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Day of Infamy - 70 Years Later
Posted by Randy | December 07, 2011
It is a marker that defines the Greatest Generation. It is one of the darkest days in the pages of our nation’s history book.  It has indeed become a day that “live[s] in infamy.”   

70 years have passed since the message rang across the Oahu naval base: “AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” Today, the first-hand experiences from the day are becoming increasingly rare (the youngest survivors are in their late 80s). But as our immediate connection to the day flickers, we are resolved to remember. We are resolved to pay tribute to the members of the Armed Forces and those civilians who died in the attacks, and the subsequent 320,000 Americans who sacrificed their lives in World War II for freedom across the globe. 

As we remember the attacks on Pearl Harbor, I want to share with you some online resources that help tell the story of the day:

Timeline, Videos, Interactive Maps, and Photos

The USS Arizona Memorial
National Park Service

United States Naval Base, Pearl Harbor
National Park Service

After the Day of Infamy - "Man on the Street" Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor
Library of Congress

The Pearl Harbor Radiogram
National Archives

“Day of Infamy” Speech
National Archives

Stories from the Veterans History Project
Library of Congress
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  • Thomas G commented on 12/7/2011
    America had so much promise but now we find the relentless attack on the middle class in our country. How sad this is, but this is where we are. I hope that on this day of reflection that congressman Forbes thinks about the middle class he has totally abandoned with a refusal to even consider a 1 penny increase in the tax rates of millionaires and billionaires who have not produced jobs. Not to even vote on the Presidents's Jobs Act, with overwhelming public support for it....is the epitome of arrogant self interest that lies in the shadows of what was...the greatest generation.
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