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Posted by Randy | March 12, 2015

Small businesses are one of the greatest tools we have for lighting up the economy. That’s why I make it a priority to ease regulatory burdens, provide access to capital, and support small business growth. It’s why I cosponsored the REINS Act (H.R. 427), which reintroduces common sense into the regulatory process by requiring Congress to vote on all new major regulations before they are enforced on citizens and businesses. And it’s why I make it a point to regularly check in with small business owners across the 4th District and get their feedback, ideas, and insight on the challenges they’re facing.

Bureaucrats in Washington do not create jobs. Instead, the federal government should act to enable (not obstruct) economic growth for the real job creators in America: small businesses and American entrepreneurs.

Posted by Randy | December 08, 2014
There was a time, not too long ago, when most everything we bought was made in factories here in the United States.  Our manufacturing industry was robust and thriving. It employed our families, our friends, and our neighbors, and produced just about everything we needed. Then U.S. manufacturing began to change, as overseas manufacturing became a cheaper option and burdensome regulations began to choke out our competitiveness and innovation.

In 1985, President Reagan proclaimed that December is “Made in America” Month. This year, I propose that we use this month as a time to refocus on what we need to do to revitalize and reinvigorate our manufacturing sector. The industry is ripe for global competitiveness, as well as national innovation and job creation. We need to take advantage of that potential by reducing unnecessary, unreasonable regulations, lowering tax burdens, and creating a national manufacturing strategy.  Instead of acting as a barrier, the government needs to be doing its very best to enable growth and competitiveness in this crucial component of our economy.

During “Made in America” Month, I would also like to say thank you to all who work in manufacturing, for helping to make the USA strong. You are part of the backbone of our economy, and your industry is responsible for employing thousands of people in steady, good paying jobs. You represent what America is all about: innovation, resourcefulness, growth, and hard work.

Keep up the good work, and know that I am fighting to support you.

This summer, I conducted a manufacturing tour around the 4th District of Virginia to visit various manufacturing sites and hear firsthand from employees and industry leaders what they needed in order to grow, create jobs, and expand opportunities. Learn more about my tour and my work on behalf of American manufacturing, here.
Posted by Randy | November 03, 2014
If the economy isn’t doing well, it makes it very difficult for businesses to grow and create jobs.

Two signs indicating that our economy is struggling are that: (1) In 2010, China replaced the United States as the largest manufacturing country; and (2) for the first time in 30 years, more businesses are closing than opening.

Regardless of why this is happening, this should tell us that something is wrong.  It’s time to light up this economy and get our nation back on course

We need a national manufacturing strategy.  We need to lower taxes and reduce burdensome regulations.  We need to lower healthcare costs.

There’s no lever that can be pulled in Washington to get the economy back on track, but we can work to create an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, and allows existing businesses to grow and continue to thrive.

Read about what I’m doing to get the economy back on track here.
Posted by Randy | October 27, 2014
The Administration announced the My E-Verify program to allow individuals to lock their Social Security numbers to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent use. The program is available in five states - Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Mississippi, Virginia - as well as the District of Columbia, and will soon be used throughout the rest of the country.

While this program is an important improvement, there is much left to be done -- not only protect the personal information of American citizens and prevent theft and fraud, but also to verify the eligibility of those working in this country.

That’s why I supported the Legal Workforce Act, H.R.1772, to improve the E-verify system and make it mandatory for all U.S. employers to quickly, accurately, and easily ensure they are hiring workers legally.

For me, no amnesty means no amnesty. Our immigration policy must reflect our core belief that entry into the United States is not a right, but a privilege. The government must ensure the safety and security of our nation’s borders. This cannot be done if we do not identify and monitor the constant flow of illegal immigrants into our country.
Posted by Randy | September 29, 2014

Recently, the House of Representatives considered The Jobs for America Act, which is a package of bills supporting job creation through streamlining regulations, encouraging the hiring of American veterans, and providing relief for small businesses from Obamacare.

Some of the bills included are The REINS Act, (H.R. 367), which ensures that Congress votes on all new major regulations before they are enforced on citizens and businesses; The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, (H.R. 3086), which protects internet access for all Americans and fosters growth in the digital economy; and the America's Small Business Tax Relief Act, (H.R. 4457), which ensures small businesses have the certainty they need to grow their businesses and create jobs.

Government should be an enabler of economic growth, not a barrier.

Posted by Randy | September 19, 2014
This week, the House passed the Promoting Job Creation and Reducing Small Business Burdens Act, (H.R. 5405) which reduces the regulatory burden on small businesses and spurs growth. It also includes several provisions to help emerging companies raise capital and grow.

By reducing the regulations crushing small businesses, we take a step towards freeing them up to light up our economy. It makes sense: real growth isn’t created by pulling a lever in Washington – real growth happens when our small businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs have the ability and opportunity to create jobs, expand their companies, and push us forward.

I also cosponsored the Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, (H.R. 367), which requires Congress to take an up-or-down vote on every new major rule issued by a Federal agency before it could be enforced on businesses and the American people.  This ensures that the Executive Branch is being held accountable for the barrage of burdensome regulations being imposed on job creators. It’s common sense.
Posted by Randy | September 19, 2014
This week, the House voted on the American Energy Solutions for Lower Costs and More American Jobs Act (H.R.2) – a package of 13 bills – to increase domestic energy production, promote new technologies, and improve our energy security.

I believe it’s critical that our nation pursue its own energy resources, develop energy infrastructure projects to create jobs, and reduce the burden to American consumers.  The American Energy Solutions for Lower Costs and More American Jobs Act is a step towards achieving those goals, and securing our nation’s future energy supplies.

I will continue working to expand American-made energy, encourage conservation, and decrease our dependency on foreign oil. 
Posted by Randy | September 18, 2014

The more we learn, the more starkly apparent it is that the IRS has abused its power, broken the American people’s trust, and needs to be held directly accountable. This week, the House of Representatives is considering several bills to do just that.

Holding the IRS accountable:

  • H.R. 5418 – Prohibits IRS employees from using personal e-mails and other electronic communications to conduct any official business of the government as a means of intentionally bypassing recordkeeping laws.
  • H.R. 5419 - Requires the IRS to allow organizations denied tax-exempt status to directly appeal to the IRS’s Appeals Office -- thus bypassing the initial appeals process through the Exempt Organizations Division, which denied the tax-exempt request. In addition to requesting the direct administrative appeal, an organization may also request a conference with the IRS related to the appeal.
  • H.R. 5170 – Creates a process for firing federal employees—after thorough investigation— who willfully and unlawfully destroy federal records and restricts top White House employees in using non-official electronic messaging accounts. Additionally, this bill requires agencies to publicly disclose on their websites when official records have been lost.
  • H.R. 5420 - Amends the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow the release of information regarding the status of certain investigations.

I have been relentless in calling for accountability at the IRS – through appointing an independent special counsel to the investigation into IRS abuse, and by prohibiting the massive expansion of the IRS required to implement the President’s healthcare law. Additionally, I supported a bill, H.R. 2531, to prohibit the IRS from asking taxpayers questions regarding religious, political, or social beliefs.

Posted by Randy | August 28, 2014
Currently, the corporate tax rate in the United States is 35% (over 39% with local and state taxes) and is the highest of any country in the industrialized world.  Additionally, unlike other countries, U.S. corporations are not just taxed on their activity inside our borders, they are taxed on the income they earn all over the world.

In order to reduce their tax burden, some U.S. companies use an inversion, which is when they acquire or merge with a company overseas, and reorganize in a country with a lower tax rate.  Inversions allow companies to transfer money earned abroad to the new parent company without being subject to U.S. taxes.

Some argue that inversions allow American companies to overcome these tax disadvantages in order to compete in a global market, while others believe it is unpatriotic to move companies overseas and this is simply a tax loophole that should be closed.

This week, Burger King announced it was entering into a deal to buy Tim Horton’s, a Canadian coffee and doughnut shop.  In doing so, Burger King would create a new corporate parent of both companies, with its headquarters in Canada.

Recently, Walgreens announced a similar move to buy a Swiss company, Alliance Boots, and relocate its headquarters overseas; however, after facing criticism, the company is now pursuing the merger without an inversion, keeping its headquarters in the U.S.

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Posted by Randy | August 27, 2014

Last week, I spent some time touring several of the different manufacturing plants we are fortunate to have in the Fourth District. One of the things that struck me, as I met with employees and toured the different facilities, was the stark difference between the way Washington operates and the way these manufacturing plants operate. In Washington, it’s all about talk. The air is stagnant with clunky bureaucracy and inefficiency. Here at the manufacturing plants in the Fourth District, the air crackles with energy and efficiency. There’s less talk and more action, more building, more creating value.

Below is a roundup of photos, so you can see what I saw during my tour: