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This is Crucial for Our Job Creators
Posted by Randy | January 29, 2016
If we want U.S. businesses to create jobs and America to stay competitive, then we cannot be choking our job creators with more and more costly regulations. That’s why I’m working on a bill to force all federal agencies to provide detailed information about how much proposed regulations will cost and what impact they will have on American businesses – before the new regulation goes into effect.

Take a look at the bill text here.

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  • Worried Citizen commented on 1/31/2016
    Randy you have been squealing this ridiculous argument for a long time and after repeatedly being asked to cite even 1 regulation you want to get rid and why and exactly how eliminating it will create jobs without causing bigger problems you have been a miserable failure in response, offering absolutely nothing. It's a hollow and unsupported claim, another in a long list of worthless ideas that you never follow up on or communicate to the constituents who ask you directly. It's the worst representation in this district in 100 years. You can't accomplish anything up there sir. It's an appalling record of ineptness. What the business community wants is customers sir, and they have overwhelming made it clear that regulations are low on their list of priorities. The American people don't want to be poisoned by any more reckless republicans who will do anything for a buck. It's a national disgrace. If you're going to write a column like this then provide some substance Randy. You sir are a serious waste of America's time.
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