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Question of the week: Do you believe that a systematic lack of information sharing directly affects our national security?
Posted by Randy | June 07, 2013
Last month, the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Justice released a report on the Department's mismanagement of the Witness Security Program. It found that that the number of known or suspected terrorists admitted to the program is unknown, that DOJ has lost track of two suspected terrorists in the program, and that critical national security information is not being shared with other agencies.

The report contained sixteen recommendations “to assist the Department in its efforts to include national security considerations when identifying, admitting, monitoring and terminating Witness Protection Program participants who are known or suspected terrorists.”

On Tuesday, the Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations Subcommittee held a hearing on the Department of Justice’s handling of known or suspected terrorists admitted into the Witness Security Program, which is designed to protect witnesses and their dependents that are in danger as a result of their agreement to testify for the government in a variety of cases. 

Question of the week:   Do you believe that a systematic lack of information sharing directly affects our national security?

(  ) Yes.
(  ) No.
(  ) I don’t know.
(  ) Other (leave your thoughts below). 

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  • Leonore Cummins commented on 6/7/2013
    I answered I don't know due to the fact that the government could track every move of a person born in this county but cannot track terrorists or the people who want to destroy our way of life. It is time all of you Congressment and Senators start the impeachment process on our current administration and jail time for the federal appointees who bypassed our laws.
  • James Thomas commented on 6/7/2013
    Congressman We saw you today in the hearing about Chaplin's in the service. Thank you so much for voting the way you did. I am retired Navy and spend the winter at MacDill AFB and there is a problem I feel in this regard. You are the best..
  • Thomas G commented on 6/7/2013
    Information sharing in the congress itself has been a national disgrace. We cannot even get votes scheduled in the House and this has been harming the country. The White House released emails and yet the republican caucus released these same emails having edited the text as reported by CBS. We had another incident where a republican congressman accused the IRS commissioner of having visited the White House 157 times when the fact is that he only visited 11 times in 4 years. The IG in the IRS hearings provided documentation to both parties at the same time and yet the republican leadership refused to allow the ranking member to submit the document into the record because he said his office did not have it. Congressman Forbes you have many, many times refused to share all the details with the American people. Time after time the voters have complained to you. I don't think you guys know how to share information, are not committed to sharing information and you wish to withhold the truth from the voters. I don't think the voters have much more patience with you sir. You even refused to apologize to the Attorney General after your shameful vote when investigation completely cleared Mr. Holder. That says something about you sir that troubles the voters. You use words in commentary about health care such as 'bludgeoning' and even when a veteran contacted you requesting you edit such language as offensive you refused. In my view congressman I think it is time for you to surrender your judiciary committee seat. Start telling the whole truth to the voters first, then we will discuss how confident we are with trusting you to share any information at all.
  • Louis Tayon commented on 6/7/2013
    The information sharing problem was supposed to be solved years ago with the creation of Homeland Security. It is time to start holding departments accountable and getting rid of people. If the President doesnt do it then Congress must find a way to solve this problem. A method that doesn't add to the federal payroll.
  • Louis Tayon commented on 6/7/2013
    This is a problem that was going to be solved with the creation of Homeland Security, at least that is what the American people were led to believe. It is time to hold departments and people accountable. If the Pres. Doesn't do it then Congress must find away that doesn't add to the budget
  • Lance Williams commented on 6/7/2013
    It is time to gut the Federal Govt and elect serious minded individuals to construct a Fed that operates from the mentality that municipalities and states should make decisions that directly effect them. From there slim down the Fed down to it's prime directive per the Constitution. Lo Siento to all Congressmen, but you guys are too incentivized to stay in office. We need the best and brightest to give 2-4-6 years as glorified volunteers because they love their country instead of lining their pockets.
  • clarence logan commented on 6/7/2013
    it always has ! people think of their knowledge as power and are reluctant to share their knowledge because it could cause them to lose a competitive edge in what they see as a game. screwing the country and it's citizens.
  • Michele S commented on 6/7/2013
    There is a difference of sharing information when looking for a known terrorist suspect in the DOJ system and opening up the entire system and putting everyone in WP at risk from leaks because goodness knows people talk and share information to out side sources that shouldn't have it. The fact that they have lost people in the system shows #1 a gap within their own communication and tracking process because I am sure the people in WP no matter why are required to check in and meet with their handlers. #2 If someone is suspected of known terrorism and is in the WP then their information should be shared to track them down internally with other agencies. With that said if there is ACTUAL proof they are known terrorists and are still acting in the capacity they should be tracked down and held until they are proven guilty or not guilty through due process of the law. There are so many gaps and issues with the new administration it makes my head hurt. I am sure there are more underlying factors that come in to play and there is no simple answer. It is easy to look at something and criticize it. It is another to actually have a plan to fix it. Just my opinion. :)
  • Gregg J commented on 6/7/2013
    The government seems so busy monitoring citizens how do they have time to monitor terrorists? This is just another level of incompetence. It's time to hold government employees accountable. This means mandatory prison terms for those found guilty of incompetence/corruption and loss of all pay and benefits including pensions. How many more stories do we need to hear about out of control/incompetent government employees before corrective action is taken? We should start this incompetence/corruption house cleaning in congress and the whitehouse.
  • R Seagrave commented on 6/7/2013
    So-called national security is way over funded and ineffective. Its more smoke and mirrors. First tells why HLS has acquired the vast amount of ammo they have, enough to shot every living American five times? First stop the government's assault on our basic freedoms. Next bring back the draft! Then end the wars in the middle east we created and bring all our troops home.
  • James Allen commented on 6/7/2013
    The real threat to national security and indeed to America itself is the dysfunctional Congress. The greed that many of our congresspeople exhibit as they fight for the rich and powerful corporations are a greater threat to the America than any foreigh power. By crounching this question in a national security context, Mr. Forbes is revealing to the careful reader where his loyalties lie - with government spending on military weaponry and the military war machine. We spend more than enouhg on bullets. How about a bill to put more books in our classrooms?
  • John Reith commented on 6/7/2013
    Perhaps the greatest threat to our national survival is that apparently the three branches of federal government fail to read, understand, and know the Constitution well enough -- and care about their oath to "... support and defend the Constitution ..." (the oath they all take says nothing about defending the nation, it -- the oath -- is all about supporting and defending the Constitution!). If they ALL took their oath of office seriously, if they ALL knew what the Constitution says -- and WHY it says what it says -- We the People would be much better off, the nation would be much better off, and our security would be taken care of.
  • Edward Dawson commented on 6/7/2013
    I think that you are looking for support by making it seem like you are concerned for us and our national security. Nice buzz words. Your approval of the PATRIOT ACT, PAA of 2007, and FISA Act of 2008 ensured that plenty of information sharing was going on - so thanks for eroding our civil liberties. You can call yourself a conservative, but your Orwellian actions speak volumes on the contrary. I think the alphabet soup of federal agencies that don't talk to one another and have different agendas contribution to a systematic lack of national security due to misinformation and lack of sharing: FBI, Marshalls, CIA, DHS, CBP, IRS, NOAA OLE, DOJ, EPA, USSS, BOP, DEA, ATF, ICE and ERO, HSI, FPS, TSA, USFSLEI, DOC, NIST, DOE, HHS OCI, and on and on and on... How many armed federal agents do we need Representative Forbes?
  • Michelle K commented on 6/8/2013
    The question is puzzling. With the recent findings that our gov't has over-reached its basic functions and power to further its apparent hunger for more power, this trend of abuse is distrurbing. Spying on private citizen e-mails, phone calls, and the IRS abuse of tax payer money to fund frivolous stunts like "Star Trek videos" and embarrassing stage acts....it is not enough for anyone to say "We are sorry" and how "embarrassing" it is.....We demand that tax money be paid back by those responsible in the IRS. I think DC needs to be reminded that WE The People do not work for You.......You work for We The People. That very fact is being ignored time and time again. The abuse of tax money, invasion of privacy, lack of transparency, lies and more lies, gov't take-over of healthcare and everything in our life and invasion of Free Speech ......well what is being done about this type of "regime" attitude?? The tearing apart of the Constitution, the offense of any mention of the word "God", or anything of which this country was founded upon is making the USA look weak, ineffective, and indecisive to the rest of the world. We The People no longer will or can trust our government to be uninvasive, honest, and use its information gathering powers given By the People for anything constructive. Apparently the information sharing PRIVLEDGE is being abused too and not done the way it was originally intended. Now the gov't is using information to spy on its own citizens, has targeted groups not in align with its ideals, but however has not stopped terror due to "political correctness" gone awry. As said by one of the founding fathers, Those who trade liberty for security will have neither" It has become apparent that the government is making a huge attempt at trading liberty for "faux security". In that trade we become impotent as a Free Country.
  • Beny Amina commented on 6/10/2013
    The mismanagement can be influence on security system on all of levels, economy, social, etc...
  • Gregg J commented on 6/10/2013
    What impacts national security is wasting time conducting surviellance on citizens instead of illegal aliens and immigrants. Failure for the past 33 years to secure the border and adequately investigate immigrants and visa holders is the driving force behind domestic terrorism. So whats Washington's fix...a pathway to citizenship for millions of people we know nothing about. This betrayal of American values by our elected officials is both cowardly and despicable.
  • Rolando Bartolome commented on 6/16/2013
    If within the cohesive government departments, yes. But this does not preclude a right to bring "East Berlin" by having a dossier on citizens without a cause, or even make these departments virtual "peeping toms".
  • J.R. Fisher commented on 6/17/2013
    I lived in Virginia for many years and even went to the same church as Mr. Forbes. Although I agree that you need to protect the national security, it is also important that there are checks and balances. I operate a site www.survivalcavefood.com and many of my customers fear the government. Its getting really difficult to trust when so many things keep happening.
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