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Since February, Government Racked up $300 Billion of New Debt
Posted by Randy | May 31, 2013

I wanted to share with you a recent article from The Heritage Foundation’s blog, showing that since February, the federal debt has increased by $300 billion, bringing the total to $16.7 trillion.  The article notes this trend in Washington:

  1. Spend;
  2. Spend some more;
  3. Run up against the debt ceiling;
  4. Resort to “extraordinary measures” to ward off a possible default for a while; and finally,
  5. Settle for inadequate measures that fail to curb soaring debt in the future.

We cannot sustain this path.  Congress must make it a priority to reign in federal spending and restore America to fiscal prosperity. Read more about what I’m doing to reduce spending here.

What do you think? Weigh in:
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  • Thomas G commented on 5/31/2013
    This just stuns me congressman Forbes. You sir are clearly the most extreme member in all of congress and for years now you have been supporting policy that has deeply harmed America. I cannot imagine how the disaster of austerity policy escapes your consciousness. Why would you consistently maintain allegiance to policy and theory widely discredited through testimony before the congress by past and present chairmen of the Federal Reserve? It is incompetent sir to ignore the warnings from past and present Treasury secretaries, the IMF, Nobel prize winning economists, leaders in economics from academia across the country and total ignorance of history. Let's examine the way you sir have acted to harm America. You were sent to congress with a balanced budget and you consistently acted to create trillions upon trillions of debt. YOU are the debt problem and YOU bear responsibility congressman Forbes. YOU were warned about the unwise, and unfair, tax cuts by the chairman of the Federal Reserve. You acted to add billions upon billions in new spending with no plan to fund it. You forced the military to spend millions of dollars on obsolete ships they did not want. You actually proposed to spend millions on printing and providing every tax pay a PAPER receipt. You oppose an increase in the minimum wage that is widely supported by the American people and you offer discredited theory to support the position. I was shocked when you wrote to me and offered such logic. You oppose Paycheck Fairness, you voted against Lilly Ledbetter, you voted multiple times against middle class tax cuts. You voted to repeal critical reforms of the financial industry supported by the Federal Reserve. You have proposed policy the CBO project would add over 200 billion dollars to the debt. The last Bush administration budget called for 1.41 TRILLION in deficit and the Congressional Budget Office just informed you in the last week that this years deficit is estimated to be 642 billion, the fastest reduction in deficit spending in history and you have nothing to do with it, absolutely nothing congressman Forbes. The rate of unemployment more than doubled under your tenure in congress. You have opposed critical relief for students whose loan rates are about to double while protecting the interests of millionaires and billionaires. You opposed hurricane Sandy disaster relief. Who with a right mind does that sir? You are a very dangerous and extreme manipulator who has deeply harmed the interests of the middle class. I cannot reconcile voting against the Violence Against Women Act, the reason you lied to us, on this very blog regarding Keystone in direct conflict with under oath testimony before congress. You got us nowhere on sequester sir. Your own party won't listen to you. Refusing to support expanded background checks on gun purchases is so far out of the mainstream it shocks the entire country. Some of your votes on gun matters scare the daylights out of American families. When it comes to seniors issues you have one of the worst scorings of any member in decades. You have wasted millions of dollars in trying to repeal health reform, you have told constituents of awards you received without telling us the organizations gave you money. One of the worst acts sir has been your support for Bush administration era 'performance based contracting'. This was a goofy proposal that was supposed to save tax payers money. However, in a study of the business practice it turned out that the policy actually added 650 billions dollars to the cost. The only area of government spending that performance based principles actually led to lower costs was for landscaping. It was a failure of historic proportion congressman and you refuse to act on this. Good heavens congressman...what are you doing up there in Washington because there is no evidence anything but renaming Post Offices is getting done. Stop harming America sir. We need more from you that the ridiculous amount of time you spend on mottos. I am embarrassed by the scope of disconnect sir with the interests of the middle class. The level of intellectual dishonesty is simply appalling. You need to communicate the DANGER of the austerity policy you are trying to sell this constituency congressman. You need to rescind your commitment to that nutty Grover Norquist, get out from under the thumb of that nutty NRA, listen to the middle class and cease acting to create a health care crises in the country that harms millions of seniors and students. I'm appalled by your leadership sir. You have acted to block votes on critical jobs programs that even the CBO estimates to have now cost the nation over 1 million jobs. I challenge you sir to publically post on this blog the context of what you wrote to me why you do not support an increase in the minimum wage when over 70% of America supports it. Let's make intellectual honesty here visible congressman. It is absurd to proclaim that you guys want to restore integrity to the IRS when your own intellectual dishonesty is so profound. You can't do it congressman because your own integrity has been so hopelessly compromised. I would urge you sir to rescind that Norquist pledge so you can begin to reclaim the trust of the voters now squandered.
  • Gregg J commented on 5/31/2013
    No surprise, the pro republican pro conservative Heritage Foundation attacks social security, medicare and the ACA as the causes of the debt. Total nonsense, can we get some bipartisan sources to provide facts instead of this partisan rhetoric? Social security is funded and only needs a moderate increase in the FICA tax cap to solve the issue. Medicare is an issue on the care providers side with out of control costs. Stop taking contributions from medical industry lobbyists and enact legislation that serves americans first and profits second. For example, why doesn't the government negoitate prescription drug prices? The afforable care act has been attacked more times than Al Qaeda? What is so bad about ensuring all americans have some kind of health insurance? How about working to ammend provisions of the ACA that may be a problem instead of these 37 or so asinine votes to repeal it. Once again, for about the hundredth time, we need leadership in congress. Work together to solve problems facing this great nation or don't seek public office. Also where is the bill to outlaw congressional interaction with lobbyists and special interest groups? Most of the above issues stem from this interaction. Your silence on this issue continues to be deafening.
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