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Great News for Virginia’s Fourth District
Posted by Randy | February 17, 2012
This week, Virginia’s Fourth District saw two major wins for our region that I am excited to share with you.

Navy Calls Off Plans to Move Carrier from Norfolk to Mayport, Florida
For more than four years, I have worked with my Hampton Roads colleagues to fight the Navy's attempt to move a nuclear aircraft carrier from Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia to Naval Station Mayport, Florida, a decision that was made without providing lawmakers any compelling national security rationale.  Historic fiscal challenges and the devastating prospect of a trillion dollars in defense cuts have only bolstered our argument that such a move would not just be strategically unnecessary, but also fiscally irresponsible. 

On Monday, the United States Navy announced it cancelled its plans to move an aircraft carrier from Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia to Naval Station Mayport, Florida. This is a tremendous victory for the citizens of Hampton Roads, who proudly provide vital industrial services to our nation's Armed Forces.

Over a Thousand Jobs Protected
I recently sent a letter to Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sebelius expressing concern over a proposed change in HHS policy from an open, competitive bidding process for the multi-billion dollar 1-800-MEDICARE contract, to a GSA contracting vehicle limited to three telecommunications carriers.

The proposed change in policy would have resulted in the loss of 1,084 jobs for those currently employed in the Chesterfield General Dynamics Information Technology facility. 

This week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  announced that the contract would remain "full and open," providing General Dynamics with the opportunity to once again compete for this contract and provide an essential service to beneficiaries and caregivers. 

At a time when we seem to be surrounding by bad news, it is great to celebrate this news for Virginia’s Fourth District.
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