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Question of the week: In general, what role do you believe U.S. foreign aid should serve?
Posted by Randy | July 09, 2013
On July 3rd, the world watched as Mohammed Morsi was ousted as President of Egypt.  The next day, Adly Mansour was sworn in as the Interim President. 

Following news of the civil unrest in Cairo, discussions here in the United States quickly turned to the role of American foreign aid.  The President and the State Department must now determine the appropriate response and involvement of the United States government, including continuation or suspension of foreign aid.

Question of the week:  In general, what role do you believe U.S. foreign aid should serve? (multiple answer)

( ) Providing humanitarian aid abroad
( ) Protecting U.S. national security interests
( ) Furthering economic development in needy countries
( ) Protecting the interest of our allies, such as Israel
( ) Supporting the development of new open markets for investment
( ) Promoting democratic governance
( ) None, I believe the U.S. should not be providing foreign aid
( ) I don’t know
( ) Other (leave your comments below)

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  • Allen Muehlenkamp commented on 7/9/2013
    Regarding ALL foreign aid ... With sequestration forcing severe cuts to our Armed Froces and other critical programs, I consider foreign aid, including "contributions" to the World Monetary Fund and the support we provide for the UN, DISCRETIONARY SPENDING and should be discontinued. Why fund foreign interests at a time when we, the people of these United States, are called upon to make concessions and disruptions in our 'Lives, Liberties and Pursuits of Happiness', as guaranteed by the U.S. CONSTITUTION? A Proud Patriot
  • Thomas G commented on 7/9/2013
    It's interesting that you would present this question to us, yet again, when less than a year ago we talked about this. I realize we are only hours away from the August recess where once again the constituents in your hometown congressman will not have opportunity to participate in a town hall gathering as most voters get to. But given that you are about to drop your support, again, for the privatization of Social Security on the country don't you think you should have told us about this first? It was the same thing with background checks on gun purchases, you refuse to be honest with voters and tell them you would rather protect the capacity for rapists and other criminals to escape scrutiny than protect the general public. Those are harsh words congressman, and I cannot make sense of them. I got concerned when you opposed Lilly Ledbetter, then the Violence Against Women Act, then Paycheck Fairness, then the Password Protection Act and you refused to protect the public from abuses perpetrated on employees and job applicants by American business. Many states have acted because you wouldn't. You opposed middle class tax cuts, multiple times, opposed assistance to the auto industry, voted to shove this great nation into a default of all things. You ran out of town doing nothing to protect students from a doubling of loan interest rates, you've opposed billions of dollars in health care cost containment measures while totally mischaracterizing health care concerns, and voted against essential reforms of the financial industry supported by the chairman of the Federal Reserve. You're an extremist, and the republican caucus won't even listen to you on the sequester. In fact, you had the opportunity to join your colleagues and President Obama who came to Newport News to specifically speak about alternatives to the sequester and you didn't even bother to show up. I couldn't believe that, when others accompanying the President were back in DC an hour later because I saw them on live TV. The voters do not trust you anymore congressman. You just are not delivering for the district. You can stand up with one of your colleagues who spoke in public testimony about personally witnessing a male fetus pleasuring themselves and vote for a bill that the CBO scores would cost the taxpayers over 400 million dollars and you won't support an increase in the minimum wage? Do you really believe voters can render intellectual guidance on the subject of foreign aid when you refuse to tell the truth about such programs. The public sees through this sir. You're using the question because you are disconnected, want to hide what you are about to try and do with Social Security, Medicare and Food Assistance. You've have 2 years to get a Farm Bill passed. You're accomplishing nothing Mr. Forbes. We truly are not interested in awards you get for doing nothing productive on jobs, but obstructing an increase in the minimum wage. It was shameful sir, that you refused to disclose to the voters that the company who gave you the award gave you money. Additionally, you help to perpetuate lies about matters at the IRS. That was disturbing sir, given your seat on the judiciary committee. Stop whining about the cost of overseas travel for the purpose of foreign relations. It is an essential need to keep the peace, advance the cause of our values, and to lay the foundation for economic cooperation that serves our nation and its enterprises. Citizen's are dying in the street sir, and you could be acting on guns. Your priorities are far, far out of touch with the needs of the nation. We're not advancing under your leadership sir. We sent you to congress with a balanced budget and look where we are now. I don't think you know what you are doing congressman. Who votes to show the nation into bankruptcy, screwing the American people. Who does that?
  • Bruce K commented on 7/9/2013
    The U.S. supports the world with humnaitarian aid, etc., so until the U.S. gets out of the U.N. NO to any form of aid except to protect the interests of this nation.
  • William Rosser commented on 7/9/2013
    I believe the US should give humanitarian aid but not at the tax payers expense. Aid should be sent from private donations. You can't borrow money from other countries to give to Someone else. Doesn't make good financial sense
  • Nadine Wassman commented on 7/9/2013
    Hi Randy, I am one of your supporters and have voted for you when I lived in Chesapeake, VA. I have been meaning to write to you regarding this subject for the last couple of day, I am glad to know that you are handling it, however, as an Egyptian American, I need to let you know what is happening exactly in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood stole the power in Egypt with the assistance of Mr. Obama and his devil advocate Ann Patterson, not to mention Hillary Clinton that met with them many many times and you can tell, its all done, Egypt was given to the Muslim brotherhood by Obama. Obama gave them millions of Dollars to deceive simple uneducated group of people to vote for them. They went to smallest villages and put people in buses, got them IDs, paid money and gave them free food, put them in busses and filled out the election ballots for them. . The Muslim Brotherhood has threatened during 2012 election that will burn Egypt to the ground if they don’t win, and they succeeded. Egyptian just gave in, and then the dictatorship and harsh ruling and STARVATION, no music allowed, no cooking classes in schools, no movies, no theater, he would’ve turned Egypt to another IRAN. The Muslim brotherhood doesn’t believe in a country, only believes in one person rules the entire Muslim population from Africa thru Asia. The Muslim brotherhood shifted food, gas, electricity to Hamas terrorist that it opened Sinai to clear the fighting with Israel. They starved people, raised prices to 17 times what it was during Mubarak regime, and when finally people said, enough is enough, and they demonstrated in the streets, imagine 33 million people on the street asking the Army leaders for help, then it’s the PEOPLE who WANTED THE CHANGE AND THE Army is there to do what PEOPLE want not what dictators want. The army asked the oust president Mursi to listen to people he refused and said: I am protected by the USA, you cannot challenge the USA. What a shame? I can write you more if you would like me to. Basically, what I am trying to say is; what happened in Egypt is NOT A MILITARY COUP, its PEOPLE REVOLUTION, people who SUFFERED AND WANT TO THROW OUT THE DICTATORSHIP and OPPRESSION. Mr. Obama is asleep or lying to himself, but he looked really bad in front of the whole world that supported what people wanted and I wonder which TV station they watch, because Mr. Obama was not watching the same one, Mr. Obama has CNN to spread his lies and his audacity when h is: he will not allow military coup in Egypt, does he OWN EGYPT, because last time I checked, I know Egyptian do own Egypt. Who is lying to? I wrote him on his FB page and chocked him with the truth, that he never is or WILL not the Messiah he though he was. Mr. Obama will go down the drain in history books just like Jimmy Carter. The Congress talked about cutting aids to Egypt, well, Randy, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and many wealthy investors donated 4 times what USA gave in 5 years, secondly; It is not a donation, USA needs Egypt, more that Egypt needs USA and you know it. Mr. Obama must be impeached for putting extremists Islamists and terrorists in power in Egypt and paid them millions of tax payers Dollars to fascist regime and discredit the USA and the values that stands for. Mr. Obama should be charged for the bloodshed in Egypt and Syria, he is still supporting the rebels (which they are Muslim extremist) against the regime in Syria, for what or why????? How could a country like USA that the world looks up to support terrorists to oust a leader they don’t like, is this democracy?? If it’s, USA is just as guilty of terrorism as these savages, would you like that? USA has always been the safe haven that discriminated against people run to for safety and help and dignity, Mr. Obama sure changed this idea. You know that China and Russia are our fiercest enemies; they said they will help Egypt and they told USA not to interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs, may God help us fix the mess that Obama created and help these families that lost their children, and their blood in Obama’s hands. Mr. Obama and his party are a total failure and shame to the USA. If we think the Middle East hated US in the past, well, Mr. Obama made it worst for many years to come which will endanger our interests, our personnel and mostly out troops that protect our freedom. Mr. Obama not just committed the crime, but also denying it, hundreds of young men and women and children died in the streets of Egypt defending his lies and his image, the whole world even countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, the European Union acknowledged that what happened in Egypt was a PEOPLE REVOLUTION not a Military coup, EXCEPT for Obama, is he delusional or something?? He is a liar, deceiver and supported terrorist. His assistant to the Middle East affairs is a woman belongs to Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. I volunteered to working for the Republican Party because I believe in what it stands for. Please email me if you would like to know more. Thank you for your time, Nadine 757-719-9858
  • Lowell Cramer commented on 7/9/2013
    The Muslum Brotherhood is an enemy of the US. We have given them tanks, Jets , ane Over 1 Billion dollars. They want Israel destroyed. How has our Government gone so astray with their decision making. No matter what the outcome is in Egypt the radical Muslims will find a way to overtake it. Don't give them any money! Let's stick to simple things like building a real defence ( a fence) around our boarders. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. The Koran makes it clear. It allows them to make treaties up to 10 years in order to re-group and gain ground on their enemy. They will never stop until they put their flag over our country. And we invite them to the white house and throw money and weapons at them. A nice suit and good behavior for an hour or two doesn't make them our friends. Just look at Europe and that's where we are heading if we don't change course.
  • Richard Insley commented on 7/9/2013
    Foreign aid is one way to spend tax dollars. At this time, we are not funding foreign aid with tax dollars, WE ARE BORROWING THE MONEY AND GIVING IT AWAY. Foreign aid should be stopped until Congress discontinues deficit spending and balances the budget. Then, and only then, Congress would be free to put foreign aid on the table with all the other spending options and choose which domestic programs to eliminate in order to free the money it wants to hand to other nations. Since other nations do not vote, that should be a simple choice. Deficit spending is the problem, not foreign aid. If Congress had to live within its means (like all taxpaying citizens must do), wasted foreign aid would become a thing of the past.
  • Paula Buss commented on 7/9/2013
    I believe we need to "AID" ourselves at this time! Why are we borrowing money from China? To send it else where? Stop Borrowing!... Stop Spending!... Stop Aiding (except for emergencies)! Get our own house in order... we are totally out of control with no end in sight. Are we trying to have another Depression? We have to take responsibility... money does not grow on trees!
  • Elizabeth Davis commented on 7/9/2013
    We have a responsibility to protect our interests abroad. We also have a moral obligation to protect our allies abroad. These are things that cannot and must not be ignored. If possible, we should provide humanitarian aid after disasters, not because we want to further some political agenda, but because as human beings, we should seek to alleviate human suffering. However, this aid doesn't have to - and maybe shouldn't - come from our government, but rather from the pockets of regular Americans donating to the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and other humanitarian groups. We can't afford repairs to our own infrastructure; how can we justify spending money to help others repair theirs? Goodwill is wonderful, but in a world that despises us for being America, can we expect any degree of reciprocity when we're in need? How many countries jumped in to help us after Hurricane Katrina - and how many basically said, "Wow, that sucks"? We need to take care of ourselves before we reach out to help others. If we get into troublee, we can't help anyone at all.
  • Peter Kumar commented on 7/9/2013
    I am not being selfish and heartless but it was all good back in good old days where we had surplus and abundance. But now we have a tonne of issues right here and we need to take care of them for us, our kids and our grand kids. We have hit all time high poverty, unemployment, declining housing market, foreclosures, single parents struggling to raise families, drugs, violence, illtreated seniors, and I can go on all day long with the challenges we are facing today. At this time we need all of the monies to help ourself, reduce our deficit and enhance a better quality of life before we slip into the same exact poverty and look for handouts from other countries. I am not against helping others at all but at what cost? help to hurt your own self? something's not right here, enough is enough and let us focus on our country. God bless America!-Peter Kumar
  • Richard Smith commented on 7/9/2013
    Look at how we rebuilt Japan after we bombed them versus look at Detroit. Look at what we built in IRAC and Afghanistan look at Chicago, Look at all the needs in this Country and I have a hard time understanding why we see it necessary to help those countries who generally do not even care for us or or way of life, especially when we have to borrow money. It is time to do a little fixing here at home. NOW. The question: Yes I think we should offer no (again NO) aid at this time. Want to get their attention, take away their feeding tray.
  • Susan Vogler commented on 7/9/2013
    I believe the US must protect it's interests and support our economy. Foreign aide is necessary as long as it gets to the people who need it. Democratic governments are critical but over a billion dollars in aide to a country who elected a muslim government is a problem.
  • David Boucher commented on 7/9/2013
    It makes no sense to borrow money from China so we can give it to other countries. It’s time to get serious about reducing run away government spending.
  • Christopher McNall commented on 7/9/2013
    We need to take care of the United States first. Once this country is correct (balanced budget and no debt) then we as a country can decide if we want to help another country. In reality it should be personal choice of every citizen to donate to the causes that they feel are important and not have the government just decide what countries and to what extent we help them.
  • Paula Mendez commented on 7/9/2013
    Thank you Nadine Wassman for your carefully written post regarding all you know about what was actually going on in Egypt. We could see the rage of so many people in the streets there toward Obama...I just wish they all realized that the majority of Americans agree with them. You are also correct, the current U.S. administration needs a coup of our sort, called impeachment, and this must include the VP and entire current cabinet...and we need folks to get it done NOW before they finish ruining economy, the military, monitor every telephone call, and confiscate all our arms.
  • Steven Smith commented on 7/9/2013
    I believe our laws prohibit distributing foreign aid to nations who have just experienced a military coup. Accordingly, Egypt's President Mubarek was ousted by the military and NO financial aid should have gone to Morrisey. However, I believe President Obama sent a number of F-16 fighter jets and millions of dollars. Now Morrisey has been ousted by a military coup (seems like those who wrote the restriction anticipated such instability) and still there seems to be some continued desire by the Administration to continue to violate the law and send aid. What is my Congress doing to force the President to obey the law? The Constitution, which he swore to uphold, requires him to execute the laws - even those he does not like. If you in Congress cannot balance his power, what good is this three branch system?
  • Steven Smith commented on 7/9/2013
    I walk down the street with my child and encounter a beggar with his hand out. I want to give him new clothes, a house, a job, a car, but, I realize my personal budget will not allow this. So, I reach in my pocket to see what I can spare. I come up with a few bucks WHICH represents about 1/1000th of my income. Seems like I am cheap but I have a mortgage, car payments, kids college tuition, insurance, medical bills, etc. Hey face it, I'm broke, so , the charity gets only what's left over. The same goes for foreign aid. We take care of ours first and when we're broke, they get zip, zilch, nada! What is so difficult to understand about this practice every single person already adheres to? I challenge anyone to claim they go into debt to give to beggars? Why is the federal government asking us to do this very thing?
  • William Harper commented on 7/9/2013
  • Richard Salo commented on 7/10/2013
    1) Take care of the Homeland "US Citizens" first. 2) FULLY REPAY Social Security all the monies 'borrowed' (STOLEN) to fund other projects. 3) Fully fund Medicare/Medicade. 4) Repay the US debt. 5) STOP ALL Foreign Aid. 6) STOP ALL "AID and BENEFITS (Medical, Educational)" to NON-US CITIZENS until they become US CITIZENS and have worked as US CITIZENS for a minimum of 10-15 years. 7) LIMIT ALL FREE BENEFITS to EVERYONE; Unemployment and Welfare should have an "Un-extendable Limit"- OR- continue ONLY for those who WORK FOR THEIR BENEFITS (Unemployment / Welfare); BY WORKING for the STATE they are receiving the benefits from in order to receive the Benefits (hour for hour) and reduce the benefits for every hour they do NOT work; kind of like EARNING IIT (an Novel Idea). **** Eliminate (apply all of it towards the US DEBT) ALL of the US Senator's, US Congressmen's, the President's and all his Cabinet Member's PAY and BENEFITS until the US has a viable, fully funded "BUDGET" in place and passed and DO THIS EVERY TIME a viable, fully funded "BUDGET" is NOT in place . This should have been the LAW PASSED INSTEAD OF "OBAMA CARE".
  • Howard Cromwell commented on 7/10/2013
    The United States deny any support to Egypt at this time. The president being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood greatly shadows the so called Democratic election. Since he has taken over Egypt has done a 180 Degree turn on how it regards Christians. Also, many other practices shout radical muslim. The United States is supposed to be a country of laws and guided by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The United States government is supposed to be guided by those two documents and all laws that have been established. The present administration doesn't respect or even consider the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or established laws. The present administration has on many, many occasions sidestepped the aforementioned and simply pushed their own agenda without regard to "We the people", but have only considered the few, special interest groups and are changing this country from what the founding fathers so diligently tried to protect and preserve. Egypt is only one example of the corrupt practices that are showcased by President Obama and his cronies every day. As an individual I have come to realize that the present polarization of the parties is only adding to the demise of the United States that our fathers new and our forefathers established. While your polls may make you, as a congressman fell good about yourself, they do little to fix the problems that face this nation as a whole. Bottom line...we need to fix what is wrong with this country before we go out looking for more responsibility, charity needs to begin at home. Thank You, Howard Cromwell, Smithfield, Va.
  • Gregg J commented on 7/10/2013
    Its true, foreign aid is a very small portion of spending. However we can't afford to continue any deficit spending. To solve the problem, American corporations making products overseas--to sell here at home--need to pay a 45% flat tax on these foreign made products. Additionally, those corporations (Apple) that keep profits overseas to avoid paying taxes should pay the same 45% flat tax on overseas profits as well. Afterall, one reason we spend billions on foreign aid is to stabilize countries so corporations can gain access and make profits. Why shouldn't these corporations share in the cost of gaining that access?
  • John Hopkins commented on 7/10/2013
    All of the above, except None. In fact, you can add one: Take 20% of the foreign aid money and apply it to a thorough investigation of George Soros, a billionaire who is using his money to subvert the American political process – he is the antithesis of all of the above, and Congress just sits there watching him do it.
  • Michelle "smiling eyes" K commented on 7/10/2013
    As a Native American Indian I would like to know....As in your own country USA how is this "foreign welfare" Program under the flag of the politically correct term "foreign aid" working for you? Is another failing unsustainable program, paid for on the backs of the slave tax payer who can no longer even provide for their own, the remainder additionally paid for by borrowing from the money of other countries like China which increases your dependancy on them, aimed at the same time of trying to increasing dependancy, buy friends and shoving the misguided and divided belief system, immorality, and failing chaotic lifestyle of the United States onto those recipient nations who like us Native Americans, want rightfully NOTHING to do with it. Like usual the USA answer is to throw money at each and every problem, divide and conquer, and hope things will change....or go away (like us natives?) and the problem only increases, or is misappropriated by lining the pockets of the elite, and not used for its intended purpose. The USA gov't could not understand why Native Americans were not content and insulted with welfare money, and billions of dollars as payment for broken treatys, treachory, intentional slaughter, stolen sacred land and rivers that are now filthed with pollution and litter, and payment for the horrid"Indian Removal Act" which was one of the worst "Bills"inflicted on a people by a former President out of greed. ..when all we wanted was our sacred lands back promised by Treaty, to self governing, left ALONE,self sufficient, and to have our seperate and totally different cultures respected. Mere Money thrown at the problem by a silver tongue has left many rezervations and an entire People broken,ruined, impoverished and all but forgotten. We arent even given much consideration nor a voice in DC with other minoritys in the USA.You think other countries dont realize that the payment expected of them for this money is cultural suicide? The President got that lesson on his recent trip to Senegal when he proudly boasted there about the Gay Marriage Victory in the USA...which may be ok or not here.....but he was bebuked there in another country where over 90% of the population wants NOTHING to do with it nor any "divide and conquer" agendas nor our agendas which are against their obviously united cultural and religious beliefs. Yes many will take and take your money but if you continue to borrow from China and sell your country and business to another country bit by bit....well perhaps your People will someday be marching their own "Trail of Tears" You want to help other countries? Dont expect them to adopt your beliefs......If you want to help build schools and teach people to become teachers, help build wells.....that will help more than hand-outs of money and will instill non dependancy, respect, self sufficiency, jobs etc. But you havent learned that with your own country yet so how can you teach it eslewhere? You havent even begun as invader illegal aliens to repay the debt to those natives whose land you stole and polluted for your own greed....is enuff said
  • william hull commented on 7/10/2013
    Dear Randy, Thanks for this opportunity to respond beyond the checked general comments on Foreign Aid. Any foreign aid should be used as leverage for whatever purposes our Foreign Policy indicates; in other words, and aid should have strings attached to it. Also, transparency of the transaction should be paramount; hopefully this would allow for proper Congressional and Public input. Very sincerely, Bill Hull
  • Cheryl Nici-O'Connell commented on 7/10/2013
    Support needy countries? Need to start support of this needy country by limiting unnecessary government spending and family vacations for the first family funded by tax dollars in the name of foreign aid and economic development. Now this form of aid is foreign to many of our current National Government officials. We have homeless unemployed citizens here and charity needs to begin at home. Only foreign assistance that should be given is in the name of developing allies, generating income for USA, and protection of our borders and our allies. National security and American economic development within our own country. Entire welfare/SNAP Program needs to be revised and reduced. Checks and balances with accountability of our elected officials and those in appointed positions.
  • Mark Weeks commented on 7/11/2013
    Congressman Forbes, I've written to you a couple of times in the past and unfortunately never really seem to get a heart felt response. Let me make this very clear: "The United States of America should NOT be giving away taxpayer money to ANY country!" We have too many of our own problems here, thanks to many of you in Congress, to be giving away billions of dollars to countries that are still going to hate us anyway. Tomorrow (Friday) is my first furlough day, thank you very much...so while my family will loose around four thousand dollars between now and the end of September you and your collegues continue to waste billions. KEEP TAXPAYER MONEY HERE FOR THE GOOD OF OUR PEOPLE!!
  • Randy Lohr commented on 7/11/2013
    Without knowing what the actual dollar amounts are, it is hard to answer this question. I believe that we need to support all of the options listed in the question, however I also believe that we allow politics to be used as the vehicle to send more money overseas than what is actually needed and the money therefore ends up in the wrong pockets. I think we should spend more of our money at home solving more of our own problems (while still supporting what is "truly needed" to be supported abroad). Of course, a lot of our money here at home ends up in the wrong pockets as well, and if we could prevent that from happening, we would "probably" have enough money to support both fronts.
  • Keith Button commented on 7/15/2013
    We should not be giving aid to countries that hate us not one thin dime!
  • Keith Button commented on 7/15/2013
    We should not be giving countries that hate us aid of any kind
  • Raymond Britt commented on 7/17/2013
    Congressman Forbes, Yet again I ask you, why would you support giving financial aid to other countries that are our enemies? Why would you or any other congressman support giving arms to our enemies, that will eventually come back and bite American Marines and soldiers in their asses when we yet have to go into their country to quash domestic concerns? It is idiotic financial decisions that have been made since the beginning of the Vietnam War, that has cost this once great nation, to become the laughing stock and the cesspool of the world. From one Patriot Marine that served two tours of duty in the Marine Corps while 97% of this friggin country sat safe back home, rebelling a war we proudly served, with honor, duty, distinction, and commitment. Winner of 17 Military awards and decorations! Nuff said!!!!!!!!!!
  • Georgia Stafford commented on 7/21/2013
    No more foreign aid, they hate us, they do not appreciate it when you try to help them. They even kill us. None of them have given Aid to us if we need it. It is High Time to start thinking about the Welfare of America First. That's something that Obama does not do.
  • Georgia Stafford commented on 7/21/2013
    No More Foreign Aid. They hate us, they don't appreciate what we do for them, they even kill us. Obama even gives aid to Terriorist's Countries, and the Muslim Brotherhood. (who hate us and want America Destroyed.) Obama should be impeached because of this, and because he Disregards our Laws and Constitution and he Bypasses Congress when he wants to do something. It is High Time that America's Interest's and the American people's Interests be Recognized First.
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