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Question of the week: Which immigration reform proposals do you support?
Posted by Randy | October 04, 2012
This week, one Border Patrol agent was wounded and another was killed in Arizona near the Mexico border. According to news reports, the agents had been responding to a tripped ground sensor in a drug trafficking corridor. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer criticized “the federal failure and political stalemate that has left our border unsecured and our Border Patrol in harm’s way.”

In June, President Obama announced that his administration would grant temporary amnesty from deportation to young people brought into the U.S. illegally by their parents, if they met certain criteria. To qualify for the program, illegal immigrants must be under 31 years old and have come to the U.S. before they were 16. Applicants are required to show that they have lived here continuously since June 15, 2007, and be currently in school or have earned a high school diploma, or have been honorably discharged from the military. Additionally, they must pass a background check to show they do not have any significant criminal record or pose a threat to national security.

Additionally, in July, it was announced that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is closing 9 border patrol stations in California, Montana, Idaho and Texas.  The stations were reportedly closed in order to reassign agents to higher-priority areas closer to the border. 

Opponents of these decisions have criticized the administration for thwarting Congress’ constitutional authority to enact laws regarding immigration, including whether taxpayers would be responsible for covering the cost of the deferred deportation program, how the Department of Homeland Security will prevent fraud and abuse in the process of verifying applications, and how officials would be able to continue border security and enforce federal immigration laws.

Question of the week:
 Which immigration reform proposals do you support? (Multi-Answer)

(  )  Stricter enforcement of existing laws combating illegal immigration
(  )  Enhanced border security
(  )  Focusing more resources on border states
(  )  Allowing states to enact immigration laws
(  )  Making it easier for illegal immigrants to obtain citizenship
(  )  Enhanced focus on deportation of illegal immigrants
(  )  Granting amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants
(  )  Ending birthright citizenship amnesty
(   ) Eliminating the per-country caps on employment-based green cards
(   ) Requiring all U.S. employers to use E-Verify
(   ) Providing green cards for foreign graduates of U.S. universities with advanced degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
(   ) Decreasing the immigration application backlog
(   ) Easing the adoption process for foreign children adopted by U.S. citizens
(   ) Other (share your thoughts below)

Take the poll here.

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  • Roy Brayton commented on 10/4/2012
    I believe that the illegal immigration problem would solve itself if laws preventing the hire of illegals were enforced and enhanced. If the jobs go away, so will the illegals—the deportation issue solves itself. If scrupulously enforced, laws providing hefty fines for employers will take the profit motive out of hiring cheap illegal labor. Fines should dramatically increased for repeat offenders. I do think though, that temporary work permits should be more easily obtained.
  • Thomas G commented on 10/4/2012
    Let me begin by expressing dismay that after 12 years in the congress with nearly 15 million illegals entering the country that we have no cohesive advocacy for action from congressman Forbes. With the present congress now on record as the worst congress in the nation's history I do not find a rational case for congressman Forbes to return to Washington to address this concern, and certainly not the financial concerns of the country. We sent congressman Forbes to Washington with a balanced budget and policy that was making substantial progress on paying off the national debt. What we got in return was support for policy that led to 10 trillion dollars in new debt. Congressman Forbes voted against middle class tax cuts and in favor of additional tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires with a completely discredited argument regarding 'job creators' who have never delivered as congressman Forbes claimed. It is hard to understand why the congressman voted to shove our great nation into a default with arrogant disregard for the warnings of all living presidents, past and present Treasury secretaries, past and present chairmen of the Federal Reserve, the IMF, nobel prize winning economists, economic scholars from across the country, the nation's largest corporations and overwhelming views of the public. This irresponsible position greatly harmed the private sector and millions of the nation's citizens. As Vice President Biden warned in his convention speech, "It is never a good idea to best against the American people.", and that is exactly what congressman Forbes has done in policy advocacy that threatened to shut down the government three times last year. I find it shameful that our representative refuses to rescind his commitment to the Grover Norquist blackmail pledge of obstruction that deeply harms this country. How does one find confidence that congressman Forbes will act on anything when he has refused to pressure his own party leadership to bring up a vote of the President's Jobs bill that was sent to congress over a year ago. This position has harmed the nation by essentially eliminating 1 million jobs as estimated by the independent CBO. It is not in the best interests of the American people to repeal essential financial industry reforms urged by the Federal Reserve in the wake of the serious financial collapse at the end of the Bush presidency. We have a serious disconnect with the voters congressman Forbes. It was appalling that last week you asked for feedback on education and did not even mention innovative new programs adopted by 45 states with Virginia completely directionless. It just doesn't stop here, no plan whatsoever to pay for the wars, no progress on sequestration, bizarre votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act increasing the deficit by over 100 billion dollars and an insulting vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt without cause. The first order of business is to get on board with the Dream Act and grant amnesty to children of illegal immigrants. A nation of leaders without compassion for children strays far from American values. The Obama administration is ready to move on immigration but the republican party has to cease the shameful practice of obstruction that has done serious harm to America. I hope that as a member of the judiciary committee you will change your mind and act with regard to the disturbing actions within the states to suppress voting rights that have now been struck down in numerous states. I don't understand your silence on this issue congressman.
  • Yisraeli Chavaer commented on 10/4/2012
    Deport U.S. citizens who believe the government should give them handouts, expecting the rest of the tax payers to give them a free ride and exchange them for hard-working, family-oriented, Christian Hispanics who seem to value this country more than they do! Sure, there are bad people EVERYWHERE...look around in our own government! - the Mexican drug cartels (using Obama-supplied automatic weapons - while trying to leave us unarmed through gun control) are bad, but why do you think the Mexicans are trying to come here? They believe in freedom and opportunity to WORK and contribute to this country and escape the lawlessness by their own corrupt government! Trade 3 free-loading Americans for 2 hard - working Mexicans - exchange their citizenship and we can get this economy back in the black and become a great nation again.
  • Louis Hollowell commented on 10/4/2012
    We have forgotten that we are a nation of immigrants. Except for the American Indians, go back a few generations and our ancestors came to this nation as strangers and foreigners. We need to treat those who still want to come more justly. That does not mean that I'm in favor of amnesty or allowing foreigner to stay here without proper documentation. We need to eliminate the per country cap on employment based green cards. The caps were established based on a false assumption that it would save American jobs for "Americans and that it was acceptable to discriminate on the basis of race and ethnic origin. The assumption about jobs crated the unintended consequence of, two generations later, shipping "American" jobs over-seas. We have rejected racial and ethnic discrimination in every other area. It is past time to eliminate it with respect to immigration. We need to change the law to allow anyone (who is not a criminal or on a terrorist list) to get a green card once they demonstrate they have a job and have applied for a Social Security number. We then need to start shipping the illegals home. They go back across the border and come back in on the same basis as any other immigrant.
  • Steve Brewer commented on 10/5/2012
    As long as the US economy continues to grow there will be a need for "unskilled" labor (i.e. agriculture, housekeeping) AND as long as dismal economic conditions persist in neighboring countries (i.e. Mexico) THEN we will continue to have workers cross our borders, illegally if necessary. It is economic "human pressure" attempting to find equalibrium. How we deal with this is the question. There is no single answer (as indicated in your poll). If we want to continue to expand our economy we require workers, but at the same time we want to reduce the illegal activity. Here is a three pronged approach: 1. Greatly increase the flow of LEGAL immigration, initially with Green Cards/ Work Visas, but with a clears path to full citizenship for the best imigrants. As the economic pressure eases (less jobs available), Green card holders may return to their home contry or croos-border commute, much like workers from Canada, raising economic conditions on both sides of the border. 2. End Birthright amnesty for those born here illegally or on work visa. You must have one parent who is citizen AND be born in a US hospital to claim birthright citizenship. 3. Once the LEGAL floodgates are opened for foriegn workers, the illegal Border crossings must stop. With the economic-based human pressure greatly reduced, illegal border crossings will likely be limited to criminal activity such as smuggling of drugs and undesirables (criminals). Massive efforts to prevent those efforts may be necessary, including military and increased law enforcement. We need Bi-partisan support to accomplish our goals, so that all Americans can benefit. Thank you for your consideration. Steve Brewer
  • Gregg J commented on 10/5/2012
    Bravo to Arizona and other states that have enacted their own immigration policies while Washington has done nothing. Let the states take the lead since the feds are proven incompetent. Every illegal alien is a criminal regardless of their age. They all broke the law to enter this country. Send them all back to where they came from and charge their country of origin for any associated costs. Also, Latin American/South American countries need to setup a trust fund for the families of any Border Patrol agent or citizen murdered by illegal aliens or those who traffic them.
  • Thomas G commented on 10/5/2012
    It was just reported that the unemployment rate has fallen to 7.8 percent. This is of course wonderful news inspite of the unprecedented republican obstruction that has harmed America so much. Imagine where the country would be if only congressman Forbes had acted and pressured the republican leadership to vote on a Jobs bill sent to the congress one year ago. This bill would have put 1 Million people to work and was fully paid for. Our congressman did nothing at all except act to harm America repeatedly his entire term. Congressman Forbes, I hope you are reading what your constituents are telling you week after week. We want you to act sir and we are getting nothing but obstruction from you. Why sir, do you persistently work to suppress a vote on jobs in the congress? Why sir, would your party leave town at the earliest date in 50 years and do nothing on jobs, nothing on the Farm bill, nothing on sequester. Why sir, have you totally abandoned the middle class of your country? Why?
  • American Taxpayer commented on 10/6/2012
    Entirely way to much time, effort and Taxpayer money is wasted on finding new ways to keep illegal immigrants and or their descendants in the country when the Established Laws are clear enough, if a person arrived here illegally whether or not they were or are currently of legal age is irrelevant and they should be given a ride back home wherever that may be with a Government escort that bears no additional expense or tax burden to the legal US citizens as we the people are already paying the salaries of our Government employees. Too often these are people that find the means for their vote to be counted in our society and in our elections when obsurdly enough they don't even have a right to vote and havn't paid a cent into the system they ask to pay for or contribute to their lifestyle in our country. Unfortunately We the People have allowed this to become the problem that it is today and it is up to us through our elected officials to make it known that our bleeding needs to stop. Sorry but you must go home.
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