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Question of the week: Do you believe that trying to defund the health care law is worth risking a government shutdown?
Posted by Randy | August 07, 2013

Last month, the administration announced that implementation of the employer mandate in the health care law would be delayed until 2015, due to “concerns about the complexity of the requirements and the need for more time to implement them effectively.”  When I asked you whether the individual mandate should be delayed as well, 76.1% said yes. 

Following administrative delay of a major piece of the law, and a vote in the House to also postpone the individual mandate, debate in Congress has now turned from delaying implementation to defunding the health care law as part of any measure to fund the federal government for the next fiscal year.  

Funding for Fiscal Year 2013 runs out on September 30th.  Before that date, Congress must agree on funding for Fiscal Year 2014, which begins October 1st and runs through September 30th of next year. 

Question of the week:
 Do you believe that trying to defund the health care law is worth risking a government shutdown? 

( ) Yes.
( ) No.
( ) I don’t know.
( ) Other (leave your comments below).

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  • Thomas G commented on 8/7/2013
    Randy, I believe that you have been totally irresponsible with respect to everything you have done to obstruct governance of our nation. It started with your incompetent and arrogant vote to shove the country into default. You harmed the constituents with that vote and you harmed, in a very deep way, the business interests of many in the district. You acted to deliberately screw the private sector. You surrendered every ounce of trust with such a stupid decision. It didn't stop there of course. You voted 3 TIMES TO SHUTDOWN the government that year. So I find it incredible that you could even ask this question congressman. You are not leading Randy. You voted against the Violence Against Women Act. You voted against Lilly Ledbetter, Paycheck Fairness, and you oppose the minimum wage increase that is overwhelming supported by the public, and you cite reasons that have been totally discredited for decades. You voted against tax cuts for the middle class and to protect millionaires and billionaires. You misled voters on the Keystone pipeline and you have repeatedly misled voters with respect to regulations. You have sought to discriminate in your positions on the sequester and you've accomplished nothing to stop it. Your caucus ran out of town failing with the Farm bill and on student loans. You won't even answer a simple yes or no question on the issue of expanded background checks on guns. I have sent you stories about teenagers getting killed in our district begging you for an answer and you refuse. I feel you are ducking voters by failing for years now to sponsor a town hall meeting where everyone can approach you with questions. Your responses to concerns are always completely vague. You cannot proclaim support for seniors when you already have a very poor independent record with respect to senior issues. I can't grasp how millions of Americans can clearly answer a yes or no question on support for expanded background checks on guns and you, as a member of congress, are unable to do so. That is NOT leadership sir. It is just pointless sir to try and cite poll percentages suggesting you will align accordingly when you have done the exact opposite on many other issues. I fully expect you to completely ignore the interests of the citizens just like you did before in votes to shutdown the government. I don't know why you continue to harm us sir. The decision on the Affordable Care Act has been made. Stop being a bully sir with these perpetual votes to obstruct and work to implement the law. Don't harm the interests of millions of people from across the country who are depending on the ACA come this fall. No more votes to repeal and add billions of dollars to the debt that repeal would force. Please sir, PLEASE hold a town hall meeting. It is obvious that with only 1% of the public feeling congress is doing an excellent job that voters need to confront you with our concerns and questions. We are not getting adequate answers to what concerns us in this district. I cannot believe that here it is 1 week into the August recess and your staff has no idea whether or not you intend to hold a town hall. That is just mind numbing.
  • M. Owen commented on 8/7/2013
    Please stop trying to defund the healthcare law. Please stop putting the government workers into positions where we do not get Cost of Living Raises (Haven't had one in four years). Please stop putting people's work schedules and subsequent pay in jeopardy simply because you guys hate President Obama. Does Congress not realize how low their approval ratings are because of crap like this? Stop pissing in each others Wheaties and actual make the Government work instead of pushing for BS legislation and trying to force a shutdown. Seems to me you and your fellow Representatives and Senators are only interested in fighting each other rather than working together for the better of the country. You want too much crap and aren't willing to raise taxes to pay for it. If you don't want to raise taxes then you need to cut spending. It's not a difficult concept. But cutting social programs that help people out isn't the answer. Cutting taxes on the rich isn't the answer.
  • Thomas G commented on 8/7/2013
    This question is so outrageous and silly I'm sending it to the media for the Sideshow.
  • Gregg J commented on 8/7/2013
    WOW, talk about a stupid idea. This is a solution to the ACA, lowering the credit rating of America? In the history of politcal bad ideas this is a new benchmark. This district is in desperate need of intelligent leadership.
  • Michelle K commented on 8/7/2013
    Arent they 2 different issues? Is the healthcare Law so grossly underbudgeted and overweight it has to be put off curiously until after the elections so some will hold their place in DC? Then the financial slaughtering and cuts to healthcare then begins? Time for all of you to work in a bipartisan manner to move forward, cut the bloated waste in DC, go over real do-able changes in healthcare that will work for all...not just a select few....and all of you in DC need to be held to the same laws, healthcare, benefits as all Americans. This has been the most toxic, non working gov't I can remember. We cannot sustain this type of wanton spending when the average American is pinching pennies.We cant keep raising the debt ceiling and taxes on those that work. We cannot continue on this destructive path. We need more real jobs or In another few years there will be not enough tax payers to fund the lavish upkeep of the gov't nor support ANY programs for anyone else . Either way ALL will lose if noone can agree on a sound budget that will NOT increase taxes further on the so called middle class. A balanced budget can be done if you all will work together. If I ran my home budget like the gov't I would be punished and on the darn street. We The People and tax payers will hold all of you in DC gov't offices fuly accountable as to whether this Affordable Care Act is really Affordable for ALL as I havent seen proof of it yet. What I have seen is totally good for some while paid for on the backs of others.....we shall certainly see soon if it financially slaughters only the disabled and the elderly and the tax payers. It was promised to be such: "You will like your healthcare and you wont have to change your plan...and it wont cost you a penny more" .....we will hold those promises to task.
  • Dewitt Morris commented on 8/7/2013
    Pass a law to defund only The Health care bill
  • Dewitt Morris commented on 8/7/2013
    I agree with Benjamin Horne. Shut off funding for health care.only.
  • Anne Arnold commented on 8/7/2013
    The fact that the billl was enacted without The People knowing what was in it caused a lot of consternation. We are only now finding out what is in the bill. Sure there are some great parts. But there are some nasty ones too. When what is now termed managed care came into existence, everyone applauded the lower premiums, the focus on wellness, etc. But if one had a serious illness that required expensive testing and care, one often died before care was approved if it was approved. In the new plan health committees will be making decisions whether people will live or die. These will not be medical people, but beaurocrats trying to keep down costs. So those of you who are rejoicing over finally having health needs covered, beware. What is given can be taken away. We need a better idea.
  • Carol Mitchell commented on 8/7/2013
    I am very concerned about the lack of any work done in Congress over the past few years, since the President was elected. Are they so racist and ignorant that they would rather see the country fail than show any level of cooperation?? It is insane and self defeating. For so called leaders, they fail to show any positive leadership.p I am embarrassed and ashamed. The rest of the world thinks we are a bunch of KKK's.
  • Ida Bradshaw commented on 8/7/2013
    I believe the health care law should never have been created. Health care is available without a law and is probably the reason our budget is in trouble. Health care is not an issue for the government. We need to fund the defense budget first and foremost to keep our citizens safe in this unsafe world. Government should see to the security of our country as a first priority and do the job that government is intended to do.
  • Johnny Q commented on 8/7/2013
    As one of your actual constituents, I would ignore these stringent internet-only voices and focus on the real long-term solution at hand. Use the time until the law takes effect to actually create a strategy for changing it after gaining the senate. (oh, and help find those candidates that could actually WIN the senate) Don't jeopardize that goal by tilting the windmill of a single-house effort that cannot succeed. Yes, I want sensible healthcare also but please don't get myopic. (by the way, isn't it unconstitutional for the president to declare that he will change a law (or stop) implemention passed by the house & senate bearing a presidential signature? Why not sue over that instead?) For the most part, we have seen eye-to-eye over the years but I don't answer these 'poll' questions because yes, there is usually no reasonable answer presented. I'm sure that happens in congress a lot too -- glad you're there and not me.
  • Terri Betts commented on 8/7/2013
    Randy- On your poll I voted to defund healthcare but maybe that doesn't really cover it. I want JUST the healthcare part defunded. I agree with the comment "STARVE THE BEAST". If the Republicans have not realized it yet, no matter what you are blamed because of the sad state of affairs of the media. This law is a disaster and I feel there are bunch of paid Acorn type people on here commenting on the wonderfulness of Obamacare. Clearly those people have no economic knowledge and no business knowledge...businesses are firing people or putting them into part time status. My families health insurance has just been kicked up from wonderful insurance (husband works for a large company) to 9000 deductibles and then only 75% coverage-- PATHETIC. The letter they sent said they were preparing for what was to happen in 2014 with the joke called Affordable healthcare ("joke" was my comment). Believe it or not people, companies prepare years out with healthcare decisions. This country is in a world of hurt right now and I am seeing the Republicans just twisting in the wind. I hear "just compromise" and compromise has got us to this point. You were voted in overwhelmingly in 2010 to stop Obama and the insanity that follows him. I have watched as he has snubbed constitutional laws and I have watched as high ups such as Holder and Hillary along with some other defense guys have lied directly in hearings to Congress without a word from the Republicans. We have a president who is giving out waivers to whomever he likes INCLUDING the recent buyout of Congress for your staff members to once again have their premiums covered 75% when in the actual healthcare law it was stated that your staff would feel the same pain we are feeling or about to feel. Now you guys won't have to hear your staffers whining about what they are paying so why would anyone of you give a rip about our pain. You could have turned the fact that Obama pushed back the employer mandate and saved the congress staffers and his millions of waivers and got people to listen because this is something almost all of us who have a brain are against and yet you COMPROMISE or don't want to look bad to the media- WHERE THE HELL IS THE OUTRAGE!! I am now watching you all compromise with immigration...just a reminder when you put up a new bill from the house all the senate is going to do is empty it and fill it with the original immigration bill- a Trojan horse in the making! You will have millions of illegal immigrants who the majority are from socialist type countries who have relied on government their entire lives coming here and TAKING. Most will still find a way to get under the table pay and send it home to their countries and live off our foodstamps, welfare and finally healthcare system. They will NOT VOTE FOR YOU because you won't give them free stuff and free stuff is what they are used to in their other countries. SO if you compromise just try to find the tons of votes from people like me that will say NO MORE, NOT ANOTHER VOTE to any of you!
  • Jim Lynch commented on 8/7/2013
    With all due respect Congressman, I'd as soon you and your colleagues focus on the long-awaited, long-promised replacement for Obama/Romneycare. Something better, that provides better health care for all Americans at a lower cost. Hold hearings, get it scored by CBO, let us see it and talk about it. Can you get busy on that (or convince Speaker Boehner to do so!).
  • Jeremy Bol commented on 8/7/2013
    I am one of the folks who has been shut down by 20% this year. I am one of the folks who hasn't had any form of pay adjustment since Obama took office. I'm one of the folks who has to waste more work time at every mention of a congressional fight in an all hands meeting explaining what new meat grinder you plan on sending us through. I am one of over 600,000 government employees who keep getting stepped on. I, for one, am getting sick and tired of it. Stop using me as a pawn! NO MORE! MERCY! PLEASE STOP SHUTTING ME DOWN!
  • Jim Stewart commented on 8/7/2013
    Sir, You eat an elephant one bite at a time. Shutting down the budget to try to kill Obamacare is not the answer. Do it in small parts. (P.S. If Congress & Senate fell under this mandate, we would not be having this discussion) Meantime concentrate on trying to strengthen the economy. Also do not let the (Phony Scandals) go away!! Someone or persons need to be held accountable. Government has run amuck in general and this includes Republicans and Democrats alike. There should be a reform in all of your benefits packages and rewards associated with public office along with term limits. Then maybe the people will represent us.
  • Joy Hurst commented on 8/7/2013
    Please leave the Obama health care improvements alone. The so called "ObamaCare" has been helpful to families like ours who need insurance for our children who are not yet 26 years old. It helps people who have pre-existing conditions by preventing the powerful insurance companies from denying them coverage. The Republican Party seems bound and determined to say no to whatever is proposed by the President. This is not the way to make the world a better place.
  • Jim Twiford commented on 8/7/2013
    Its two different issues.Develop and approve a responsible national budget? Absolutely! Thats what we expect from our Congress. Continue funding bad health care legislation thats bad for the nation? Absolutly not! Keep the two issues seperate. Remove the link between the two issues and address them on their own merits.
  • Chris Simpkins commented on 8/7/2013
    You sir have served your last term as far as I am concerned. The Affordable Care Act is a affront to freedom. Forcing people to buy insurance. How does that fix the fact that insurance does not cover the cost of healthcare even though insurance premiums rise every year? How does it fix the fact that the cost of health care is so outrageous that millions of Americans go without health insurance and without treatment for many illnesses (MENTAL ILLNESS INCLUDED). How does free healthcare for life for Congress and Senate even remotely fit in with a budget concious nation? You furlough government workers and force them to lose pay while you take 5 weeks off with pay. I think we should defund the congress and the senate, until you buffoons learn to represent the people instead of the special interest groups. Recall all troops from around the world and close all foreign military bases. Stop all foreign aid. Close all embassies in countries that are not REAL allies to the US. By real allies I mean those nations that sent support to the US when Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy devasted our coastal cities. Repeal NAFTA and bring production back to the US. Any US corporation that produces goods outside of the US should be charged import taxes triple to what foreign companies pay to import goods. The IRS and the FED is fool of crooks and liars so therefore we should shut them both down and prosecute the lot of them. Any US corporation that took bailout money should pay it back with interest the same as any American would be charged on a personal loan. Heads of those corporations should also be charged with felony charges for taking the bailout money and still collecting salaries well above what they needed to survive while in most cases laying off thousands of American workers. The US does not need to spy on American citizens in any way shape or form unless their is probable cause that can taken to a judge and a search warrant to perform legal surveillance. I will be more than happy to explain all of this in person anytime you feel like coming to the dump that is Chesapeake which has been wrecked by road construction everywhere that never ends and is never complete.
  • William Higginbotham commented on 8/7/2013
    Sir, I don't want obamacare either. I don't believe that trying to defund this law while risking a government shutdown is the right move at this time. You know the press is not on our side and will take the ball and run with it if the republicans try this move. However, I do believe that as more and more people realize the cost to them when their healthcare premiums go up because of implementing obamacare we will then have more people and even the press on our side. I think by waiting this out we can get what we want, make the Dems look bad, and also win in 2014.
  • Alan Haggard commented on 8/7/2013
    Dump Obummercare. Dump the IRS. Dump MOST of the people you work with up there. Can ALL the bureaucrats, and diminish Federal Government to a manageable (really small!) size. THEN, start governing IAW the Constitution and Bill of Rights (not wishes...)
  • Timothy McGrath commented on 8/7/2013
    Go ahead, I also think the best way to change a flat tire is to blow-up the car. Seriously, I'm starting to worry about your losing touch with reality, last week it was sweating over Non-Christian Chaplains and this week it's "Let's implode the Government". How about having everyone who is bound and determined to overthrow the Affordable Health Care Act give up their Health Insurance, be offered a 37 Hour/Week 'Part Time' ie no benefits job and see just how bad this law is. I'd really like to see the 'House' work on solutions rather that theatrics, too many good, hard working people with families could be hurt by the GOP's ridiculous antics and threats.
  • Todd Kennedy commented on 8/7/2013
    While you're at it, do something useful and defund the IRS, DHS, and Dept. of Education.
  • Chandler Moulton commented on 8/7/2013
    Please shut down the government. Then when the next elections roll around you repubs will lose the house, you will lose seats in the senate, and in 2016 you will not take back the White House. Then something can get done when you and the rest of your obstructionist fellow repubs are out of office.
  • M. V. Thompson commented on 8/7/2013
    Randy, I voted for you and very much appreciate the stands you have taken, but I am more of an Independent than Republican. Having seen and heard enough of what some of the Republicans think of each other, the infighting that is taking place and worst of all, the "private" lifestyle which has become so public embarrasses me and should embarrass them. Governing a diverse people is a hard row to hoe. One person cannot do what it takes to change a law. Not even one group of people--with one exception: Sadly, I think that is exactly what is happening in Washington. One group is making the decisions, sometimes at night, sometimes behind closed doors. By throwing out the options and asking people to express their opinions, you are at least trying to represent the people, which is what I thought our country and representatives stood for. Maybe I have been wrong all these years. For letting us know where you stand, I thank you.
  • Kevin Hupp commented on 8/7/2013
    I'm tired of this game of chicken you all are playing. As a fed employee and small business owning family who are planted firmly in the middle class, the results of your inability to come to a resolution on ANYTHING has deeply impacted myself and my family with pay freezes, furloughs, tax increases etc. I believe the Obama policies are developed to address a wide range of important issues, including the fact that there are too many American citizens going without proper health care coverage. All I see from the GOP are obstructionist moves and acceptance of status-quo with no alternative solutions to address some of these pressing issues. I think it is past time for you the democrats and republicans to find common ground, synergize and move our country forward NOW! No more excuses. Hope you are enjoying your 5 week paid vacation.
  • Delta Hinson commented on 8/7/2013
    Congressman Forbes I think our politicians need to go back to the basics and start thinking about the people of America. Stop trying to defund the Affordable Health Care Act and start taking care of the people. The Republician Party is cutting their own throats by continuing to resist the President just because he is the President. The American people see that now and it will show in November.
  • Jack Fowler commented on 8/8/2013
    I suspect much of "Obama-care" will fall apart of its own weight with no real need for a government shut down. After all, with the IRS in charge, what could possibly go wrong?
  • Joe Burns commented on 8/8/2013
    I am really tired of the Republican Party trying to make the health care reform law a scapegoat for everything. Defunding the law will not balance the budget and there are way more problems than that out there. Here are a few to look at: 1. Stop the waste in the maintenance areas of our government - especially the military. I know for a fact that perfectly good tools - with a lifetime warranty - are being thrown out because of reasons like "it has been used more than its rated hours" and "it was not used for the proper purpose so it needs to be replaced". There are also multiple versions of the same tool - one is nuclear rated and the other isn't. Guess which one costs more - there's no difference in the tools. 2. Put Congress on the same retirement program as the rest of the government. Giving them their salary for life after serving a second term is costing billions. They should earn a percentage toward their retirement for every year of government service and be able to collect after reaching the same retirement age as everyone else. 3. We need an amendment to the Constitution to give the President line-item veto. As long as there are riders on bills that have nothing to do with the bill, the budget will never be balanced. 4. Reform the personal tax code to write the entire code on one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Use a flat tax rate of about 15 percent and make every individual pay. The low and middle class will get a break on their taxes while the upper class - the people who can afford the increase - will pay more. If you do these things, you'll probably balance the budget pretty quickly.
  • Ed Eng commented on 8/8/2013
    Randy, This country cannot and should not have to go through another period of Sequestration or even a protracted period of continuing resolution in order for both sides to 'agree to disagree' on the budget. Rhetoric aside about the line in the sand and holding firm to principles or specific issues, the only true worth of great leadership in congress or the administration is to get both sides moving forward again. The successful execution of the budgetary process, while complex, is the KEY responsibility of all elected officials and failing that is essentially failing all those represented. As a 31 year vet, I am devoted to the ideals and virtues our nation was built upon and believe it's incumbent upon our leadership to work through even the most difficult issues without holding everything else hostage. You're a good leader who has done well for our military and Chesapeake interests locally and nationally so please lead the way to overcome this and other difficult obstacles through effective leadership with the other party. Don't accept another year of hostage holding from either side and force the difficult issues to resolution because all constituents across the country expect and deserve better.
  • Tom Carr commented on 8/8/2013
    Defund the health care law only. For the remaining budget we must control expenses and not raise taxes and do not use continuning resolutions. How many years has it been since the US government has operated using a budget?
  • Linda Hanson commented on 8/8/2013
    Why does it have to be only one or the other? Why can't the Health Care Law be separated out? Surely there must be a way to do that.
  • Randy Lohr commented on 8/8/2013
    Since we haven't had an approved budget for the upcoming fiscal year by October 1st in years, then I doubt that we will have one by Oct. 1st this year either. Based on that, it is "definitely" worth the risk to defund the absolutely rediculous health care law that we have now.........but even though I feel that way, you guys in "DC" need to quit thinking about "government shutdown" as an option/resolution to "anything". Why is a governement shutdown even part of the equation? If the congress was "furloughed", they might finally realize that they need to start working together towards solutions to the problems of this country. How about a law that says congress gets no pay or benefits unless we have a balanced budget signed by Sept. 30th each year to run through the end of the following fiscal year???? I'm pretty sure we would get some "real" action then. BTW, I am a really strong Randy Forbes supporter, but congress as a whole is getting paid a lot of money to "NOT" do their jobs right now. Sad.
  • Jason Reedy commented on 8/8/2013
    NO! I just went through furlough. My budget could not afford a shut down. You are killing those of use that faithfully serve the DOD and other federal agencies.
  • Bill Morris commented on 8/8/2013
    My fear is that the Obama administration would like this as they could declare Marshall Law. It would divide our country more than the great Civil War.
  • Dale Perkinson commented on 8/8/2013
    Really? Who comes up with these surveys? To even consider shutting down government shows how out of touch Congress is with the people. No logical person would even consider it as a viable option. Yes, there are many improvements that could be made to the functioning of our government, but that will require non-partisan compromise and that is something they certainly have NOT demonstrated! It is time to focus on issues, be prepared to negotiate and move our country forward.
  • thomas g commented on 8/8/2013
    Randy, your caucus refuses to even assign conferees for budget reconciliation. Your staff insulted me by telling me I didn't understand the legislative process. You are failing sir, you guys are failing this nation and you write this ridiculous article about boxing trying to run away from the chaos you are part of. You are ducking the voters sir. Return to Washington and cease being the invisible representative. Nobody up there is listening to you on sequestration Randy, nobody. You can't deliver on anything.
  • Lawrence K Monahan commented on 8/8/2013
    Briefly, I suggest trying to (and succeeding in) IMPROVING THE BAD PARTS OF THE ACA is the wisest course; and this IS doable. However, noone will accomplish complete de-funding of the ACA, because the Senate won't vote for it, and the President wouldn't sign such a bill. SO, PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN REASONABLY ACCOMPLISH, AND PLEASE DON'T TRY TO HOLD THE WHOLE BUDGET/APPROPRIATIONS HOSTAGE TO a futile attempt to de-fund the ACA. LKM
  • Andrew Reitemeyer commented on 8/9/2013
    The ultimate goal should be to shut down Obamacare. If shutting down the government accomplishes that goal so be it. Do what needs to be done to get the job done. We need someone to fight for the good of the country. Knuckling under to the left only makes things worse for the country.
  • Don Hanke commented on 8/10/2013
    The ACA will destroy the private insurance market. Attach an ammendment to the CR defunding all spending including manditory spending for the ACA and lets have the vote.
  • Eric Zintz commented on 8/11/2013
    Congressman Forbes: I cannot believe that the Republican party (my party) AGAIN is attempting to use the lame tactic of shuttering the government. I will not rehash all that has been said above. My request to you is to read and heed the sentiment expressed. People are hurting due to the school yard behavior and whining in Washington that is so pervasive and institutionalized that I fear will NEVER revert to the much needed environment of compromise and reconciliation in order for YOU to do the PEOPLES work, which is to govern. Remember the concept of governance? I was struck by the comments of Thomas G who BEGGED you for a face to face town hall meeting. Not an appearance just to offer you a photo opportunity like past appearances at the shipyards, but a true heart of your district get together. Why not use Great Bridge or Grassfield HS just down the road and offer us 2 hours of your time on a Saturday or Sunday when people can actually come. And IF you do? Publish an agenda and ASK for agenda topics in advance. One last suggestion, make your Facebook page worth something. Right now I generally ignore it because it's no more than advertising. If I only though you would actually be reading this and the other comments. But I don't trust that you really do, so I guess these words are wasted.
  • Steve Culross commented on 8/11/2013
    You know Obama will try to make Republicans the bad guys if he does force a shut down because he refuses to accept the alternative plan. We need to get in front of this issue NOW and make sure everyone knows he is making the decision to shut down the government. The Republicans are offering alternate plans that don't cause a shut down. He has already started trying to frighten seniors with "late SS checks" etc. I am tired of being a hostage! Tell him I would rather have a check arrive late than to see my government go broke and not be able to send my check at all. It is time to STOP THIS NONSENSE!
  • Jessica Rhodes commented on 8/23/2013
    I seriously hope that you are basing your judgement on facts and not the interpretation of the facts by your hideously undereducated vocal constituency.
  • Darryl Perkinson commented on 8/24/2013
    What and where is the Republican plan to replace Obamacare? Instead of being the party of no and obstructionist tactics show us the plan so we can choose between the options. I fear nothing will get accomplished as long as the Congress has only those in the 1% making the laws. The middle class American is not being served by any of the actions taking place today.
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