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GSA shorts small business by over $3 million
Posted by Randy | May 20, 2013
I thought you might be interested in a recent article I read in The Washington Post, which detailed a disturbing trend: The GSA has failed to fully pay 1,334 federal contractors, shorting small businesses by over $3 million. Today’s economic environment is uncertain enough, but when you add in federal agencies that cannot be trusted to fulfill their half of the bargain, small businesses become discouraged from competing and hesitant to invest, stunting our entire country’s economic growth.

As the backbone of the American economy, entrepreneurs and small businesses are crucial contributors to our nation’s economic success. I will continue to work to promote policies that create a healthy economic environment which encourages small businesses to do what they do best: grow, innovate, creat jobs, and lead our country forward.
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  • Gregg J commented on 5/20/2013
    The article clearly states these businesses did not follow the rules. So the government solution is to issue automatic payments? This has fraud, waste and abuse written all over it. Why should any business be entitled to payment for services not rendered? This is more governmant waste of taxpayer resources
  • Thomas G commented on 5/21/2013
    Congressman, you voted to actually shove America into default sir, screwing millions of people to include thousands of small businesses. People lost thousands of dollars in savings from your debt threat antics and it appears any day now you intend to do it all over again. You couldn't even act to help desperate victims from hurricane Sandy. You need to rescind that blackmail pledge of obstruction you have with Grover Norquist so you can actually serve the country with rational judgment. You need to deal with the debt limit RIGHT NOW SIR. What are you doing up there in Washington?
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