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Members of Congress to Top U.S. Trade Official: Hold Chinese Manufacturers Accountable
Posted by Randy | July 08, 2011
If you have followed the issue of Chinese drywall over the past couple of years, you know that it has destroyed thousands of homes and the financial lives of many families in the United States. The contaminated drywall, manufactured in China and imported into Hampton Roads, emits semi-toxic sulfur gasses that corrode metal and have been linked to adverse health conditions.

Because our courts have limited ability to impose or enforce judgments against foreign companies, finding resolution in the case has been a lengthy process.  In April, a federal judge awarded five Virginia homeowners $2.6 million dollars in a lawsuit against the Chinese firm. However, the company filed an appeal and is now challenging the U.S. court’s jurisdiction over the issue.

I believe these Chinese companies must be held accountable for the effects of their hazardous product.

Just this week, I joined with ten of my colleagues in taking the issue to the Administration's top trade official asking that he hold Chinese manufacturers accountable. In our letter to U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, we specifically requested a summary of actions the office has taken so far and its plan of action moving forward.

A copy of the letter is available here. You can also read about it in this article on the Virginian-Pilot online.

Do you agree that these Chinese drywall manufacturers need to be held accountable?
What do you think? Weigh in:
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  • Frank Wagner commented on 7/9/2011
    Responsibility should never be avoided by the use of legal jurisdiction claims. The Chinese government should be forced to pay, rapidly, and then they can prosecute their companies in China. Since we have minimal import inspection we could create a lot of jobs and do as the Japanese have done, nothing is released from the docks until it is approved as safe.
  • Jimmy Pascale commented on 7/10/2011
    Yes - I STRONGLY believe that China has to be held accountable - I know fisthand what the effects of this tainted, poisonous, corrosive drywall does to homes - let alone the health issues of the individuals and their pets that have to live in this poisonous environment. It is heartbreaking to know that a family, that has and still works everyday to have their AMERICAN DREAM taken away and crumble from them. I can't believe that the USA, our Country, has done nothing for all of the AMERICAN CITIZEN victims caught in this whole nightmare of a deal. STAND UP ! NOW!
  • Beverly Moody commented on 7/11/2011
    Thanks for what you're doing to help Chinese Drywall victims. Do you know Congressman Connie Mack (R-FL)? He's our Congressman (sigh). He promised my husband several months ago at a Ft. Myers town hall meeting to put info out on his web site about what he's done to help CDW victims since his district is ground zero for Chinese Drywall. We're still waiting. Thanks, again
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