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IRS had help targeting conservative groups
Posted by Randy | August 08, 2013

A new article indicates that the targeting of conservative groups went beyond the IRS, to the FEC. The House approved by voice vote the Stop Targeting Our Politics IRS Act, H.R. 2565, of which I am a cosponsor, to add political targeting to the existing list of offenses for which IRS employees can be immediately terminated for. 

In light of this new evidence, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Dave Camp, and Oversight-subcommittee Chairman, Charles Boustany, are calling on the IRS to provide all communications between the IRS and the FEC between 2008 and 2012.  Congress must continue rigorous oversight to ensure that all those responsible are held accountable.

What do you think? Weigh in:
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  • Gregg J commented on 8/8/2013
    Yes, the IRS shouldn't be targeting groups or indivduals, good, got it, thanks. Meanwhile, the country is falling apart while our representatives dilly dally around. Where are the big ideas to fix Washington? How about addressing campaign finance reform, closing ridiculous corporate tax loopholes, outlawing congressional interaction with lobbyists and special interest groups, jobs etc. We need honest and dilligent leadership on these and other major issues facing the republic. Anyway, enjoy your summer recess! Don't worry, all the major issues you haven't addressed yet will be waiting for you...at least until 2014.
  • Thomas G commented on 8/8/2013
    Congress is incapable of overseeing anything congressman. You guys have been historic failures. Shutting down the government? Please sir, oversight? You congressman attempted to shut down the government 3 times in one year. And now you might try again. You actually voted to shove the nation into default. You deliberately acted to harm the personal and financial interests of your own constituents. Oversight? You are getting nothing done sir. Suspend this ridiculous recess where you refuse to sponsor a town hall meeting for yet ANOTHER year. I think you are ducking responsibilities sir along. You didn't even accompany the president when he came to Newport News trying to stop the sequester! Oversight? Wow.
  • Todd G commented on 8/15/2013
    Thanks for continuing to seek the truth. Seems like the IRS has a bit too much authority and has been used as an arm of the executive Branch. Who keeps the executive branch in check when they use the power of the Executive against it’s citizens? This abuse should not be allowed to continue yet I see no change? Why is it taking so long to get requests that have been with the IRS for years now moving through to the approval process? If exposing the error does not correct the problem maybe someone needs to be fired in order to eliminate the dead wood that seems to be so well entrenched? What is the status of defunding the IRS? Last I heard there was a $5M bill being supported to defund at that level. Did this effort go anywhere? v/r tag
  • Thomas G commented on 8/21/2013
    Congressman It was great news to learn that the Treasury department is being sued in order to enforce the original intent regarding exclusive activities with respect to 501c(4)'s. I remain troubled by your associations with entities that are clearly operating fraudulently with respect to the law's spirit. That is very poor judgment sir. I'm equally troubled that you have done nothing through the judiciary committee nor legislatively to move the IRS into compliance with the spirit of the law. You owe the constituents some action and explanation here because a very dark cloud has fallen over your troubling leadership now.
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