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Posted by Randy | November 13, 2009

WSJ: White House Aims to Cut Deficit With TARP Cash

The Obama administration, under pressure to show it is serious about tackling the budget deficit, is seizing on an unusual target to showcase fiscal responsibility: the $700 billion financial rescue.


Politico: Health Savings? No one Knows

It’s one of the most basic, kitchen-table questions of the entire reform debate: Would the sweeping $900 billion overhaul actually lower spiraling insurance premiums for everyone? No one really knows.


CNN: Taking World War II veterans to see memorial before time runs out

The aging veterans gingerly walk from the plane in the nation's capital. Some get pushed in wheelchairs. A brass band strikes up World War II era tunes. Strangers rise to their feet and clap their hands. "Why are they doing this?" says Frank Bales, 86, a co-pilot on a B-24 during World War II. "I feel as humbled as a mouse."


Washington Post: Gambling with the dollar (Op/Ed By George Will)

Last month, India purchased 200 tons of gold at $1,045 an ounce, before the price topped $1,108 on Monday. China, too, may increasingly diversify from paper -- i.e., bonds -- into gold, the price of which, some experienced investors believe, could soar to $2,500 an ounce in three to five years. One reason for all this is U.S. behavior.


Washington Post: China proves to be an aggressive foe in cyberspace

China is significantly boosting its capabilities in cyberspace as a way to gather intelligence and, in the event of war, hit the U.S. government in a weak spot, U.S. officials and experts say. Outgunned and outspent in terms of traditional military hardware, China apparently hopes that by concentrating on holes in the U.S. security architecture -- its communications and spy satellites and its vast computer networks -- it will collect intelligence that could help it counter the imbalance.


Investors Business Daily: EPA Lawyers Cap-and-Trade ‘Fatally Flawed’ (Op/Ed)

Warming: After stifling a report questioning the science behind climate change, the EPA is censoring two of its lawyers for saying the proposed solutions are also problematical. The debate isn't over. It's being suppressed.

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  • Matthew Ribarich commented on 11/13/2009
    Ok Congressman, You had my interest and I clicked on "what you are reading", but nothing happened. Have a great weekend. PS Today I received 4 letters from you. All were the exact same thing dated Nov 10th Blessings,
  • Mark Cernak commented on 11/13/2009
    There is no global warming but the Democrats, Internet Gore, Europe, and the None-Scientiets in the United Nations have invested to much in it to quit now . No matter how many jobs would be lost and is it a terrible thought with 10+% unemployment. Notable News Free Congress Foundation Commentary by E. Ralph Hostetter: No Global Warming - What Next? Global temperatures ceased rising in 1989 and have declined since then, according to an NASA study of satellite temperature data over the last decade. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a UN study group which avidly has promoted the concept of global warming, grudgingly has acknowledged that temperatures have dropped in spite of the fact that carbon dioxide production has been rising. Environmental activists have claimed the increases in CO2 in the atmosphere are the cause of global warming. CO2 has increased some 25 % over the last 140 years. Most of the increase occurred before 1940 and before the large onslaught of CO2 generated by the automotive age, the air age and the present space age. Nevertheless, this story of rising CO2 is being circulated by the likes of former Vice President Albert A. (Al) Gore, Jr., the Sierra Club, Ralph Nader followers and a number of other far left persons and groups. The news that the globe is no longer warming at the minimal rate that it had been, slightly less than one degree Centigrade in the last 100 years, has created great consternation among those who had built an industry on the concept of global warming, particularly Gore. Former Vice President Gore has made millions. His books have been best sellers and his motion picture, "An Inconvenient Truth," likewise has been successful. His success at promoting the concept of global warming led to his selection as a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Global warming has been one of the most controversial and debated issues in modern times. Now that global warming will be dropped from the environmental radar screen, the vacuum created requires a major issue, concocted if necessary, to fill the void. Suggestions have been made that the global warmers will no doubt go back to their origins from the 1970s when they were "ice agers." Temperatures have declined over the past 10 years and declines are predicted to continue over the next 15 to 20 years. If temperatures fall much lower, as they did in the 1920s, we may have a repeat of 1922, which proved to be the coldest year in the 20th Century. According to preliminary data, October 2009 was the third coldest October recorded in U.S. history. The average October temperature of 50.8 degrees F. was 4 degrees below the 20th Century average. Drops in temperatures occurred in the 1950s and again in the 1970s when an "ice age" was proclaimed to have arrived. In its Earth Day issue, July 28, 1975 NEWSWEEK reported: "There are obvious signs that the earth’s weather patterns have begun to change dramatically. Climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climate change." NEWSWEEK conceded, however, that such solutions as "melting" the Arctic ice cap by covering it with black soot to retain the earth's heat "might create other problems." NEWSWEEK concluded by saying, "The longer the planning delay, the more difficult they will find it to cope with climate change once the results become grim reality." A 1975 National Academy of Sciences story suggested the possibility of “huge year-round snowfields in the U.S. or Europe." Dr. Stephen H. Schneider, then of the National Center of Atmospheric Research, asked if “we can afford to gamble that we will not have a series of years like 1972 and 1974 when drought, floods and early frosts will dramatically reduce crop yields, causing mass misery in the world?” In his book GENESIS STRATEGY, Dr. Schneider suggests we seek the wisdom of "Biblical times when Joseph advised the pharaoh to store grain during the seven years of plenty to feed the people during the seven years of famine.” What makes Dr. Schneider's proclamation so unusual is that he became one of 2,500 scientists later to proclaim global warming. He wrote another book, GLOBAL WARMING, never mentioning his "ice age" connections. One thing is certain, global warming has generated an enormous body of influence in the nation and in the world. President Obama has announced that he will attend the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The meeting itself was in jeopardy recently when poorer nations threatened to walk out of the latest round of UN talks in Barcelona after the United States and other rich countries refused to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in line with the demands of those poorer nations. It is difficult for the United States formally to agree to legally binding emission targets until the level of cuts have been approved by the Senate. Obama has acknowledged that the U.S. Senate would not pass the crucial legislation before Copenhagen. Late word in is that key Senate Democrats doubt there will be any major committee actions on climate change legislation this year. However, President Obama suggested a “framework” agreement can still be thrashed out that commits the world to tackling global warming. “I think the question is can we create a set of principles, building blocks, that allow for ongoing and continuing progress on the issue,” he said, adding, “That’s something I’m confident we can achieve.” Should the world’s leaders be forced to concede the globe is no longer warming, Gore and his minions will be searching for a new cause. Americans can only hope that cause will prove beneficial to the Nation.
  • Mark Cernak commented on 11/19/2009
    We could say alot of money from going overseas to support other nations and of course the terrorists if we just would access our reserves of fossil fuels. The United States is home to significant reserves of fossil fuels. Energy Information Admiinistrtion's most recent statistics reveal that, as of the end of 2007, the U.S. possessed more than 21.3 billion barrels of proved oil reserves, more than 237.7 trillion cubic feet of dry natural gas, and more that 9.1 billion barrels of natural gas liquids. Even more abundant than our oil and natural gas reserves is our stock of coal. As of January 1, 2008,our demonstrated reserve base contained 489 billion short tons of coal. Finally, though not a fossil fuel, uranium--the prrimary fuel used to produce nuclear energy __ is abundant in the U.S. Why not invest in our country,our reserves, and provide our people with Jobs!!!
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