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Question of the Week: As the 2011 term of the Supreme Court comes to an end, what case are you most interested in?
Posted by Randy | May 02, 2012
( ) The Immigration Debate.
Will the Supreme Court uphold Arizona's law on combating illegal immigration?
To learn more about this issue click here.

( ) The Health Care Debate.
Does the Commerce Clause allow Congress to impose the individual mandate in President Obama's Patient health care law?
To learn more about this issue click here.

( ) FCC Indecency Standards Debate.
Will the Supreme Court uphold the broadcast indecency standards established by the Federal Communication Commission?
To learn more about this issue click here.

( ) The Stolen Valor Act Debate.
Will the Supreme Court overturn a fine imposed on an individual who falsely claimed to have been awarded the Medal of Honor?
To learn more about this issue click here.

( ) The Prison Term Debate.
Will the Supreme Court uphold the sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for someone who was convicted of murder when he was a juvenile?
To learn more about this issue click here.

( ) I am unsure.

( ) Other (leave your comment below).

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  • Paul MCcANN commented on 5/2/2012
    Getting HR 777 out of committee and on to passage; reduction in the amount of excise taxes that small distillers are required to pay will provide hundreds of thousands of dollars for business capital and funds for new jobs
  • Lloyd S. commented on 5/2/2012
    All of these are important to me, but I'm afraid the rulings will be politically motivated.
  • Alison Lindstrom commented on 5/2/2012
    Regarding the SCOTUS workload, I couldn't decide whether forcing us into Obamacare or enforcing federal illegal immigration law was more important. Both trample on state's and personal Constitutional rights and both decisions will either move us closer to fascism or freedom.
  • Stephen Dexter commented on 5/2/2012
    Mr. Forbes, I find it strange if not inappropriate for you or us to be weighing in on matters which have already been argued before but not yet decided by the Supreme Court. Yes, we and you are allowed to have opinions. However, displaying any collective information on the "will of the 4th district" is meaningless.
  • Will H commented on 5/2/2012
    about the "Prison Term Debate" a "juvenile" by most laws are not responsible for them selves, it is only when the opertunity arrises to create another type of criminal that these issues are pressed upon, when in fact they should be making laws and inquiries on why it happens in the first place in our society . the law needs to make up its mind completely across the board about juvenile acountablity! in all matters. then again, it is where and how you are rased that makes you who you are, not everyone developes at the same rate mentally or emotionally. so realistically it should be CAse by Case, not if you did this then you get this, the law needs more finite inquiries in to cases. all cases. the legal system has become the DMV in how it treats the people it is supposed to be working for, instead no one gets a fare shake and the truth is lost, only leaving the poster-boy image on crime as something only they can rule on, when in fact everyone should be on here asking why popular culture is teaching us from a young age to not care about depth and complex relationships. which leads to crime mantality that all pop-culture supports.
  • Tom sadler commented on 5/2/2012
    I would like Congress to reconsider all the laws they have passed lately to restrict personal liberty. FDAA, which thankfully the Commonwealth is stepping between the Feds and Virginia citizens, the law the the Secret Service can predetermine Free Speech zones around politicos, attempt to restrict kids to working on family farms which thankfully the feds backed off. Seems to me that the NUMBER ONE thing that we as citizens count on our Congress for is to protect us from an over bearing executive branch. And they are not doing the job.
  • cynthia joy commented on 5/2/2012
    I want to see H.R. 3977 come out of committee and pass in the House. The reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (s.1925) passed in the Senate with the support of Virginia's two senators. I am a teacher, a worker, and a single parent. I have seen several of my coworkers and students battered and even murdered at the hands of their intimate partners. It is time we act to make women in Virginia safe.
  • thomas g commented on 5/2/2012
    I am deeply disturbed with the court feeling that it has now become hopelessly politicized. I realize this sounds political itself, but the Citizens United ruling may ultimately succeed in the total destruction of our society and our nation. I am astonished that the congress did not immediately act to correct this very dangerous ruling. In my view, the opposition to acting on this raises very serious alarms concerning the ultimate motives of such legislators. The American people should weigh in and remove these people this November before it is too late. I never thought I would see the day where so many in the congress would resort to pledges more important, like the blackmail pledge of Grover Norquist, than their commitment to a just and fair society. The enemy lies within I'm afraid, and I'm worried for the country. I guess the most important ruling this term is actually the immigration issue with Arizona. With state legislatures all across the country passing extremely disturbing laws in the continuing republican assault on women's rights, privacy, enabling further gun violence, attacking collective bargaining and gutting public education, we are in trouble. Make no mistake, the Occupy movement is screaming injustice, and our lawmakers are not listening to anybody but the people funding bizarre initiatives. Every constituent needs to review where their representatives are getting financial support...and it is obvious why they do what they do. Teddy Roosevelt would be ashamed of today's congress, as is the rest of the public.
  • Johnny Hiott commented on 5/2/2012
    I think some of the questions are a little bit senseless. For instance the right of Arizona to pass immigration enforcement laws that mimic federal law which allows the state to enforce existing federal law should never even be questioned. In regards to the supreme courts involvement it should be restricted to procecution of the federal officials who refuse to enforce the law. Regarding obamacare it should have been overturned by congress long ago in fact it should NEVER have been passed to begin with. Next : A life sentence handed down in a trial should mean a life sentence without parole regardless of the age of the murderer. There should be only one sentence for murder ; Execution within one week of conviction. The FCC indecency regulations should be upheld even though they hardly exist today. As far as the stolen valor act goes. The deadbeat should not have been fined he should have been put in front of a firing squad. I would hope they would at the very least uphold the fine imposed upon him.
  • vivian moorebrand commented on 5/3/2012
    My concern is for veterans and soldiers returning from the war and our care and benefits. I retired in 2000, receive a 100% disability and still have to fight for other disabilities caused during my service. How can a compensation doctor,who you see once decide your disability in one visit an your VA doctors exams and notes mean nothing. I use outside doctors for my health because the VA is unable to give me the proper care that I can trust.
  • Rob Waterlander commented on 5/3/2012
    Animals including animals tested in labs and also......Horses!!! Horseslaughter!!!! Horrifying horsetransportation... And BLM wildhorses and burros roundups ( wild horses , USA heritage is wiped out) BLM/USA government...for who??...the ranchers want this like hey ask to kill te coyotes, mountainlions...humand behaving as if they are GOD. Nature can take care very well of itself, it doesnt need Obama or BLM or anyone else to do that. It only creates chaos and disbalance. Horseslaughter ...look for instance at the Presidio TX investigation. http://rtfitchauthor.com/2012/05/01/animals-angels-presidio-tx-slaughter-horse-export-pens-investigated/ A normal horse owner, who just left his or her ailing horse to suffer and die, would be charged with animal cruelty. It should be no different for these horses. And remember, Mustangs end up here too....which is facilitated by the BLM, the US government.
  • Heather Clark commented on 5/3/2012
    I'm very interested in the Health Care Debate (while something should be done, this is by far over reaching the boundaries of what the government should be mandating) and Illegal Immigration. I don't think profiling is the answer, but if I get pulled over for speeding, the first thing an officer will do is ask for my license and registration (forms of ID). And maybe it's just me, but I always though "illegal" meant "not legal." It seems many people have forgotten this. Illegal immigration is illegal. I have many friends that are immigrants and they are and have been going through the process LEGALLY to be here and become citizens with the benfits that come with such. They are even heated about doing things legally while others are reaping the same benefits ILLEGALLY.
  • R Thorne commented on 5/3/2012
    I am interested in decisions to all outstanding issues. Why can't the court work like all other hard working Americans. It is sad that government employees are better then the general public they are serving. The court should stay in session and make decisions. Lets restore American to what it once was!!!!
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