100,000 troops over the next five years • Change the military retirement system to resemble civilian 401(k)-type plans Dear Mr. Forbes Sincerely, Mr Alexander W. Plasencia Petersburg, Virgina
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