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Defending Defense
Posted by Randy | September 08, 2011

Over the past several months, I have discussed on this blog the severe impact defense cuts will have on our national security. With the deficit-reduction “Super Committee” deliberations approaching, and the prospect of deeper and more damaging cuts to defense spending in sight, it is necessary that we have regular dialogue on these issues.


Today, I have the opportunity to discuss the defense budget and current and future challenges confronting the United States military at a “Defending Defense” Conference on Capitol Hill. The event will be co-hosted by the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), the American Enterprise Institute (AIE), and the Heritage Foundation; it will also include a discussion by a panel of defense experts. 


Defending Defense is a coalition to promote a sound understanding of the U.S. defense budget and the resource requirements necessary to sustain America’s preeminent military position in a dangerous world. Most recently, Defending Defense issued a primer on the prospects for– and consequences of– a hollow force in light of military spending cuts. Defending Defense has also produced a primer on China’s military build-up and its implications for US Defense Spending.


I’ll be joined by my colleagues Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Allen West and Senators Lindsey Graham , Jon Kyl, and Kelly Ayotte for a discussion of U.S. defense spending and America’s global commitments. More details on the conference, including information on attending, are available here.
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  • Larry Mansell commented on 9/8/2011
    The Defence budget should not be cut it should be increased. In the modern world we need to be the strongest country in the world by a long shot. New weapons need to be invented all the time.
  • Thomas G commented on 9/8/2011
    Deeper and Damaging? Will all due respect sir, your habit of conveying by inference using language like this is just intellectually dishonest. I do not see how this advances the interest of the nation while it certainly represents classic self interest spin. What is it going to take to convince this congress that the American people are sick and tired of this kind of communication? You only need to look in the mirror to understand why the public views this congress overwhelmingly negative...a full 87% in a poll less than a week old. You are harming the country with this kind of rhetoric that surfaces in virtually every one of your reports. You know what the public wants, cooperation and collaboration to solve problems, but this congress is failing in historic ways, now worse that the infamous 'do nothing congress'. This country has to get off the perpetual war mindset. We can cut billions from the defense budget and protect all of our interests. The damage of greatest concern to me was the failure, and your vote was part of it, to act responsibly and raise the debt limit. You helped to bring the nation to its knees, refusing to raise taxes even a single penny on millionaires and billionaires. It is time to speak to your constituents as the adults that we all are.
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