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No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion
Posted by Randy | May 06, 2011

I am, and always have been, pro-life. It is my belief that life is precious and deserves our respect and protection. As a public servant, I feel I have a special obligation to protect innocent, young life. You can be certain that throughout my tenure in Congress, as was true throughout my tenure in the Virginia Senate, I will be a strong advocate for the unborn.

I personally support the right of taxpayers not to have their hard-earned money funneled to family planning programs that support abortion-related services to which they may have strong moral objections.

That is why I cosponsored, voted for, and helped pass the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which prohibits federal funding of abortion. This legislation, which was passed by the House this week by a vote of 251-175, will reduce the need for separate abortion funding policies and ensure that no program or agency would be exempt from this safeguard.

Weigh in: do you believe taxpayer money should be used to fund abortion-related services to which Americans may have strong moral objections?


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  • Thomas Griswold commented on 5/8/2011
    Didn't the Hyde Admendment...passed decades ago already address this issue? This sounds to me like an attempt to paint a blatantly false portrait. This initiave is a waste of taxpayer money...the congressional effort to do it.
  • MW R commented on 5/10/2011
    To the question, of course not. It's inhumane and morally - murderously wrong. The Hyde Amendment never served it's intentional purpose, as anyone should be able to see, with the 50 Million Plus babies that have been aborted since 1973. I didn't even know about Title X family planning funding, my bad, until the Plan Parenthood investigations recently. It was absurd on Nixon's part to have signed off on such a terrible action as Title X. All Title X funds need to stop now, inclusively. It hasn't done anything except cost the Government more financially with increased STDs, unwed single mothers, heightened promiscuity, victims of unregulated procedures, and increased mental duress.
  • Anne Last Name commented on 5/11/2011
    So if I have a moral objection to ANY portion of the budget, or government spending policy, Congressman Forbes will stand by me? Or is it just a moral objection with which HE agrees? I strongly suspect it is the latter. Title X has been a great benefit to this country and helped countless thousands of poor and middle class women have access to family planning, medical care, testing for cancer, etc.Congressman Forbes needs to remember that he represents all the people of District 4, not just those who agree with him.
  • Mark Craddock commented on 5/11/2011
    I recently had a long conversation with one of your aids in the Chesapeake Office and we agreed to disagree on theis subject. Title X saves the government money through the prevention programs it provides. For each dollar spent, the overnment saves four dollars from other programs. MWR, I believe you have your facts backwards about what Title X saves and what it prevents. To try to place a "funding" spin on this issue is ridiculous. Just admit that this is an effort to place your moral opinion upon others. I agree with those who are morally against war, does this mean that the should try to stop funding for the DoD from their hard earned taxes.
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