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instaPoll: Do you support halting indirect attempts at amnesty?
Posted by Randy | August 25, 2011

A recent memo written by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton and sent to all agents in charge, chief counsel, office directors and special agents, stated that ICE does not have enough resources to deal with illegal immigrants who happen to be students, and therefore, they should have less of a chance of deportation due to the criteria used when making decisions about who will be deported known as "prosecutorial discretion."  This has been viewed by many in Congress, including me, as a backdoor implementation of the DREAM Act, a form of amnesty Congress rejected last year.  A working group from the Homeland Security and Justice Departments met Friday to initiate a review of about 300,000 deportation cases currently before the immigration courts. Under the policy, immigration authorities will use powers of prosecutorial discretion in existing law to suspend the deportations of most immigrants who, although they have committed immigration violations, have not been convicted of crimes. In particular, officials will look to halt deportations of longtime residents with clean police records.  In response, I am supporting the HALT Act (Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation Act).  The bill will halt any current or planned Administrative actions that fail to enforce our nation's laws or result in the mass legalization of illegal immigrants.

Question of the Week: Do you support efforts to enforce our nation's immigration laws and halt indirect attempts at amnesty?

(  ) Yes
(  ) No
(  ) Other (share your thoughts on my blog)
(  ) I am unsure.

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  • John Paige commented on 8/25/2011
    Dear Congressman, You cannot eat your cake and have it too. You cannot cut and slash budgets of federal agencies and then also oppose their efforts to use their scarce resources more efficiently. It is not logical, and is really political pandering at it's worst. Stop it, and get to work. John Paige III
  • Thomas G commented on 8/26/2011
    Amnesty is the only practical solution unfortunately.
  • Casey Cooper commented on 8/26/2011
    What ever happened to the President honoring the vows that he made when he took office, to uphold the laws of the land??!!!!
  • Ellen Walenius commented on 8/26/2011
    An estimated 9,000 American citizens are killed every year by illegal aliens. That's 25 American citizens per day killed by illegal aliens, averaging 12 by stabbings and shootings and 13 by DUI and related crimes. SECURE THE BORDER STOP OBAMA'S "AMNESTY TERRORISM" The only way we put an end to this violence and crime is to break the cycle of insanity that allows it to continue: FIRST, we must secure the U.S. border. Barack Obama is holding border security hostage, and his ransom price is amnesty for the 12-to-23 million illegals currently in the U.S. We don't negotiate with people who hold hostage the security and safety of Americans! SECOND, we cannot allow amnesty for 12-to-23 million illegals to pass Congress or be enacted by executive order by Barack Obama. We need to stop amnesty. We need to unite our voices so that together, our message to Washington is so loud it can no longer be ignored! SECURE THE BORDER STOP OBAMA'S "AMNESTY TERRORISM" Enough is enough. Today, the only reasons our immigration laws are not enforced are political. It isn't because our government can't, and it isn't because of any lack of authority. It is simply because the people in Washington don't have the courage or the character to get the job done. Americans have CLEARLY stated that we do not want Amnesty for 12 -20 Million Illegal Aliens. We voted AGAINST the dream act. Now the president has decided for us that we WILL have amnesty? Bull-Hockey. The way Obama continues to usurp the authority of Congress is treasonous. When will someone TELL HIM THAT?
  • Z B commented on 8/29/2011
    While actual widespread amnesty encourages illegal immigration, you cannot fault the federal government for prioritizing their resources to be more effective. There is nothing wrong in my view with focusing the deportation criteria primarily on those illegals that are the biggest threat. It does not appear from the way that you have explained the executive memo, however, that it is a form of amnesty. Everyone understands that illegal immigration cannot be 100% eradicated. Everyone also understands that the current level is far too high and must be reduced dramatically. If you expect to do that by force, then you have no choice but to increase federal expenditures on ICE agents, border fences, border agents, etc. It seems to me, though, that there is a more efficient method that really gets to the root of the issue. Why is it that illegal aliens come to the U.S.? The answer is not because of hospitality, but rather is for EMPLOYMENT. It is currently illegal for businesses to hire employees without verifying specific citizenship documents and maintaining that documentation on an I-9 form. If documentation of citizenship is not maintained, then the business can be hit with a fine. We need to increase the fines associated with the hiring of illegals and require auditors to review those documents.
  • Thomas G commented on 8/29/2011
    Treason? What is going on in the right wing of America....first republican Governor Perry suggests the head of the Federal Reserve may commit treason...and now the constituency? How many border politicians who have failed miserably are we going to toss at this problem....it was Gov Perry who built the super highway for mexican trucks...and President Bush accomplished NOTHING in 8 years while 12 million illegals came over the border.
  • Gabe Della commented on 11/13/2011
    If you cut funding, the border suffers. Visit El Paso, Texas one day and see how hard the US border agents work. From Texas to California thats a large gap to cover. Not to mention the other places to cross; the ocean, Canada. Let's see...what about NAFTA and the illegal immigration fueled by the drug trade. If you don't live on the border or near it, try it. People illegally immigrating to the US are here because, their countries basically suck. Some one below said that 9000 people are killed by illegal aliens a year. Ooooh scary, try deaths from smoking, or fast food, or stupidity. Surey you have better thing to do then research how many Mexicans or Hatians are killing these 9000 people. Why not bring the soldiers back overseas, how many are killed there? Why not stop DUI's, how many killed there? Why not stop the the swine flu, more people die in the US from this than your stats. Back to the real issue. The amnesty issues is bringing people into this country. Why do you think they keep coming? Did we miss the Obvious? You cant say "Hey if your in, Your in, but you gotta be in to get it? Pull the trigger and put a date in it. Next Topic. America Needs To Take Care Of America, Call in the loans, no more aid, US relys on the US. And limit the campaign contributions, contempt and crime breed among money. Maybe I should run for president? Regular guy for Pres! This nation needs a swift kick in the junk! done.
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